The Villain is the Hero!
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From the title, you know what i'm going to talk about. Yet, it isn't like those asshole heroes but instead the goody-two shoes ones. 

Let me explain. 

The hero is sent into the world and has to find the evil being to put to rest. The gooddess even explain where he needs to go but instead of that, he wanders off and does side-quest. There, it will be the usual cliche.

He seeks a carriage being swarmed by bandits and attacks those bandits, he rescues the girl only to find out she was now paralyzed. He then seeks revenge on those bandits and attacks them but was greeted by the demon king for the first time and ended up impressing him and offs the bandits. 

He goes to a town which was ruled by a tyrant noble and torments his villagers into starvation for more money and the hero is off to defeat the noble. He monologues about his evil plan which the hero didn't listen and kills him off, only to find out that it was the father of the girl whom he saved which she now hates him for what he did. Classic btch right? 

Then, he head off to the demon king castle since he wanted to seek revenge on those bandits that didn't seem evil and just wanted to earn money for their village.

Then, he face off against the demon king to which the same thing happens and he was eventually defeated and decided to summon an evil god to defeat him. Same thing happens and after defeating that god, he was sent back into the world of the goddess which is glaring at him with hatred. 

"Thanks for destroying my world..... Hero....." 

Why would she say that when she was the one who sent him to this world but he finally finds out why as she projects a past memory before he was sent into the world.

The bandits in truth was just a normal people from the village which was ruled by a tyrant noble(not the one the hero killed), they decided to disguise as bandits in order to seek help from the noble which they found that his daughter was traveling. They attack the carriage while secretly trying to convey help from them.

The hero came in and attack the bandits which one accidentally was slammed into the carriage and cause it to turn and crippled the daughter. After finding out what happened, they tried to help but they got afraid of the hero and decided to run away.

As the bandits ran, they seek help from a wandering person whom they didn't thought of as the demon king. When they find out the truth, they tried to plead help from him since the hero was a crazy person which the demon king agreed since he wanted to fight someone strong.

When he saw the hero being strong, he was amazed and wanted to try a special attack which the hero counter attack and hit the banits and wiping them off from the very existance. The demon king was innocent but the hero believe that the demon king intentionally killed the bandits which the demon king now believes that the hero is crazy and runs away.

The noble after finding out that his daughter is crippled, he goes tyrant mode to which the daughter pleaded him to forgive those bandits since it was his neighbor who cause her pain and decided to enlist his people for war which he became a tyrant.

After meeting the hero, he believe he was the main cause of his daughter's disability and tries to kill him but he was too strong and eventually got killed by the hero who says that evil people will never be forgiven.

Finally, the demon king was trying to control the influence of the evil god inside him which the hero barged in without knowing and ended up being controlled by the evil god.

After the hero disappeared, the evil noble knowing that his neighbor passed away, begans to conquer the territory and turning the daughter into a sex toy. He then started a rebellion against the kingdom which won due to him conquering a terriotry which was filled with a strong strategic point and ended up becoming a king which he began to conquer the continent and razing everything to the ground. Finally the dragons had awaken from their slumber and started to raze hell all around the continent. Finally, while the evil god was destroyed, a new one emerge and one was so powerful that he invaded the god's world and wreck havoc which ended uo destroying everything while thanking the hero like a messiah and let him watch as he slowly begun conquering the universe with joy. 

The hero, who saw everything turning into hell, decided to commit suicide but the evil god stops him since he was the one who did this and wanted him to continue living to see how much help he did for everything to become like this.


This came out as an idea when players who forsake the main quest, decides to ignore it and instead work on doing the side quest instead. Lol