Week 4 (12): Finding the Hidden
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July 20th, 8:00 pm

I took a team of five to search for survivors. We got into a bus and drove it back to Green 1, parking around 3 miles away we stealthily snuck back to camp and it was in chaos. Countless bodies and and a bunch of kids kneeling at the center of camp, we could hear shouting all the way from our vantage point, and they were getting interrogated. I think they were going to dispose of everyone because any time someone would lift their head up they would get shot, and it was a terrifying scene to behold. I was going to march in their myself, but the team stopped me and reminded me what my goal was, which was to find anyone hiding in the forests behind Green 1. 

I sent out a message with a limit, using my notion ability like a beacon, that was "Anyone below the age of 20 was to head in our direction," And we waited. After around an hour we heard something moving, and when the viewers looked they said it was the survivors, and we stared to lead them back to the bus. We filled the bus up with everyone we could find and when the bus was packed to the brim we left, with the decision to regroup and save the kids in camp. 

It's Almost Midnight.