Week 1 (9): Goals
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June 21st, 12:00 pm

I don't know how many loops I have so I assume they are either infinite or limited, who knows if I ran out already, but I like to get things done and I don't really want to wait another month to try to prove it. So I did a test that might get me found out, but what is wrong with that, i already can block bullets and even if I get caught I'll be back here in a month. In the exact place I woke up on, the bus. 

My test was to try and put the notion of nonexistence in everyone who met myself is head. I started with the counselors, whenever they saw me I would put the notion, I doesn't exist, ignore me, and that worked for around 20 people, counselors and soldiers alike. I didn't erase my existence from kids though, and that might have been my downfall. I could work on my powers without getting caught but I think someone tattled on me, which now proves to me not all the kids are on our side. Though I should have figured when the counselors beat us up like villains. 

I had to tone it down and return to working on my power more secretly, as of now only around 3 people reported me, but it was the counselors and soldiers who don't acknowledge me who got reported to and they brushed it off, because to them I don't exist. I thought about using my powers to sneak people out of here and that was made my goal for this loop. I will prepare to start free people starting next week.