Week 4 (8): Advancement
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July 20th, 5:34 am

I had a huge power boost recently. Like I can control people with notions no matter where i am,  as well as pick up a house now. My telekinetic power can be out on display as I have a inch thick shield over myself all the time, and i am pretty sure I can block bullets now. Not that i want to test that theory yet. I must see that if by the end of the week I loop again before I try anything drastic. 

I used my notions to control the officer to ignore me no matter where he saw me, and now I have a certain degree of stealth when snooping around his office. Other than that command he is completely the same officer, brute and uncaring towards all of the kids, he just doesn't even see me.  I got into his office with my telekinesis and got a lot of info about these camps we are in. 

I knew we weren't here to be in a "normal" summer camp, that well was well known as they don't kill or nearly kill kids for anything they did wrong. It was a government project that would keep us in camp for three years, and then we would be soldiers against other countries. At least that's what the green camps were for, the weak cannon fodders in a super war. 

It didn't really faze me as I saw all of the horrible things that happened in this camp to have gone a little mature towards all of violence and terrifying deeds others have done to us. It was worse then prison. The end of 1 exact month is coming, and when it does I have what my next course of action, get stronger.