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I never hated summer before. It’s the time of the year where everyone enjoys trips with their families or friends. No school works for ordinary students, just playing around in the beach or where in the world waterfalls is that or pool. I wish I am one of those students. I wish I could enjoy summer like that. But here I am stuck on my chair at the computer laboratory.


Going back to school during summer break is like the new version of hell. Helping the teacher prepare for the new term and arranging schedules for the whole school year is part of the student council members work. Sadly, I became part of the SC just last year. I didn’t really want to but one of my best friends Nina is the President. As a good friend as we are, we ended up in the council. Four of us to be precise, the other two are leisurely spending their time on vacation in Dubai. Good for them really.


“Have you seen Venice’s facebook update? I’m so jealous.” If you wanted to know who’s that person complaining it’s Zelle. Second reason why I’m stuck doing council works. And she’s currently slacking.

“I thought you said ‘Council work is fun’ where is that energy now?” I sighed. “We won’t finish the schedules if you’ll be on your phone whole day you know and we still have to review the clubs proposals?” I worriedly said.


She was still browsing facebook. This girl gave me no choice. I stood up, walked towards her and snatched her phone away “Yesterday, you were also browsing useless stuffs. Do you know how much time you’ve wasted?”


“Hey give that back!” She pleaded. I gazed at her with a murderous intent. She looked at me like a rabbit who is about to cry.


I turned away from her. “For the meantime, finish your work or you’ll be seeing your phone next week.” I smirked at her devastated face.

“Wha- are you being serious? And why are you leaving?! ” She shouted while I’m making my way out of the computer lab.

“The only thing I can joke about is my life and I also need a break.” I playfully said and wave my hand that is holding her phone.


I am now making my way to the Student Council room to see how they are doing. I’m supposed to take a break, why am I going there instead? I also wondered to myself. It’s like I’m asking for more work load. Ah seriously, I shouldn’t really go.


As I’m talking to myself, I’m already at the front door. I sighed again to myself. I’m already here so.


I knocked but no one answered.


I knocked again and still.


“Nina?” I called out.




They’re not inside? Or maybe they didn’t hear me? I thought to myself.


“I’m going in.” I announced before entering the room. No one is here.


Then I got surprised by the ‘Kyah’ of a certain someone and the loud falling of the books. I ran towards the book section inside the council room and I found a girl on the floor with the books scattered around her.



I walked towards her and kneeled over. “Excuse me? Are you okay?” I asked. I’m trying to take a look at her but she’s looking down while her hands are on her head.

“Ouch.” She said painfully while rubbing her head. Ah. Why did I even asked if she’s okay wherein she’s absolutely isn’t.

She didn’t answer me.


“Hey.” I grabbed her shoulders then she suddenly lifted up her face to the point she almost hit mine. Close. I thought. She stared at me. I removed my hands on her shoulders and moved myself a little away.


“Sorry I grabbed you like that, I’m just worried you might hurt your-“ Wait. Why am I explaining. I just wanna help her. She’s still staring at me and looks confused. She moved towards me and our faces are just inches away from each other.


“Um—” I muttered. What is she doing? Don’t tell me. But we just met and we’re both girls. Kissing is out of the equation.

“---ses” She said something.

“Huh” I looked at her awkwardly. This closeness and confusion is making me feel weird. Looking at her this close, she's quiet a beauty. Wait. What am I thinking?

“My glasses” she said and I snapped out of it.


“My glasses, I can’t properly see without my glasses.” She shyly said.


Then as I moved a little away from her my hand touched something on the floor. Glasses. So that’s why she’s intently staring at me earlier. I sighed in relief. I picked her glasses and looked at her. “Hey, don’t move.”

“Ah sure.” She’s confused but just agreed. I gently put her glasses up for her.

“I suppose you can see me now?” I smiled at her. She covered her face with her hands. “Uh? What’s wrong? Are you hurt somewhere?” I worriedly asked and gently touched her right shoulder. She flinched.

“No, it’s not that.” She said still covering her face. I just stared at her. She sneaked a peek at me. Now you can see questions mark floating above my head. She continued “I didn’t know that it was Senior Shan and I leaned too close so I’m sorry.” She bowed her head.

I laughed at her.


“Seems like you hurt your head pretty much.” I remarked still laughing. I can’t believe this girl is saying sorry for being a little close.

Embarrassed she called out to me and said “Senior, please don’t laugh.” Looking away like a kitten. Seriously this girl.


“Sorry, sorry.” I took a breath and calm myself. I stood up and hold out my hand to her “ Here.” She just looked at my hand. “I’m offering you help to stand up you know.” I smirked a little.


“Ah. Tha-Thank you.” She shyly grabbed my hand and I pulled her up. She’s a bit shocked by the force that she lost her balance standing up so I grabbed her waist to assist her. We are basically hugging and I can smell the sweet scent of her shampoo.


“Sorry, I didn’t me—” I apologetically said but then she lifted her gaze at me. We are just looking at each other. This time with her glasses on. My left hand holding her right and my right hand on her waist. This is much closer than earlier. She put her left hand around my neck. Slowly and gently. I’m playing too much earlier I didn’t notice how soft her hands is when she grabbed mine but now I do. What is this scenario? I can feel my heart beating faster like usual.


Looking at each other, she’s also red. Perhaps her heart is also beating at the same time as mine?


She took a step closer. Our bodies even more pressed against each other. Our lips almost touching.


“Senior Shan” She whispered. Stop looking at me like that, I’ll get the wrong idea. I said to myself.

Removing her right hand from mine and putting both of her hands around my neck. Pulling me like what the blackhole did to other stars. I could not resist the beauty in front me.


The girl who is embarrassed earlier is now gone and I can feel something soft, fluffy and sweet in my mouth.


Hot and wet.


I didn't dislike it.



That summer where I labeled as boring before is where I got my first kiss from the girl I don't know.