Week 2: New Info
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July 1st, 2:45 pm

I've been here for a little more then a week and I overheard something coming from a sort of speaker in one of the offices. It was talking about the camps we were sent to, and how the one we were in was the weakest and there were 6 camps of us, that slowly got lesser and was full of more powerful kids. 6 camps of Green, basically the "weak" ones with the least developed powers. 4 Camps of Yellow, the ones with stronger versions of our weak powers. 2 camps of Red, considered the strongest and the ones with almost the most guarded. Then there was Black. I heard 1 group but not enough as the transmission was shut off and I was a high positioned military officer walked out of the room. 

Also I learned that the majority of kids here are mostly notioner's and weak telekinetic's like me, the ones who are considered the weakest, and the ones who's power barely ever gets stronger, which is appalling at my power is getting stronger by the day. Notioners are more watched then the telekinetic's though, as notioner's can put notions into peoples heads, making themselves more believable. I think I heard that the first kid, the kid who got shot, was moved out into a different camp as he was almost able to convince the guard to let him go. From the new info I got I think he got into the Yellow camps.  Not that that is a good thing, as yellow and all the other camps seem to be more locked down with more security the higher you are. 

I can now lift rocks and I can maintain 7 rocks in the air at a time, when no one is looking I practice with the tether ball and I can now also create a small shield that blocks objects from hitting me. I have to be careful though, if anyone finds out my powers are getting stronger I might be moved to a different camp.