Week 1 (13): Pissed Off
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June 21st, 12:00 pm

Warning Gore and Pissed Protagonist

Damnit! I didn't make it in time! I was so close to getting back to camp now I am here again?! Fuuuuucccckkkk!

After calming down I was looked at funny by the rest of the people on the bus, I was also really glared at by the the soldiers. I made eye contact and just said "Oh would you fuckers stop looking at me like that?" One of the soldiers reached for his gun and I promptly snapped his neck. Then the kids started screaming, I forgot, these kids haven't seen death like I have, I ended up snapping the necks of all the adults on the bus, and we offloaded into camp. Once everyone was off of the bus I turned around and threw the bus as far away as I could, which appeared to be space as the bus was launched like a rocket into the sky.  

Have I gone insane? I dunno, I am just pretty pissed right now regardless, so I shouted at the top of my lungs and with my notioner's power made everyone forget what I did. Everyone had a blank look on their face for a few seconds before we were all led inside the camp like nothing happened. Though I wish I could see the looks on the officers face when they realize a bus has gone missing. I immedietly waltz out of line, and head for the directors office, the one I found and spied on in my previous loops, but this time I didn't give a shit. I was more powerful then everyone in this camp anyway. 

I waltzed in and grabbed the microphone right out of the directors hand, he had just finished making an annoucement, and I beagin my little speech. 

"Heya guys and gals, now you may be wondering why your all here. You are to be made into disposable super soldiers! Sounds fun right? Well it's not as any sign of resistance will be met with death and torture! Not me though, I plan on taking over so if anyone doesn't want to see me rain terror on these people go hide somewhere, goodbye!"

I drop the mic and stab through the directing officers head with it, my power making me near invincible. I walk out of the office leasurely, even though i am surrounded on all sides with guns and soldiers. We had a fun conversation. 

"Don't move, we have you surrounded."

"Pfft, its not like your primitive weapons will harm me, I will destroy you all."

"We've called reinforcements, and we will be sending you to a new camp, one that can contain you."

I then proceeded to behead them, and they proceeded to start shooting. The bullets didn't reach me in the slightest, they stopped short around 3 feet of me, and fell to the ground with some clinking. One of them started to yell into his radio.

"We've got a Code Red. Emergency Emergenc-"

Boop tore his head off, and what kind 0f a name is Code Red? So cliche.  I continue to walk around utterly crushing anybody who tried to stop me, and it seemed that in this loop the counselors are Notioners and they try to talk me out of killing them, even though they are holding weapons and are shooting me, I mean come on, your not that convincing, those guns aren't helping your case. 

I finish up, and destroy the gates, letting everyone go free, flying into the air I grab some buses and fly back to my safehaven. I get there pretty fast, it's not like it was before, a bustling camp of kids, it's just an empty cave. Using my power I tear the buses apart and rebuild everything, all by myself. I will locate the other camps and free them, from their imprisonment. By myself.