Week 2 (10): Freeing Everyone in Green 1
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July 1st, 8:00 pm

I went around camp and put the same notion in everyone's head that once a keyword said by me was announced they would let everyone go.  So now I am waiting for the perfect time to say the keyword, but i can't help but think this is a bad idea, Once a notion has been placed, it is always temporary as they will forget it after a period of time. What if they hunt us down? 

There is like 20 counselors that will wear off first, and then it goes to the mentally sound soldiers, and then they will all realize what I did to them and they will hunt us down unless I build a camp of my own. 

But I have to free everyone first or the adults and older kids will realize what I did and I will be the first to go. Not that it is too bad, I can save some kids from being killed this loop around but what if more die? even if I loop the guilt will remain. I am still waiting for the perfect time to release everyone. 

On the other hand I can fly freely now, up to the height of a 5 story building, I can also walk on anything and double jump like from video games and it's really cool. 

I managed to hijack a bus, yeah crazy I know, but I will need it to get people out of here, I wrote several coded maps and hid them in some cabins and I am also packing up the buses with food. I only told Gracie and she agreed to help out, though I semi-feel guilty for involving her.


July 6th, The Day

I activated my notion after sneaking into the PA room and I announced it, which caused all of the people I put the notion into fall down knocked out. Some of the weaker ones might have had their minds destroyed I was a bit flimsy controlling my strength for some of them. I announced on the PA system what I was doing and who wanted to help me, to come to the buses to help free the other camps, I also told them that I put maps to secret locations of food storage if they wanted to escape. I said I would come back for them, and I was, if I had enough time.

I ended up having a and a half of a bus filled with kids most of whom either had family in other camps or were overall enraged by our treatment.  So I pressed the petal to the metal and drove away, Gracie in tow with another bus.