Chapter 17 – A Complicated Affair
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Peter's improved by leaps and bounds within 2 weeks.

Having accessed his memories, he started to talk fluidly and confidently. 

In the day, he discussed scientific theories, did experiments and hung out with Tony Stark, Reed Richards and Hank Pym.

He sparred with Cap, Wolverine, Daredevil and Iron Fist

He did strength training with Luke Cage and Ben Grimm aka the Thing.

And he did mental exercises with Professor X, Jean Grey and Emma Frost aka the White Queen, as they walked through his memories, and helped him determine which was his and which memory was Otto's

Mary Jane was confident enough that they went out for dinner with Aunt May and her husband J Jonah Jameson Sr.

"Peter, it's been weeks since I've seen you. Are you ok?" Aunt May asked

"Yeah, I was informed by Sajani that you haven't been seen for weeks" her husband, who was Parker Industries' main investor said

"I'm been busy since I moved into Avengers Tower" Peter replied

"Is it too much, moving in there?" Aunt May asked

"No. It's been great. I get to work with Reed Richards, Tony Stark and Hank Pym. And our work is helping mankind in so many ways" Peter said.

"And Mary Jane. I see you on the news with Tony Stark alot. What's that about?" Aunt May asked

"Well, I.. I'm working as his personal secretary now since my club burned down. It's strictly professional" Mary Jane said, not wanting to explain her current relationship with Peter. 


Later that night, Peter kissed MJ on the cheek good night as she walked to Tony's room. 

He turned around to see Natasha waiting at her door with a robe on, smiling. It was clear she wore nothing underneath.

MJ mounted on Tony's lap, fucking him hard.

She seemed especially rough and aggressive tonight, and Tony loved it.

But in Mary Jane's mind, she was wondering how different Peter would be now.

Although he seemed fine on the surface, with everything going great in terms of his recovery to everyday life, she was bothered that night after night, Peter was being trained by other women how to make love.

While she had sex with him before, Peter already had his preferences, his favorite moves and positions, it was like his personality in bed. 

But now, with so many women fucking him every night, she feared that they would teach him their preferences, and turn him into their best lover. 

Not to say that was a bad thing, but Felicia already mentioned that Peter had changed for the better. 

Before, he was always a considerate and careful with her, even when they fucked on rooftops. But now, he was primal lust incarnate, and she loved it being so carnal. 

"E... enough MJ. I'm all worn out. I have already came twice" Tony said under her. 

"What? You came inside? Today is not a safe day for me" she said

"Sorry. Maybe you can take the morning after pill tomorrow" he said and turned to sleep. 

MJ sat on the bed naked and fuming. 

She went out to take a drink of water, but hid when she saw two people sitting outside at the dining area, having coffee. 

It was Peter and Natasha, both in matching bath robes, looking lovey dovey with each other as they kissed and flirted openly. 

Mary Jane felt jealous. She knew she shouldn't but she did. 

Peter and Natasha looked like a perfect couple. But as she thought about it, Peter looked like a perfect couple with many others too. 

Over the previous nights, she has stumbled upon Peter sitting for coffee with Jessica Drew, with Felicia Hardy, and even with Jessica Jones. 

When he was with Kate Bishop or Kamala Khan, neither of which stayed there, he looked like a young college professor with his college age student, and they looked a good albeit inappropriate couple with either one of them too.

She turned around and went back to bed, leaving Peter kissing Natasha with her hand inside his robe, playing with his penis and he fingering her in return. 


The next day, Mary Jane concocted a way to try to bring back more of Peter's personality. 

There was perhaps one more being who knew Peter inside and out, even more than her. 

Peter sat in the living room with Mary Jane as a familiar face entered. 

"Flash? What are you doing here?" Peter asked

"MJ called me over. Er... how are you feeling Pete? I heard about the whole Doc Ock incident" Flash said, unsure of how to treat Peter. 

"The reason I called Flash over was to.. uh.. bond Peter with the Venom symbiote for a short while, to fill in the gaps in his emotions, to try to make him remember what is was like being Peter Parker" MJ said

She was terrified of Venom, but she was willing to go so far for Peter. 

"I... I'll talk to the symbiote and see what I can do" Flash said. 

Peter looked at MJ and then back at Flash. Indeed they were in high school together, and memories flooded back to the days Flash was his high school bully. 

The Venom symbiote suddenly left Flash's body, leaving him with his amputated stumps for legs seated on the Avengers couch. 

It merged with Peter, turning him into the black suited Spider-Man again. 

MJ flinched upon seeing the Black suited Spider Man, but she calmed herself and stood up.

She took Peter's hand and led him to his room. 

She opened her dress, revealing she wasn't wearing any underwear, and the Venom symbiote revealed Peter naked underneath, having removed his clothes for him. 

But he sported a Venom sized erection, large enough to kill MJ. 

"No.. I want Peter only. You stay in his head and guide him" she said to the symbiote who obeyed. 

She pulled Peter to bed and opened her legs, inviting him in. 

With the Venom symbiote guiding him, Mary Jane cried when Peter made love to her, the way he used to.  


Tony Stark was angry

"How could you do that to me? Aren't you my girlfriend? Am I a cuckold?" he yelled. 

"No. It's not like that Tony. I am trying to rewrite Peter to be the Peter Parker he was" Mary Jane argued

"So you fucked him?" Tony asked

"Think of me like a sex therapist.. I gently guide my client, make them more comfortable with sex, then eventually have sex with them" Mary Jane said

"I don't think that makes me feel any better. Do you want to be a sex therapist?" he asked

"Only for Peter" she replied

"That doesn't make me feel any better" Tony said. 

"I know. But I would do the same for you, if the same thing happened to you" MJ said, trying to kiss him. 

Tony pushed her away. 

"Let me have some time to think" Tony said

"How long do you need?" MJ asked

"I don't know" Tony said

"Well I will wait for you, no matter how long it takes. I love you" MJ said

"Yeah.." Tony replied

MJ left the room in tears.

As she walked towards Peter's room, he was just walking out in his bath robe.

"Can I... stay the night in your room? I need a place for the night" she asked

"Sure. What is mine is yours anyway" Peter smiled

MJ frowned as she watched Peter walk and enter Jessica Drew's room a few doors down.