The Girl
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Chapter 3:The Girl

I was working behind the front desk when my first (and hopefully not the only) friend in the new, unexplored world - Nikola Tesla - entered the guildhouse called “The Office”. Behind him was a handsome blonde male whose aura gave off an arrogant vibe.

When they came in, I greeted them .The arrogant looking fellow asked if he could register as a member of the guild. I asked if he had read the sign behind him.

Confused, he asked, “what sign?” I pointed to the wall behind him. Written on it were some vey minor prerequisites to join the guild. It stated: “In order to register you must be at least 16, have your own weapon (none will be provided) and be ready to serve the guild.”In smallprint, it said “this guild has been made to explore the forestry of the new world.”

The guy said, “Ah! The new world! I guess you guys just discovered this continent, just like they discovered the Americas in my world. I am also a pioneer and the main character.” I called it, I f***ing called it, he really is arrogant. I then asked, “Do you have a weapon to fight with?”

“Not yet, but I will be sure to get it soon”. I then told the guy. “Then, would you like to buy a weapon here? It may be second hand but it would be cheaper and is still good quality.”

The blonde guy said, “Why the he** would I, the main character, have to use second-hand goods? Such things are simply beneath me! Show me the finest weapons you have on offer.”

“So you want some goods I see. Would you like an iron sword or a wooden club?”

“I would like to take the club as even though a sword is standard for most anime and manga , I wanna be unique. How much does it cost?”

I responded, “it costs 1 credit!”

As you are new, you are getting this excellent deal!

Just a second after I had explained I received a question from him, he asked, “How do I earn credits, and what exactly are credits?”

I responded, “The credit system is the currency system that this guild operates on! You can earn credits by taking on jobs from people! The harder the job, the more credits you can earn! For example, as if you help someone sell their goods for a day you can earn 1 credit, if you get rid of pests around the town you can get around 10 credits, and if you were to clean the public bathrooms you can gain 5 credits and the list just keeps going on!

As I explained everything he started to get upset, he then yelled, “not only can I not register right now because I have no weapons but I also need to clean up sh** to get the necessary currency? This story is bullshi**!” He screamed. I then asked myself what he meant by “story” ? Is he crazy or something? Do I need to call a mental hospital to take him away?

Meanwhile at the gods lounge room

Today, at 5 P.M, there was yet another case of the mysterious truck appearance which yet again claimed a new victim.Just who is this driver? And what is their motive? *click. (That was the sound of a television turning off.”)

Then Apollo came in, “Ah! I see! You were seeing my newest piece of work?” He asked.

Godie responded “yes! you did a great job once again, Apollo kun! Or should I say truck-kun?”

Apollo's eyes lit up and he then said, “yup that is right, I am the hero Truck Kun! The fabled hero in japanese manga and shows, the one who gives people a second chance of life and I even gave a dude a wife in tonika** Caw**!”

Godie responded, “yeah yeah, you are famous and fabulous whatever! Now come on and tell me the details of the newest reincarnator that we are giving a second chance at life!”

Then Apollo started to list all the known information of his newest reincarnate. He informed Godie, “the next reincarnator is a 19 year old female. She was a weeb and she did a lot of exercise.Her dream was to have a reverse harem, and she worked a lot of part time jobs to afford food and housing. Despite that, she spent money on buying mangas.Although she did not have a lot as she had to sell them to get by,she was a big fan nonetheless.”

After the explanation was over the Goddess Godie asked, “so where is this lady ?”

“Then they heard a sweet voice say, are you talking about me?”

Godie turned and said ,”No i'm sorry little girl, we are not talking about you.We are talking about a woman with the nickname strawberry.

Two seconds later

“Wait who are you? How did you get here? Why are you here in the first place?”

“Well I got run over by a truck and I appeared here. Is it safe to assume you are gods and that I am here to be reincarnated?”

Godie turned to Apollo, and demanded an explanation, “Why the hell did you bring the wrong person, and not only that,she is a child! You stole the life ahead of her! How could you!”

Apollo then stuttered, “Maybe the details were wrong! Oh how will I explain this to the gods council?”

“Um… excuse me” said the little girl, “you do know that the person you just mentioned is me,right? I am 19 but I'm just a loli and a weeb and btw I'm very epic too.”

Apollo and Godie both sighed and then whispered to each other, “Oh council of the gods! another weird one, if that blonde kid was not enough, now we have her too!”

“Well I guess I am going to reincarnate.Can I go now? I want purple hair and beautiful looks.Now reincarnate me please. I ,the main character, need to get my reverse harem!

Godie listlessly responded, “Fine here you go and remember you are not the only ----”

That was the last thing the weeb could hear , “the words you are not the only. But what had she wanted to say after that? I am not the only main character? Nah impossible! I don’t know ...well whatever it is I am sure I will find out later.”

“Well would you look at that! It is a village. I should find out what kind of world I am in now.” As I traveled inside, I saw a handsome guy. =He had hair with a beautiful blond hue, and his eyes were sparkling jade green. I thought to myself, “Hey there is no way I will ever let such a catch go!”

As I approached them, I saw what building they were in.It looked like a guildhall, perhaps even an office. When the receptionist saw me,she said, “Welcome to the guild, also known as the office!”

I came inside and introduced myself, “Hey I am Epic Loli Weeb, and I would like to register as an adventurer!”

End of Chapter 3