Chapter 10 – Superior in Every Way
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Moans and groans came from Peter and MJ's bedroom as Luke and Jessica joined them in a foursome. 

This has been going on every night for a few days since the photoshoot. 

Luke eagerly was pulled by the nose as he got to fuck MJ every night, while Jessica openly fucked Peter in front of him. 

Luke sat on the bed, MJ on top of him in reverse cowgirl position as she moved on top of him. 

Jessica was bent over, licking her tongue up and down Luke's cock as it moved in and out of MJ, from under Luke's balls up to MJ's clitoris, and leaving her tongue just under MJ's clitoris and feeling Luke move in and out of her pussy.

MJ squirted as Jessica lapped up her juices, making her even hornier as she played with her own clitoris.

Otto was behind Jessica, pounding her pussy doggie style, watching MJ's orgasm face as Luke made a grunting face, squeezing her breasts as he started cumming into her. 

"Oh oh oh....ooooooooh" MJ moaned as the large amount of cum shot into her started spurting out of her pussy while Luke's large cock was released his cum inside her. 

She leaned back onto Luke's chest and turned her neck as Luke kissed her from behind. Their saliva mixed as their tongue entwined with each other. 

Jessica immediately licked up Luke's cum, mixed with MJ's fluids, still licking both their sexes as Otto pulled her arms backwards and fucked her harder.

Jessica screamed with delight as her eyes rolled up, orgasming again for the umpteenth time.

Her vaginal muscles spasmed, squeezing Otto's cock and causing Otto to cum inside her as well.

Jessica face planted onto Luke's balls, exhausted and unable to move.

He pulled out his cock from Jessica's pussy, allowing cum to drop out as he yanked Jessica by the hair and kissed her.

With his other hand, he shoved his finger into MJ's pussy, feeling extremely tight as it was still filled with Luke's large cock and rubbed her G spot causing her to squirt while Luke grunted.

Otto was pleased as this now gave him free reign of Jessica's pussy, wherever and whenever he wanted it. 

With that, all the female residents of the Avengers Tower were his playthings. He was the Alpha male here, with all the pussy belonging to him. 

Besides that, Luke was under his thumb now. He felt he could control him with MJ's pussy and lead him

However, although it was arousing seeing Luke's huge 12 inch cock inside MJ, Otto was a bit unhappy that his...Peter's 7 inch cock looked small compared to Luke's monster. 

And every time Luke fucked MJ, his cock could be seen moving inside her abdomen, the outline of his cock clearly seen bulging from her stomach. 

"No... I must be superior. That is my destiny" Otto thought to himself as his hand, still grabbing Jessica's hair, pulled her face to lick his cum covered cock. 


"Ready Flash?" Otto asked

"As ready as I'll ever be" Flash Thomson said as he lay on a bed that was being monitored by advanced machinery. Attached to him were new cybernetic legs, fitted in place where his amputated legs were perfectly. 

Eugene "Flash" Thompson, Peter Parker (and Jessica Jones') high school bully, had turned over a new leaf and become one of Peter's closest friends. He was a war hero, but lost his legs rescuing his teammate in Iraq, earning him a recommendation for a Medal of Honor. 

As he enlisted in Project Rebirth 2.0, he was bonded with the Venom symbiote after the government separated the symbiote from Mac Gargan, the Venom host before him, who was captured in the Siege of Asgard. 

Otto had hired Dr Elias Wirtham aka Cardiac as part of his team at Parker Industries, who was assisting Otto in this procedure. 

Otto turned on the machine as a sonic wave spread over Flash

"Hey what's....GNAAAaagh" he screamed as the Venom symbiote separated from his body and was contained in a specially designed container. 

"Wait.. you don't understand. I had the symbiote under control. But it's now in pain, scared, isolated. And a hell of a lot stronger than you remember" Flash said to Otto. 

Suddenly, the symbiote broke free from the holding container. 

It jumped onto Otto, who started laughing. 

"We are..the Superior Venom" Otto said

"Stay back. Peter can't control the symbiote like I can. It's in pain, scared and confused. Maybe if I offer it a safe place to go.." Flash said rescuing Dr Wirtham. 

"No need... I am in control" Otto said as he smiled. The Venom symbiote had ripped off all is clothes, but he didn't need them anymore. 

He smiled as he stood naked and victorious.... with a huge 15 inch Venom penis on his body, fully extendable and changeable. 

His extra long tongue stuck out from his face, it was as long enough to enter his own asshole and also fully able lick deep into the insides of all his women. 

The venom symbiote would make him the ultimate lover... the superior lover. 


That night, Mary Jane and Felicia Hardy were on their knees sucking Otto's cock. 

Luke was sitting on the nearby couch, as Jessica was seated on the floor between his legs, with her head bobbing up and down his huge cock. 

Tonight, Otto was going to fuck all of them, while Luke would be his assistant cock. Today, he would debut his superior cock. 

Suddenly, he brought out two syringes and injected both their arms. 

"Hey! What was that!" Felicia complained, rubbing her arm. 

"That my dear, is a precaution of my own creation. Firstly, it will make sure you won't get pregnant, nor have any periods. Secondly, it will protect your body from any adverse effects of my radioactive sperm. And lastly... it will make sure your holes remain tight, but is able to expand to safely receive MY SUPERIOR PENIS!" he said proudly

Suddenly, his cock expanded to a humongous size, 15 inches and thicker than a female arm. 

" God!" Jessica said as she looked over at Peter and his two lovers. 

MJ and Felicia were silent on their knees as their jaws dropped to the floor in shock and awe. 

"Just finished the mission. What did you call us in fo.... Holy shit!" Natasha said as she entered with Jessica Drew. 

"Hello ladies. You came just in time" Otto smiled as his tongue extended and wrapped around MJ who moaned as his tongue licked her whole body and entered her pussy. 

Both his hands became wrapped in the symbiote and became huge dicks as Natasha and Jessica Drew approached while stripping off their tight bodysuits. 


Iron Man shook his head as he walked by Peter's room with Cap and Hawkeye and heard the many loud moans and groans. 

"How many of them are in there?" Hawkeye asked

"All of them who stay here" Cap said, shaking his head

"All of them? Including Natasha and Jessica Drew?" Hawkeye asked

"Yes... and he got Luke and his wife Jessica Jones in with them too" Cap said

"Luke... maybe I should try and get an invite.." Hawkeye said jealously. 

"Maybe it wasn't such a good idea getting Spidey to stay" Iron Man said

"Why, are you jealous Mr Billionaire playboy?" Cap asked

"Maybe... maybe" Iron Man said, walking off with the two. 

Luckily his Iron Man suit hid his erection, unlike Captain America and Hawkeye who were had uncomfortable looking erections, straining under their skintight costumes. 

"Got to build a self pleasuring function in this suit to relieve the tension for occasions such as this" Tony thought to himself inside his suit, with his erection that was actually painful, constrained in his metal suit.