Chapter 8 – Preparations for the Trap
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Over the next few days, as Otto continued fucking MJ's brains out, more and more people started joining them in bed. 

Felicia was already a nightly visitor as Otto banged them both, and sometimes Jessica Drew and Natasha joined them as well. 

At first, MJ wasn't comfortable with the idea, but once Otto entered her, she relented as she screamed her lungs out in enjoyment. 

Otto was never a fantastic lover. But with Peter Parker's body, he seemed to be a sex god!

Peter must have been a dolt not to use his body. 

It didn't really matter about technique, as long as the girl likes you, it doesn't matter what technique you do. 

And besides that, Otto examined Peter's pheromones and discovered that they were in general what turned women on!

And Otto made sure he took every advantage of it. 

As for their other teammates, Clint and Sam weren't too happy about it. Daredevil and Cap ignored it. Luke and Jessica got horney and started fucking, hearing the moans and groans from Peter's room. 

Tony kept quiet since Peter was no longer fucking all around the place but in the privacy of the rooms. Thor... well Thor hasn't been around lately. 


Otto was in the gym with a few of the New Avengers and he was having a competition with Luke. 

Luke has always been known as the indestructible one, and the powerhouse, while Spidey was known as the fast and agile one, or the nimble, tumbling one. 

However, as they trained it was discovered that Spidey was indeed as strong as Luke! 

Both of them regularly could bench 20 tons, which was more than Spider-Woman and slightly stronger than Jessica Jones.

Otto thought that there was always an unfairness to the way Spider-Man was regarded.

Daredevil or Moon Knight could get away with brutally beating up their criminals, breaking bones and sending them to the hospital. 

But Spidey cannot because he has super strength. 

For the powerhouses like Luke or the Thing, their power is their strength, thus they are given more leeway.

But for Spidey, it seems that because he is the agile, nimble type, he must be using too much strength to cause so much damage to his opponents. 

This test proves that he was just as much a powerhouse as Luke Cage or someone like that.  

"Here.. have a drink" Luke said as he handed Otto a sports drink after their exercise.

Otto seemed to be bonding with Luke as they were the only two married couples in the Avengers Tower. 

Otto smiled as he felt that Luke was getting closer. 


Otto and MJ enjoyed their night out as they went out for dinner with Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. 

As they returned back to Avengers Tower, they continued hanging out in the living room area, having wine and chatting. 

"This is so much fun. We were always the married couple in the Avengers, while the rest were single you know" Jessica said

"I know the feeling. When Peter and I were living here, we were the only couple too" MJ replied

Then continued talking about their experiences as superheroes and Luke and Jessica were amazed at Peter's life and achievements as Spider-Man.

As the night went on, they got more and more drunk. 

"You.... you inspired me to be a superhero you know, though not a very good one" Jessica said

"Come on now, don't make me blush" Otto said remembering their first encounter as she just became a superhero. 

"Yeah. You don't have to be shy about it. You were the idol of many heroes that came after you. Even Danny and I were inspired to be better because of you" Luke said

"I thought everyone was inspired by Cap or the Fantastic Four" MJ said

"No.. they were too..... perfect. We just needed a local boy, fighting crime. And Spidey... Peter here was our ideal idol" Jessica said

"Speaking of idols, did you know that Peter was Jessica's first crush in middle school?" Luke said

"Luke! My God, I'm so embarrassed. Did you have too much to drink?" Jessica said

"Pete was a nerd back then, wasn't he?" MJ laughed, placing her hand on Peter's lap

"What about you MJ?" Jessica asked

"My first crush was Cap.. I mean Steve. He is the perfect male specimen isn't he? And Thor.. man.. I wonder if other parts of him are as Godly" she giggled

"MJ!" Otto said, shocked at MJ's admission. 

"Well, I also had a crush on Johnny Storm" Jessica blurted

"Johnny?" MJ started laughing too. 

"It's true! Jessica used to fantasize and masturbate looking at his poster on her wall" Luke said, clearly already drunk. 

"Oh my God! Luke! You used to fantasize about Mary Jane didn't you?" Jessica said, trying to get him back. 

"Really? I'm flattered" MJ said

"Yeah, he would probably masturbate his big ol' cock and shoot the ceiling with his firehose thinking about you in your swimsuit pinup." Jessica said

"Jess!" Luke said, trying to stop her as his face turned red. 

"What about you Pete?" Luke asked

"I... my life in school was all about science..." Otto said, not having anyone that he fantasized about. 

"That probably is true. I can testify about that" Jessica giggled. MJ nodded too.

"Sooo... what are you going to do, now that your club has burned down?" Luke asked MJ

"The insurance is giving me a hard time as it looks like arson is involved. So in the meantime, I don't know. Maybe model again" she answered. 

"I offered to start a photography studio called Parker Photography and use her as my first model. I was after all a photographer for the Bugle for many years" Otto said

"Really? That sounds nice" Jessica said

"Actually..... ah... I need a male model for the first shoot. Can you model for me Luke?" Otto asked

"Me? And... and MJ?" Luke asked

"Yes! Will you do it? Your large muscular body would contrast very nicely with hers. And both your skin colors will make very good pictures" Otto said, using Peter's memories of photography. 

"Well... er.." Luke hesitated

"Go on honey. I will be there to support you. I can be there during the shoot, can't I Pete?" Jessica asked

"Sure Jess. Anything to make you.. both of you feel comfortable" Otto said

Luke looked at MJ and gulped.

"Ok...I guess" he answered

"Excellent! Lets go together to my new studio tomorrow morning then" Otto said. 

The trap was set.