Week 1, Day 7: Punishment
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June 28rd, 4:38 pm

I finally learned what punishment was. It was very bad. A kid was caught using his power and how they found out was unknown, He was a notioner, and he was caught by his very obvious position by a soldier, who in a panic shot the kid with the gun they were holding. Everyone had heard the gunshot as well as a scream from the kid who was shot. The kid wasn't dead, but he was left bleeding on the ground for quite a while, the soldier just looked at the kid coldly and didn't call for help. It was us who had to let the counselors know, we didn't want him to die. I ran over and touched the notioner kid on the ground, testing his pulse as he had gone unconscious. 

It was the first time everyone was aware of the training we were given. It was a tyranny, everyone was to follow the rules and anyone who broke them would be punished with violence, it wasn't the only kid who was nearly killed that day, many ended up the same way, if caught using their powers outside of class they would be shot down or worse, beaten by the counselors. If a kid was caught by a counselor they were let off with a brutal punch, and we all bore witness to the ability of the counselors.  The counselors were given the power of enhanced strength, and the kids who were beaten almost died from the blow. 

I was not super intimidated though, I found that my ability wasn't totally telekinesis, as the other kids power works less on me, so I continued to practice my telekinesis in secret. I practiced with the ground when nobody was around and I am getting better, albeit slowly. I could hold one pencil before, and now I can lift around 1 1/2 of a pencil. I was practicing with precision as well as strength as i was not able to move 5 pieces of sand seperately. Not a big improvement, but an improvement nonetheless.