Week 1, Day 1&2 : Camp
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June 21st, 12:00 pm

Writer: Alex James

This camp is so weird, and thus I have decided to write a journal of my experiences, camp appears to be like every other summer camp but they sent us here to control our powers. yeah, powers. Something happened and a bunch of kids around the world got superpowers much like the ones in comics and games.The government did to us like we were potential "threats". They sent everyone away to camps and contained us for some reason.I am so worried, my brother and I got separated and we have the same power, telekinesis. I can use it to lift up things bout the weight of a pencil. He however could lift up people, they probably sent him to one of the more "powerful" camps meant for the dangerous powers. 

The reason I know so much is I am very inconspicuous, not a lot of people notice me, and I have overheard the counselors talking.I wonder what my parents are thinking, having us be taken away from them. I arrived at my cabin and found a room. Setting my things on my bunk, not that it mattered, my stuff was only things I was handed by the government, I continued to write in my journal here. I heard a lot coming from the person leading me here, seemed to be some kind of soldier, he didn't even bother to mute his walkie-talkie I ended up hearing some bad stuff happening, which seemed to cause the soldier to look at me funny the whole time.  Nonetheless I think they do fear us now. 

I was in a green camp, supposedly meant for the weaker powered kids, but that didn't let any of the patrolling soldiers stop glaring at us. We were given some solace as the counselors, older kids but supposedly had powers like us, would direct us to play some normal games. My schedule, that I was given when I got to my bunk was pretty empty, I only had 3 things to do. Go to the classroom for "re-education" for an hour, then lunch for 2 hours, and finally an hour and a half of selected games where the counselors would let us use our powers in some common camp games. 

Everywhere there were signs with big bolded letters warning the use of Powers outside of the selected games class. It said whoever caught would be subject to punishment, which was kinda intimidating, but I myself ignored them. It's only been the first two days but things are so much not like a classic summer camp, but that is too be expected, I mean people have supernatural powers here.