Week 1 (5): I came back?!
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June 21st 12:00 pm

So it seems I went back in time somehow, but things aren't the exact same for example I am not supposed to be a Telekinetic, this camp seems to be sort of rotated. I am supposed to be a Notioner now, attending with those with enhanced strength, and the counselors are now telekinetic's, though they are the same power as my brother roughly, I mean I think I returned to the past? I hope I can see Jax again.

The thing that confuses me the most though, I actually still have my telekinesis power. I have the exact same strength and precision as I did at the end of the month, just I am not supposed to be one. I made friends with Gracie again this time as a fellow Notioner, but the difference is Jax is gone, and I have no clue where he could be now. 

It's kinda weird being a Notioner as I didn't think I could actually have two powers. I barely practice telekinesis as I don't want to be caught and I am to focused on practicing my power without speaking. I was pretty sure Gracie could do this by the time I got to know her last time so I am sure i can do it in the same time if I stick around her. 

So far I am able to talk people into doing things though i have to try really hard, this is a lot hard then moving things. I went to the usual spot and continued to listen in on the officers radio, and things are almost completely the same except there are so called secret camps that have many kids there they are just so locked down that no one knows where they are exactly. I hope I can see Jax or my brother again, but I have just got to be patient and slowly build my powers.