Week 3 (11): Safehaven Cave
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July 10th, 9:00 pm

We drove for miles though we didn't really know where to go. I mean technically I drove, Gracie was just following where I was going, and I decided to make a new camp. A safehaven for us. The government knew where we "might" be heading, back to our families, but I wasn't sure if they were as safe as I thought, so instead of trying to find them I kept driving, and driving, and driving, till we ran out of gas. 

We ended up by some mountains, and we then started walking. We walked, through the grasslands to the mountainous plains and up intothe mountains. We managed to find a deep cave system, and we started to camp from there. I had packed the buses up with everything I thought we would need, and then some, in case we had to hide forever. 

I had brought a generator, a solar powered one, I stole it from the camp and it could produce and store energy, so I also took one of the batteries out of the buses to store the energy we collected from the generator. We completely took apart one of the buses, and we used the materials to build our little camp. 

The "Enhanced" weren't just kids with enhanced strength, there were also many with enhanced intelligence and other traits. They helped a lot in the deconstructing of the bus as we were able to get the heater/air conditioner out and hook it up to the battery, letting us have heating during the winter. 

We took out the seats, and turned them into beds with a sleeping bag laid out on top of them. We had 110 kids, but if we rationed our food and scavenged we could survive out here. Some kids, like me, were hiding secret second powers or they were pretending to have a power when they had another, and that is when we found the "Growers" and the "Viewers".

Growers could grow a plant much faster then it would normally take for something to reach maturity, and Viewers could have an out of body and "view" something from far away. I began to set up instructors and jobs for the kids, so we could maintain order. I would teach the "Movers" the ones who could move things telekinetically, Gracie took over the "Notioners", I designated a teacher to the other groups, as well as giving jobs to the ones who had the strongest powers. 

The "Growers" would focus on growing more food, we gave them seeds of various plants and had them all planted, to test their difficulty. The "Viewers" would keep watch, they each lived in a watchtower patrolling and testing their powers by seeing how far they could go. "Movers" focused on building, using stone and wood to build new structures around the camp. We had a side group, a Notioner team that would go to cities and bargain for supplies. They were established when one of the Viewers said they saw a town down the mountain. 

Once this camp is better run, I plan on making a team to find the others of Green 1, who hid in the forests behind camp.