Week 2 (17): Another Loop Has Passed
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July 3rd, 3:00 pm

I spent the rest of that loop in hiding after what I did to Green 1, contemplating my actions. Maybe I was a little forward with the whole murdering everyone, but I was so pissed in that moment.  This time I didn't explode but have been taking this in stride. Gracie still exists, but Jax I haven't seen since the first loop. I have no clue where the other camps are and I have decided to use my notions to try to coax the location out of the commanding officer in this camp, I'm pretty sure he knows the location up to at least the Yellow or maybe the Orange camps. 

Plus I've realized that there might be even more camps then I originally thought, so I will do as I did in my third loop, setting everyone free before I go. I loaded up the buses in secret and then I set off a bunch of alarms by leaving out the back door. As a bunch of people tried to stop me, a couple buses of kids had made it out. I learned the location of a Yellow camp as well as two other Green camps, though if I have the time to go to all of them is another problem. 

I think I have been developing other powers and they all seem to come from the same source, for whatever reason we were put in this place to begin with I might be discovering why. I think I am developing a growers power but as I have to actively test it I am not sure yet, as I can't see if anything I am doing is speeding up the growth of plants. Perhaps I will practice it in the next loop.