Week 4: The Day Jax was Gone
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July 18th, 6:45 pm

I don't know how they found out but they caught Jax flying. I believe a counselor did it as he was beaten severely and I had to defend him, but I limited myself to not get caught and I received a beating too. I am such a coward, I couldn't even save my best friend. They took him and I think they sent him to a Yellow camp, but I am not sure as  don't know where flying sits on the governments danger scale. He could be locked up somewhere and unable to fly forever being inside. 

They soon called me in to get "Tested" where they would test my powers for any improvements in case they had to send me too, as I was the one who hung out with Jax the longest. I had to try really hard not to reveal all of the progress I was making, and I made a pencil float and spin slowly much like how my power was when I first arrived here. It seems all the precision training I did was enough to avoid being caught. 

My power seemed to jump up in progress as I can now lift things up the size of my bed as I did, lift my bed up, and I can also pick up like 100 small stones and move them around. Though I keep practicing I am still disappointed in myself for not saving Jax, I was strong enough to I just couldn't and I didn't get there in time either.

I overheard an update on Jax when i went to spy on the officer again, the transmission told them to keep an eye on me as my brother seemed to have drastically increased in power, and had to be moved to the "Black" facility. Jax seemed to get more powerful around me and they were suspicious. I started worry, not a ton about myself, but about my brother, I have no clue how strict and dangerous the "Black" facility is, but I was a bit relieved to hear Jax was... fine as far as I could tell. 

I met another loner like me, her name was Gracie she was a notioner, and a pretty powerful one at that, We started hanging out together as I was mostly unaffected by her powers, which stuck both her and I as odd, but we ignored it, as we didn't want to be noticed by the soldiers or counselors. I knew they were keeping an eye on me and I stopped practicing for a while until they lowered their guard.

So my daily routine this week was to do the assigned classes and then hang out and talk with Gracie, until the weirdest thing happened.