Chapter 6 – Superlover
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Leaving Anna Maria unconscious and a naked drooling mess, Otto left her apartment to head home. 

"That felt great! Now, Mary Jane's nightclub should be closing in a few hours. Maybe I can hook up with Natasha or Jessica for a few hours as appetizer..." he said as he donned his tights and took to the skyline humming the mighty mouse song. 

"Here I come to save the day..." 

As he swung through the air, he saw a sexy figure on the rooftop, with a bag over her shoulders. 

"Alicia Hardy aka the Black Cat" Otto smiled as he landed right in front of her. 

"Why so formal lover? Long time no.." she smiled when Otto suddenly lunged at her. 

She didn't finish her sentence when he pulled off the bottom of his mask as kissed her passionately. 

His hands ravaged her body, entering the top of her tights and groping her breasts while his other hand rummaged around her groin area. 

"Spi...Peter! What are you doing?" she asked as Otto ripped the bottom of her costume, revealing her firm bottom. White tufts of hair covered her crotch as he opened the bottom of his costume to reveal his huge erection. 

"I.. am...uuugh.. conscripting you to the Avengers.." he said as he turned her around and thrust his dick into her with full force

"Aaaaagh..." she groaned as Otto's dick ravaged her pussy. 

As they fucked doggie style loudly on the rooftop, Felicia's claws clawed into a brick wall as she purred with pleasure. 

Sex with Peter was always exciting since they did it on rooftops. Even more so when they were nearly found out.

There were several times when an Avengers Quinjet flew overhead, or when Daredevil or someone swung by, they were nearly caught fucking in public. That being said with his radar sense, Peter knew Matt was just turning a blind eye. After all, he himself have caught Matt fucking Electra in a public park late at night, but turned away. Quid pro quo. 

However, unlike the normal times, where Peter was gentle and caring, this time Otto's fucking was wild and savage. 

Her very vagina was being shaped to fit only him as he turned her into a quibbling mess of jelly as she orgasmed over and over.  

Hours later, Otto stood victoriously over the naked Felicia, cum covering her body as if she was part of a bukake scene. 

"Well, I trust that I will see you at the Avengers Tower soon. We don't need another cat burglar. We need another Avenger. And I need another regular pussy" he said as he donned his tights and swung off. 

"Avengers... Spider...pussy...I'm.... your.... pussy... " Felicia purred, in a semi conscious state looking delirious with her drool everywhere, lying naked on the rooftop with her clothes torn to strips all over the rooftop. 


Throughout his life, Otto Octavius had many lovers. But none of them were of the beauty and quality of the girls he was currently fucking. 

He just couldn't get enough of them, super pussy. 

Although Mary Jane was as perfect as a female human can be... she wasn't superhuman. 

The only reason he continued to fuck her was because he knew Peter would be jealous, and that was the only reason he needed. 

Anna Marie was a distraction, to satisfy a curiosity. 

But now, as he left the naked Mary Jane on the bed, unconscious and drooling, he desired more. 

He walked out to the living area late at night for a drink of water. 

Jessica Jones was in the kitchen, making milk for her daughter Danielle who had gotten up and was crying. Luke was currently trying to placate her while Jessica made the milk.

She was wearing a robe and underneath it, parts of her nightie could be seen. 

"Oh.. Peter... you're awake....ooooooh!" Jessica Jones blushed as she turned around, in shock as she turned around seeing Peter walk out completely nude.

Cum could be seen at the tip of his cock while the rest of his shaft glistened with vaginal juices. 

"Jessica... hi! So how is living here in Avengers Tower?" he asked, not at all embarrassed by his naked appearance. 

"Em.. you and Mary Jane were... quite loud. It woke Danielle up" she said as she quickly turned around to stop staring at Peter.

"I'm so sorry Jessica" Peter apologized for disturbing her daughter's sleep" as she walked up behind Jessica and whispered in her ear. 

"Did it turn you on? Hearing me fuck Mary Jane like an animal?" he asked

"What.. what are you.." she asked as she felt Peter lift up her nightie and push aside the robe she was wearing over it. 

Suddenly, Peter's penis entered her from behind.

"Uugh" she groaned as he started rocking his hips, pumping in and out of her pussy. 

She didn't resist him as she actually had a crush on him for many years.

Jessica was actually a classmate of Peter's in Midtown High School, and was even at the New York Hall of Science when the radioactive spider bit Peter. She had a crush on him in high school, but after Peter was bitten, her family got into a car accident which killed her family and caused her to go into a coma for several months.

The military convoy that killed her family was carrying radioactive material, together with being close to the Fantastic Four's first encounter with Galactus, gave her superpowers. 

When she rejoined school, Peter had tried to befriend her, but she rejected him, thinking he was pitying her, when in fact, he thought of her as a kindred spirit. 

But their paths crossed many times, with nothing coming out of it. It was Spider-Man's fight with the Sandman that made her decide to use her powers to fight crime. She even worked for the Daily Bugle under J Jonah to investigate the identity of Spider-Man!

But now, as their bodies were joined as one, so many emotions came to her. Pleasure, lust, passion....

He made her forget that she was a married woman! But then, wasn't he a married man as well?

"Jessica? Are you done with the milk? Danielle is... what are you doing?" Luke asked as he walked into the living room. 

"Huh? I... uh.." Jessica zoned out. She was standing by herself holding the milk bottle in her hand. 

Peter was nowhere to be found.

"I must have dozed off" she said as she handed the bottle to Luke and straightened her nightwear.

Luke rushed back to the room as Jessica looked around. Was it a dream?

She examined herself and touched her pussy. Her panties were pushed aside and there was cum flowing out of her pussy!

She was incredibly horny and went to the room to find Luke for sex. Unfortunately, he fell asleep feeding Danielle, leaving her frustrated.