Chapter 9 – Entrapment
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The studio was very nice, with a big white bed in the middle of the room. Bright lights highlighted the bed, leaving the surroundings looking dark.

"Uh... this is my first time. What do I do?" Luke asked as he stood in front of the bed, wearing blue jeans and a tight yellow T-shirt

Otto was already holding his camera while Jessica gave him the thumbs up standing behind Otto.

"Wait a while. MJ is changing. She should be out soon" Otto said

"I'm ready Tiger. Let the shooting begin!" she said, wearing only a pair of red lacey pair of bra and underwear that only barely covered her good bits and red matching stockings and heels. She also handed him a glass of wine

"To loosen you up. You're so tense" MJ said as she locked her arms around his and they both downed the wine in one shot.

"Wha,,what kind of shoot is this?" Luke asked as MJ stood behind him

"Just go with the flow and stop worrying" Otto said as he instructed Jessica to pour them another glass of wine, which they promptly finished.

This was not normal wine, rather it had something extra to make both of them more susceptible to suggestion. 

MJ was a pro and posed in front of Luke, sitting on the floor, her face at groin height and her hands on his jeans as he stood heroically, looking sideways.

"Good.. good,, unzip his fly" Otto instructed

"Wha.."Luke gasped but MJ smiled at him and told him to relax.

MJ started unzipping his jeans then pulling it down to the floor. Luke wore a black pair of boxers underneath.

As the camera continued snapping, MJ removed his shirt, leaving him only in his boxers, which had something large inside it.

Though he wasn't fully erect yet, it looked very sizeable, much larger than anything MJ nor Otto has ever seen. 

"You were right! He's huge" Otto said to Jessica, seeing Luke's large bulge.

"I'm sorry" Luke said, hiding his still flaccid cock with his hands

" its good. MJ move his hand away" Otto said

Under Otto's instructions, MJ posed, back on the floor with her legs sideways and apart, with her face on his dick, over his black underwear.

Her tongue was sticking out and it was actually licking his dick over his boxers.

"Don't get erect.. don't get erect" Luke closed his eyes and chanted. 

"Good stand up with Luke behind you... Luke, remove her throw the bra aside and cup her breasts from behind" Otto instructed as they both followed his commands.

They continued following instructions as Luke posed while holding her breasts from behind and MJ turning her head and pretending to kiss him as he stood behind her, both topless and only in their underwear.

MJ could feel the huge bulge touching her ass and Peter moved around to take photos of that too. 

"Luke, remove MJ's underwear, then stockings and heels too. " Otto instructed

Luke gulped, removed MJ's panties as the camera clicked, revealing her nicely trimmed red trimmed pubic hair. Then he removed her stockings and heels as well. 

As Luke looked at her neat pussy, he turned away, trying his best to stay in control. 

"Ok, MJ your turn" Otto said

As MJ removed his underwear, his huge cock dropped out into the open. It was at least 12 inches long and thick and drooped down to his knees.

"That's my husband. It's not even hard yet. If it is, I can't even get it all the way in. Only 3/4 can enter me before bottoming out" Jessica said in Otto's ear.

MJ placed the drooping cock on her face, showing that it was longer than the length of her face as it's girth covered half her face.

"It's heavy too" MJ smiled, the cock held up by her gorgeous face, as it rested on her face, over her nose, nearly blocking both eyes and over her head, poking out the top of her face.

She then pretended to lick it from underneath, sliding her tongue from his balls to the tip but not touch it as Luke exhaled slowly.

Under Otto's instructions, she moved until the cock left her face and she held it with both hands as it pointed at her face. She opened her mouth and let the cock rest on her bottom lip as her breath breathe on it. 

Playfully, her tongue came out and lightly flickered on his glans, tasting his pre-cum

"This is.. so hot. I'm so horny right now" Jessica whispered in Otto's ear, guiding his unoccupied hand to her wet pussy, allowing him to finger her.

As the lights were on them, Luke could not see Jessica's hand slide into Otto's pants in the darkness at the same time.

Otto smiled and took closeups from many angles.

"Good, now lets both stand up and get to another pose" Otto said. 

MJ suddenly engulfed Luke's cock and gave it a quick suck as she looked into Luke's eyes. 

Luke was stunned, but MJ released him, making a pop sound and smiled before standing up. Luke followed suit but now his cock was already filled with blood, and was partially standing up defying gravity though not fully erect yet. 

"Now I want you to embrace and kiss with your eyes closed" Otto instructed, pretending not to notice his semi-erection, or that it was normal. 

MJ tiptoed and tried to kiss him but Luke was 6'5" tall and MJ couldn't reach his lips. 

"Carry her, Luke" Otto said

Luke bent over as MJ hugged his neck, then he lifted her up with her opening her legs to wrap his waist.

They started kissing as his cock went from pointing partially downwards to pointing straight away from him, though not fully up yet.

His cock poked out between her legs and under her ass as it looked like she was being carried by his cock as she sat on it, moving her hips forwards and backwards to rub her open pussy on the top of his shaft.

The top of his shaft glistened with her wet pussy juices and the tip of his cock had a bit of pre-cum dripping out of it. 

Otto took multiple shots, even shots underneath and between MJ's legs, showing Luke's cock completely covering her pussy and ass and sticking far out behind her ass. 

It looked like she was straddling a narrow bench.

"Ok... good... now Luke, go sit on the bed" Otto continued instructing.  

MJ put her right hand backwards, holding his cock while she dismounted it and rubbed his pre-cum all over his glans and then licked her hands as she smiled. 

"Does she do this in every photoshoot?" Luke thought to himself

Under instruction, Luke sat on the bed as MJ sat on his lap, but his huge cock poked out between her legs, still semi erect, but resting on one of her thighs. 

MJ held it up straight and as instructed, Luke pushed her breasts together as it nestled between them. The feeling of her breasts around his cock felt amazing, but he kept a straight face trying his best to be professional about this. 

MJ opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. She bent over and gave the tip of Luke's cock a lick before sitting back a bit, leaving a string of saliva from Luke's dick to her tongue. 

"Ooooh" Luke shivered in anticipation as he enjoyed using her breasts to rub on his cock. 

"Ok now... MJ lie down and Luke, sit on her face and let her suck your cock in the 69 position" Otto instructed.

Mary Jane lied on the bed as Luke carefully arranged himself on all fours above her. His cock was already on his face while MJ started moving his cock to her mouth. It actually poked past her head and was touching the bed, having to bend to fit it. 

He felt his cock being maneuvered to enter her wet mouth and was losing control of himself. 

Peter started taking close up shots of his cock drooping into MJ's mouth as he looked down at MJ's pussy. 

"Jessica?" Luke asked, still holding on to the last shred of sanity. 

"It's only oral sex Luke. This is for a photoshoot! I have to say, it looks really good" Jessica said. 

"I must be overly excited I'm hallucinating" Luke thought as he thought he saw Jessica naked, sitting between Peter's legs and sucking his cock.

With that, he thrusted forwards into her face face, and his face moved down to her pussy as he greedily ate her. He felt her mouth engulf him and his hard cock was bent this way and that as MJ tried to swallow his monster.

His cock was now fully enraged and he started moving his hips, fucking MJ's throat! Gagging sound could be heard as MJ screamed, trying to breathe. 

Otto happily took shots of MJ's throat bulging in and out as Luke's cock fucked her mouth. 

At the same time he fucked MJ with his tongue, trying to dig as deep as he could.

"Whoa slow down Luke. You might choke her with your anaconda" Otto said and Luke slowed down, MJ pulled his cock out and started coughing.

"Sorry MJ" Luke apologised

"No problem. It's a normal reaction" MJ tried to smile, but her eyes were teary and she and looked at Otto for further instructions. 

"Ok, now MJ get on your knees. Luke, get behind her and place the tip of your cock in her open pussy. Just the tip" Otto instructed. 

"What... well fuck it" Luke said, deciding to just follow instructions. He as already fully hard anyway, so what was there to lose?

They both got into position and Luke could see MJ's pussy was already open. It was red and wet and she looked really aroused. Her pussy juices dripped down to her thighs.  

Se looked back at him and wriggled her hips while licking her lips and smiling. 

Luke nodded and placed the tip of his cock at the entrance. In fact, the glans of his cock was already inside her and all it would take is for him to shove his hips forwards, and they would be fucking. 

"Ah ah ah! Don't fuck her! Stay still. Remember, your wife is watching" Otto threatened as he took close up shots of their touching genitals, their bodies and their faces.  

Luke didn't move and was instructed to hold MJ's arms backwards as her breasts stuck out proudly. 

"Hold... hold..... ok done! Good, now MJ lie down... put your legs up and hug your knees... Luke place your cock at her entrance again, while you hold your weight on your hands on both sides of her neck. Remember, just the tip inside" Otto instructed. 

Mary Jane lay on the bed, lifted her legs and hugged her knees to her breasts and Lucas got in position.

He placed the tip of his cock easily into her open pussy as he got into a pushup position over her.  

Luke's glans were inside MJ's pussy again and he didn't think he could withstand the temptation of just dropping his weight and ramming his huge cock all the way into her.

"Wonderful... fantastic" Otto said, taking closeups as well, with Jessica grabbing Luke's cock and vibrating the tip that was inside MJ's pussy.

Luke thought that he was really losing his mind

"Good, now kiss her" Otto instructed

As they both kissed, Luke was careful not to push forwards, otherwise he would already enter her.

Suddenly, MJ's tongue entered his mouth! He opened his eyes and MJ's eyes looked lustfully at him back.

Then, he felt someone sit on his butt. It was Jessica's naked ass and she was completely naked!

He tried to hold his position, confused if Peter had asked Jessica to pose nude too when he was suddenly pushed forwards

MJ screamed into Luke's mouth as his while 12 inched entered her balls deep, lubricated by her already wet juices.

Jessica started bouncing up and down Luke's butt, forcing Luke to pound the screaming MJ, causing her stomach to bulge every time he thrusted forwards.

It was then that Luke realized that Peter was fucking Jessica on top of his back as Peter rammed Jessica hard, forcing Luke to fuck MJ.

Peter was as strong as he was, making it hard to push back, and to be frank, Luke didn't want to stop.

MJ's pussy just felt too good. This was like a fantasy come true.

Both partners fucked for a while before Luke grunted, pouring his seed into MJ.

There was alot of cum, as he could feel cum being squeezed out of her pussy onto the bed.

While Luke rested his heavy body on the unconscious MJ, Otto continued fucking Jessica on his back as she orgasmed yet again.

As he lay still, with his huge cock shrinking inside Mary Jane, somehow he knew that he had been played. 

But was he really angry at Peter?

Or did he want this all along?