Chapter 16 – An Understanding Between the Women
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Mary Jane stood in front of the Avengers meeting room, looking angry.

Seated at the table were Felicia Hardy aka the Black Cat, Natasha Romanova aka the Black Widow, Jessica Drew aka Spider Woman, Jessica Jones, Kamala Khan aka Ms Marvel and Kate Bishop aka Hawkeye. Luke Cage was the only man there, seated quietly at the end of the table with Jessica Jones

"As you all know, I... we are trying to reprogram Peter's personality. He retained all his memories and Otto's, but feelings, likes, dislikes, preferences, they are all blank.

As such, I want to train him back to as close as possible to his original personality..." MJ started, staring at all the ladies one by one.

".. and that means none of you who fucked Otto in his body should be fucking him now! I want Peter rewritten, not Dr Octopus" she said.

"That means that only you and Felicia can fuck him?" Jessica Drew asked

"Felicia? Er.. I mean..." MJ stammered, forgetting that Felicia was also one of Peter's former lovers.

There were probably others too like Carlie Cooper, Betty Grant, Gwen Stacy... that one night stand with Michelle Gonzales...and she wasn't quite certain if he fucked Cindy Moon, Cissy Ironwood or Debra Whitman.

Did she have to get Peter to fuck them to recover some of the emotions that made his personality too? Gwen was already dead, and Michelle hated his guts. Debra was a bit cuckoo. What about Jean Dewolf, Silver Sable, Gloria... there was so many girlfriends in his black book, and she doesn't even know if they were lovers.

But they all made an impression in his life and made him what he is today. 

"That's not fair. We, who want to make love to him, are not allowed to, but you who won't have sex with him, won't do so either?" Kate asked

"Right, if you are not going to fuck him, he won't come close to the Peter we knew.." Felicia said

"Well... I...." MJ was stuck. She knew Tony didn't want her to sleep with Peter, but if she didn't, there was no way he would return to his previous self. 

"Yeah, the poor guy is walking around with an erection all the time... he can't be seen like that in his Spidey costume" Jessica Drew said. 

"If we made love to him... at least we can turn him into the ideal lover, for whoever he dates in the future... maybe even one of us might become his partner" Kamala added.

Spidey was one of Kamala's inspirations to become a hero. And he definitely made her panties wet. 

"But... but you girls didn't know the real Peter in bed. You only knew Otto" Mary Jane retorted

"Does it matter? Was Peter as good a lover as Dr Ock?" Jessica Drew asked

"Er... no.. " MJ answered

"Then maybe you teach him and walk him through the normal stuff in the day, while we take turns turning him into an ideal lover at night. Ock used his body very well" Natasha said

Mary Jane was angry that they all thought Dr Octopus was a better lover than Peter. But when she thought about it, they were right. 

"Fine! You girls take turn at nights... but I will try to train him by the day" Mary Jane said

Just then, Captain America pulled Peter past the door, holding his wrist like a little boy. 

He had a bleeding nose but didn't respond to it at all, letting it bleed all over his training clothes. 

"What happened?" MJ asked

"Sorry MJ. I was trying to train with him, to see if he retained his natural fighting instincts. But he didn't even respond when I threw a soft punch" Cap replied. 

"I.... I'll take care of him" Mary Jane said and left the meeting room with Peter. 


Peter stood still under the shower, the water pouring over his head and body like a waterfall. 

"Peter.. why aren't you..." MJ sighed. 

She removed her top, then her pants, and finally her bra and panties before stepping into the shower with him. 

She didn't want to get her hair wet, but he needed help. 

She lathered her hands with soap and started soaping his body.

Peter stared at her blankly, looking as if he didn't know what she was doing. 

Her hands moved over his shoulders, his neck and stopped at his chest. 

Tears flowed from her eyes, looking at the empty eyes of her former husband. 

Her hands moved down and she noticed that Peter was rock hard. 

"Poor thing. You need a release" she thought as her hands started lathering up his dick. 

Peter groaned and she looked at his face. At least he seemed to be reacting to her pumping his cock. 

She pumped harder and faster and he started grunting some more. 

But he didn't cum, no matter how hard or fast she masturbated his cock. 

"Tony wouldn't like me doing this.." she thought as she knelt to the ground and started sucking him. 

Looking up at Peter's face, she could see that his eyes were now closed and his face was showing signs of enjoyment. 

Suddenly, both his hands grabbed her head and he started moving his hips. 

MJ's eyes opened as he started fucking her face harder and faster. 

Unable to resist his strength, MJ helplessly received his rock hard cock deep into her throat. 

She dared not bite down, as with his enhanced strength, it might break all her teeth. 

He pumped his cock into her harder and increasingly faster before she felt his warm liquids shoot into her mouth as he grunted loudly. 

Finally, he let go of her head and stood still and emotionless again, his cock still in her mouth. 

MJ coughed as she opened her mouth to release his cock. She had been forced to swallow most of it as a little of the remainder flowed out of the side of her mouth. 

She was already completely wet, so she stood up and hugged him, but he didn't respond. 

She sighed. 

Maybe it was a good idea to let the others share this burden. 

It was going to be difficult if she was Peter's only sexual outlet, especially when sex was the only thing he responded to.