Chapter 14 – Reversing the Brainwaves.
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Days later, in the headquarters of the Fantastic Four, the Baxter Building, Otto was held in a forcefield cell, unable to escape.

The Venom symbiote had already been separated from him and returned to Flash Thompson, so it was just himself in the cell.

Mary Jane walked in, accompanied by Tony Stark in the Iron Man suit. She was dressed in the Iron Spider suit for protection. 

Johnny Storm walked in with Reed Richards to join them.

"Who... who are you? Where is the real Peter?" Mary Jane asked

"That is his real body... the DNA analysis confirms it. He's not a clone, Skrull or LMD.. he's the real thing" Reed said. 

"Then... what did you do to him? Where is the real Peter?" Mary Jane asked, tears welling in her eyes.  

"He asked me to take care of you..." Otto muttered as he looked at her.

"What..." MJ asked

"His last wish was to take care of you.." Otto said again

"I don't believe it!" she said

"The brain wave analysis we compared with our database seems to indicate that you are..." Reed said

"Otto Octavius" Otto said... his face looking straight at Mary Jane

"Then.... that time when.. " Mary Jane started crying as Iron Man hugged her. 

"Yes.. I switched bodies with Peter. He died on that day in my place" Otto said, without a shroud of emotion on his face. 

Mary Jane collapsed in Iron Man's arms, fainting from the shock. 

"He really loved her you know. I retained his memories. Tony... please take care of her. I never knew how much I.. Peter loved her.. until he lost her" Otto said before looking away. 

"So.. you finally won against your foe, didn't you Otto" Tony said grimly. 

"I was pleased at first. But now I'm having second thoughts" he said as Tony carried MJ out. 

"Pete was one of my best friends you know" Johnny Storm, who remained there said. 

"I know, from Peter's memories" Otto said

"So you do have his memories" Reed asked

"Yes, I know everything he knew, and more since I also am Otto Octavius" Otto answered proudly.

"That's good then.. I think I'll have a chat with Stephen (Strange) and Victor (Von Doom).. Victor has alot of experience in switching bodies" Reed said as he walked off. 

"Well... Otto... Now that Reed is on the trail, I have no doubt that Pete will be back with us soon" Johnny smiled as he stared hatefully at Otto. 


Otto sat in the cell, watching the holographic recording of Mary Jane and the Avengers, all dressed in their civilian clothes, having a small ceremony on the grave of Dr Otto Octavius.

They didn't tell Aunt May, nor any of his civilian friends. Only Mary Jane and the current Avengers knew.

Peter Parker, one of their best and brightest, has passed a sad and lonely death.

Not only did he pass away without anyone knowing, he passed while being despised by his loved ones, and nobody grieved for him.

Mary Jane cried until she fainted. And although it was Otto who fucked them, the other female Avengers were crying too.

Especially Jessica Jones and Felicia Hardy, who besides Mary Jane knew the real him compared to the others.

"Ok... that was earlier this morning. Now... lets get going shall we?" Reed said, surrounded by the other Fantastic Four members and a few Avengers, namely Tony Stark and Hank Pym. A few X-Men were invited too, namely Professor X, Jean Grey and Emma Frost, their top telepaths.

Tony stood next to Mary Jane, who wanted to be there to see his recovery. 

Otto was ushered out like a prisoner on death row, completely covered by Sue Storm's force field so he couldn't escape.

He was brought to a table and tied down with osmium wrist and ankle guards.

Professor X entered Otto's mind and took a deep look into his memory.

"Yes.. .indeed it is Octavius' brain waves. All of Peter Parker's memories are intact, added on by Otto Octavius' memories. 

But physically, the brain is still that of Peter Parker.

Even if over rewrite the brainwaves of Otto, reprogramming his personality, his memories and physical brain itself is still that of Peter Parker." Professor X said. 

"So if we use this old brain scans of Peter, he will be the same Peter Parker?" Tony asked. 

"Well, as we grow older, our personality changes. Using these old brain waves, he will revert back to the person he was, but with the most current memories, together with Otto Octavius' memories." Professor X said. 

"Why... why can't we wipe out Octavius' memories?" Mary Jane asked

"I can't differentiate which ones are whose memories. I can guess, but we might remove some vital aspect of Peter Parker" Professor X said.

"Because his mind was artificially rewritten with Octavius' memories, if we view it from Octavius' point of view, all the memories will have his face. If we view it from Peter's point of view, all the memories will instead be of him. Without the person who actually experience the memories separating them, we telepaths cannot do too much, lest we make the wrong erasure" Emma Frost said. 

"I've consulted with Dr Doom. He says as long as you input the right brain waves, and the body has the required memories, you will get the same person. It's quite simple" Reed said. 

"Alright then. No point in waiting. Lets just do it. Mary Jane is already overly anxious" Tony said. 

They placed the head contraption on Otto's head and activated the button. 

Otto grunted in pain as he tried his best to resist, his body started trembling as all his muscles tensed up. 

"N...n....noooo! I am........ Otto... Octavius..... I ... am...superio...." he said before his face went blank, mouth still open. 

"What... Peter?" Mary Jane said, tearing up. 

"Ok... his brain waves have been erased... now insert the old recording of Peter Parker's memories" Reed said

"When was this taken?" Mary Jane asked

"I believe... not long after you were married" Reed said

Suddenly, there was a loud explosion and multiple goblins attacked on many different gliders and there were even small goblins. 

"Avengers Assemble!" Tony shouted as he activated something on his wrist. His armor started appearing on his body as he protected Mary Jane from the goblins. 

The others sprang into action too. 

"Be careful. Those small goblins are.... children!" Jean Grey said

The goblins threw their goblin bombs everywhere recklessly as the equipment all around exploded. 

"Peter! Take care of Peter!" Mary Jane screamed

But the heroes were too busy fighting the berserk group of goblins. 

Before long, they managed to subdue all the goblins, but Peter's body was gone. 

"Damn it! When I checked the Avengers surveillance system, I recognized the Green Goblin's hand in the sabotage. But I didn't expect him to attack here" Hank Pym said. 

"They were targetting him all along" Iron Man said 

"The transfer! What happened to the transfer" Mary Jane asked frantically. 

"I don't know. And the thumb drive has been destroyed too" Reed said

"You have another one right?" MJ asked

"Er... no. After what happened to Wonder Man and the Vision, we generally don't keep brainscans of anyone. It so happen we found a copy of Peter's brainwaves in one of my old cupboards that we found this one. 

"Then... will he still be Peter?" Mary Jane asked

"I don't know. But he certainly wouldn't be Otto Octavius" Reed said grimly.