Week 2 (6): Power increase… Again
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July 3rd, 3:00 pm

I have bit of another increase of power, when someone was making fun of me I gave him a glare and I just wished he would jump in the lake. I didn't say it out loud but that exactly what he did, he stopped talking and ran straight into the lake. I don't know if this is a good thing though, the stronger I get the more cautious I have got to be. Everyone knew a Notioner did it but as it was silent they had no clue it was, so they couldn't punish anybody. The suspected Gracie and me, mostly Gracie though cus the kid who ran into the lake made fun of her the most. I didn't want her to get caught for my mistake so I told her to not stick together with me, but I didn't tell her why. She was my second friend other then Jax but I didn't want to lose her like what happened to Jax, going to who knows where. 

Another bit of news I have been learning martial arts from a kid called Alex, who I may or may not have put the notion into his head to teach me. He's a cool kid, a bit popular and everyone is amazed that he became friends with me so fast. I think everyone suspected that I put a notion in his head, but nobody called me out on it so I am safe for now. I am now incorporating in with the more popular group, and am leaving Gracie alone. She doesn't appear to be bothered but I can't help but worry about her.  

I still worry about my brother, as I have gotten no clue as to where he has gone. Keeping my powers a secret for now is still a good idea. Where would I go once they find out I am a dual power wielder? I don't want to find out. The violence I see everyday here is too much, I can all but hope that the other camps don't go through this, but its probably worse in those places.