Chapter 13 – Expulsion from the Avengers
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The Venom part of Otto expanded to enormous sizes, fucking Kamala Khan while his normal cock fucked Kate Bishop.

The sex between Kamala and the symbiote was so bizarre and violent, Otto wondered what sex between Mr Fantastic and Invisible Women would look like if she turned invisible, and he used his body in bizarre ways like Venom and Kamala did

Kate's eyes rolled up her head as she drifted in and out of consciousness.

He had recently added the two new teenage Avengers and was teaching them his ways, imprinting on them after injecting his serum into them.

The regulars Felicia, Jessica Jones, Natasha and Jessica Drew were away alot recently, and somehow Mockingbird hasn't been around.

Even these two were supposed to be on a mission, which turned out to be a false alarm, and Otto needed sexual release.

After finishing with them, he walked out to the living area for a drink. 

Cap, Iron Man, Wolverine and Thor returned with Hawkeye (Clint Barton) and Falcon when they saw Peter naked with his dick shining with sex juices. 

"Who... who is in the room with you?" Cap asked

"Kate and Kamala" Otto responded. 

"Shouldn't they be on a mission?" Iron Man asked

"False alarm" Otto responded as he walked to his room for another round. 


A day later, Otto sat in the Avengers meeting room, and was surrounded by all the male Avengers Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine, Falcon, Hawkeye, Daredevil and Iron Fist. 

"What is this about? I've found out the cause for the surveillance issue. One of the components of my Spider-Bot technology is.." Otto asked.

"We are not here today to talk about the surveillance issue. Instead, we have an issue with your recent behavior" Tony said

"My behavior?" Otto asked

"Now that you are back on missions, we are glad that you are not killing anyone. But you are putting them in hospital" Cap said

"How is that any different than Matt (Daredevil) beating people up, or you yourself beating people up?" Otto asked

"When we do it, we break bones. But bones heal. You crush bones... forcing their limbs to be amputated!" Cap said

Otto sat silently, glaring at him. 

"And the reports about you.... here are photographs of you having sex on the rooftop with Felicia during one of the missions. Here is you with Jessica Drew in another mission, upside down in the church. There are many more circulating online!" Cap said

"Well...ahem... I'll be more discrete!" Otto said. 

"Not only that! The reason we didn't invite Luke to this meeting is because of these" Cap continued, throwing several magazines on the table, which opened up revealing its contents. 

It said Parker Photography, and was the hottest selling porn magazine in print. 

From issue 1 which contained MJ and Luke, the ones on the table were issues 2 to 5!

As the pages opened on the table, photos of Luke fucking Jessica Jones, Natasha, Jessica Drew and Felicia could be seen on the many open pages of the different issues. Luke' large cock was fucking them in all sorts of positions in the many shots.

"This magazine hath brought the Avengers to disrepute" Thor glared at him.

"Nobody knows their secret identities anyway, besides Natasha, Jessica Jones and Luke" Otto explained

"Do you think villains won't know? Jessica Drew's hairstyle is identical and her naked body matches her tight skinsuit exactly as does Felicia... and her hair is white for heaven's sake!" Tony yelled.

"And Natasha is one of the leading voices and speaker of the Avengers. Her face is seen in the UN, in press conferences, in government and  diplomatic meetings!" Cap yelled

"Aaah... you're right. I never considered.." Otto realized at that moment

"And you've included Kate and Kamala into you're harem" Hawkeye joined in

"They're 18! I've checked!" Otto responded

"Well, I too.... have checked" Iron Man said, taking out a small veil containing a familiar looking substance inside it. 

"How.." Otto asked

"Kamala. I warned her, and she opened a cavity within her arm to isolate and keep the serum you injected in her arm" Iron Man said

Otto sat silently as Iron Man continued. 

"I've done an analysis on the serum. Indeed it inoculates them from your radioactive sperm, prevents pregnancy and helps them stretch and recover from your monster cocks..." Tony said

"... I have another serum that will allow them to get pregnant again.." Otto said

"No.. that is not the issue. It also makes them obey you, doesn't it?" Tony asked

Otto stared at him. He has been found out. 

"I discovered this when I slept with Mary Jane, and examined her blood. But I needed a fresh sample from the source to confirm it came from you" Tony said, staring at him. 

"I have already worked with Reed to create a serum to neutralize the effects of your serum. Unfortunately, it reverses the radioactive protection, pregnancy prevention and flexibility and durability affects also. That is why the rest of the girls are kept in quarantine as the effects of the serum works on them." Iron Man said. 

The other Avengers looked at him angrily. 

"Why Peter? You were the best and brightest of us" Daredevil said. 

"And this is the nail in the coffin.... this is the recording of your brain waves from before. And this is the most recent one..." Tony continued, holding up a thumb drive

"How..." Otto asked

"Do you think simply erasing the records, I can't undo it? Let me ask this once.. who are you?" Tony asked, looking directly at Otto

The rest were stunned, and stood up, battle ready. 

"As we regard your injection as a intentional and malicious attack on us, we have no choice but to expel you. But the fact that you have taken over Spider-Man.... Peter Parker's body... and used him to infiltrate us for months... is unforgivable. 

You are hereby under arrest for the attack and subjugation of the Avengers, and for whatever you did to Peter! Please come peacefully" Cap said

Otto sat stunned. 

He had lost everything.  

His reputation, his wealth, his company, and now even his freedom. 

He... Otto Octavius... was a criminal again. 

"No!" he said, standing up. 

He immediately bulked up into his Venom form, but Iron Man immediately turned on a sonic device, disrupting the symbiote. 

They were fully prepared in case he resisted. 

While in pain, he was attacked by all of them, finally knocking him out. 

As the Avengers looked at his unconscious body, they were conflicted on what to do with him.