Prologue: The Beginning
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[Kilaqen Empire (Mio 4, 3728)]

"Kedro, I'm bored! When is my husband, Ogis, going to finish his meeting with Lord Broggon?" Empress Viessa said.

As Secretary Kedro and Thelsea continued their game of Magic Chess, Thelsea commented on the situation.

"You could always play with us, Empress Viessa. Unlike Kedro and I, you don’t have to multi-task while you play," Thelsea said.

“She’s right. You don’t have to go through the terrifying amount of paperwork that Lord Ogis and Broggon have created in their wake,” Kedro said.

"If only those useless interns didn't get themselves killed. To think they would have the audacity to spy on the Empress when she's changing!" Thelsea said annoyed.

"They are demons. Can you blame them? Ever since Lord Broggon mandated every demon to take a Demi-Human appearance, it's been a race to see who can look the most human. Our beautiful Empress could pass as a human if she didn't have those horns on her head. Then again, it seems like most races in Adrios are trying to become more Demi-Human," Kedro said.

"Unsurprisingly, it's easier to conduct reconnaissance when the demon looks like a human. Lord Broggon is truly a man ahead of his time!" Thelsea said.

"Indeed!" Kedro said.

"I feel like this intern issue is partly my fault. I was supposed to hire new interns, but they can't seem to pass the Trial Of Death. I didn’t really do this often when I was still the Queen of Gekurin," Viessa said apologetically.

“It’s not your fault, Empress! The Trial Of Death weeds out the weak from the strong! The problem is that we can’t find demons who are smart and strong! I never had this problem with the dragon race!” Kedro complained.

“Ah yes. Let’s compare magnificent dragons to demons who thirst for blood and horror every 10 seconds,” Thelsea said sarcastically.

“Hm. Touché!” Kedro said.

“Don't worry, Thelsea! I don’t think you’re like that!” Viessa said confidently.

“That’s right, Empress! As the Succubus Queen, I teach all of my Succubi/Incubi to thirst for more knowledge and power! Therefore, Kedro is about to lose this match!” Thelsea said proudly.

“What?” Kedro said.

As Thelsea swiftly won the game of Magic Chess, Dragon Lord Kedro slammed his fists on the table.

"Dammit! Why do I keep losing!" Kedro shouted.

“Before you complain, I believe you owe me something!” Thelsea taunted.

As the Succubus Queen let out a victorious laugh, Kedro threw 2 Quatinum coins at her.

“Take the bloody coins! You slutty, arrogant bitch!” Kedro said.

“Tsk Tsk Tsk. Is that how you talk to the owner of your favorite brothel? Do you want your favorite Succubi maid to ignore you when you visit her?” Thelsea teased.

"Fuck you!" Kedro shouted.

"When, where, and what time?" Thelsea taunted.

As Thelsea pocketed the glistening coins, she had a large smirk on her face.

"Tch! Arrogant bitch! Your ugly personality destroys your beautiful face! I’m going to go blow off steam! Tell Lord Ogis that I’ll be back soon!" Kedro said annoyed.

As Kedro picked up his paperwork, he stormed out of the room.

“Ah! Come on, Kedro! Don’t be like that! I'll give you a discount at the Succubus Cafe!” Thelsea shouted.

“I think he’s too far away to hear you, Secretary Thelsea,” Viessa joked.

“I suppose you're right. Though, I feel bad for the humans we captured. He's probably going to murder some of them to blow off steam. I mean, Succubi kill humans through sexual activity, but at least both sides benefit,” Thelsea said.

“And yet, you’re just as bad as him. Instead of being sadistic, you chose to be lewd,” Viessa said.

“You know what they say: A succubi gotta do what a succubi gotta do!” Thelsea said smiling.

“No one says that,” Viessa said.

"No one says that...yet!" Thelsea said confidently.

"If you say so," Viessa said.

After Thelsea jumped onto the couch, she got into her famous napping position. Empress Viessa asked her one more question.

"What do you think they're talking about in there?" Viessa asked.

"Oh? You didn't hear? The impartial God named Khelios arrived earlier to give us a warning," Thelsea said.

"The Guardian God Of Time came to personally warn us? Warn us about what?" Viessa asked.

"Apparently, The Sorcerer Of Light has finally arrived. We don't have his location since Khelios considered himself to be impartial. But as the legend predicted, the legendary hero also possesses the power of Creation. In other words, the next Guardian has been born. And he goes by the name of Owen Woods," Thelsea smirked.

Lord Secretary Theslea looked at the ceiling, pondering the steps the demons would have to take to protect themselves against Owen.

However, it was during this time that she got the idea.

"Wait a minute. Couldn't I just reincarnate someone as my assistant?" she thought.

Kilaqen's Hierarchy Of Power
1 (Highest) Supreme Demon
2 Demon Lords
3 Demon Lord’s Secretary
4 Lord Commander
5 Royalty (Bloodline Of Supreme Demon/Demon Lords)
6 Generals
7 Lt. Generals
8 Captains
9 Soldiers
10 (Lowest) Citizens


[Kilaqen, Lord Broggon's Castle: The Citadel. Mio 10, 3728]

"You're fucking crazy," The Orc King said.

"Is that so? I didn't get the memo," Lord Broggon said.

"No, I..."–sigh–"...I'm sorry for saying that, Lord Broggon. But what you're asking for is a suicide mission!" The Orc King said.

King Xorag took a deep breath as he fell back into his chair. They both sat on the balcony of The Citadel, which was the name of Lord Broggon's castle. Since the castle was located in Kilaqen's largest forest, it gave them a pleasant view of the landscape. Lord Broggon noticed a group of Half-Orc children as he drank a sip of his tea.

"Tell me, King Xorag. How are the children?" Lord Broggon said.

"They're...they're fine. We've already seen them show signs of magical ability. The next generation of Orcs should become some of our strongest," King Xorag said.

Lord Broggon placed his cup on the table, as Lord Secretary Thelsea came to join them. She sat next to Lord Broggon as she listened to the conversation.

"Let me explain something to you, Xorag. In terms of power in the Kilaqen Empire, your race rests at the bottom. As far as I know, your race is only good for physical labor. Not only that, but we don't even need you to fight in our army since we have our wonderful demons. There's also the fact that your population of orcs is...expensive to maintain. We may not pay your army much in gold, but that's because of their enormous appetites for food, booze, and sex. With the latter being provided via human captives," Lord Broggon said.

"What the hell are you trying to say?" Xorag said.

"Despite being a Half-Orc yourself, you seem to be the strongest Orc King your kind has ever known. Not only are you strong, but you're smart. If I had to make a guess, I would say it's because of the previous Orc King 'mating' with a human captive that had strong magical prowess. It's why you're the first orc in history to become a magic user...but you won't be the last. That is, if Lord Ogis and I continue giving you our resources," Lord Broggon said.

Lord Broggon and Secretary Thelsea took a sip of their drinks.

"The fuck is this?! Are you trying to threaten me?!" King Xorag said.

"I feel like the better word would be...negotiation," Secretary Thelsea said.

"Wow. You know, sometimes I don't understand why you want me to dislike you, Lord Broggon. Why can't you be more like Lord Ogis?" King Xorag said.

Lord Broggon got up from his chair as he rested his hands on the balcony.

"No no no. I think you have it all wrong, my friend. It's not that we want people to dislike us. It's just that we're indifferent to whether they do so. For example, it's a fact that I'm simply too strong for you to ignore my orders. You may be an S rank, but I'm an S+ rank. Lord Ogis is even higher than me as he sits at SS+ rank. And yet, instead of killing you and taking complete control of the orcs, Lord Ogis worked with you. Instead of enslaving the filthy orcs that we found, we formed a partnership because we believed in you. However, it's a partnership that requires absolute allegiance to Lord Ogis. We'll see anything less than that as defiance," Lord Broggon said.

"So I'm supposed to just send orcs to Adrios so they can act as bait? We don't even know what this motherfucker looks like! All we know is that this prick is named Owen Woods! Khelios didn't even tell us what region he could be in! What you're asking for is a bonafide suicide mission!" King Xorag said.

"I believe you're looking at this the wrong way, King Xorag. This is your chance to make a name for the orcs. If you're able to do the dirty work and find the legendary hero for us, we would happily improve the standard of living for all orcs. You should see this as a promotional opportunity," Secretary Thelsea said.

"And why can't you get the other races to do it? You have Vampires, Demons, Succubi, Dark Elves, and even Monsters that could do the same thing," King Xorag said.

"To be frank, this is grunt work. And since your race has been complaining about a lack of combat, this is the quickest way for them to achieve it. They can keep whatever they find, whether it's the spoils of war or any human captives. Meanwhile, we'll continue our primary objective of breaking through Holy Hifus' barrier," Lord Broggon said.

King Xorag let out an enormous sigh as he looked at the Orc children below.

"Fine. I'll tell my orcs to construct outposts in Adrios. They'll report back what they find in Orcish, but I can translate it for you," King Xorag said.

"Excellent! That's what I like to hear! Well, I won't take any more of your time. You're dismissed, King Xorag," Lord Broggon said.

As King Xorag got up from the table and bowed, he walked towards the door and left the room.

After a few moments, they could hear the Orc King punching the walls in anger.

But Lord Broggon took another sip of his tea before speaking with Secretary Thelsea.

"Ugh. I hate negotiating with Orcs. It feels beneath me. He shouldn't even be breathing my air," Lord Broggon said.

"Indeed. You should see how they treat my succubi. Orcs are nothing but savage creatures with primal desires. I get shivers just thinking about it. At least the Half-Orcs are more civilized," Secretary Thelsea said.

"And then there's Lord Ogis. The man who doesn't care how much coin a person makes, but what they make," Lord Broggon said.

"And we love him for it, among other things," Secretary Thelsea said happily.

"By the way, how's your little project going?" Lord Broggon asked.

"Pretty good. I think I should be able to reincarnate someone on Mio 12th," Thelsea said.

"Do you know what he'll be like?" Lord Broggon said.

"Somewhat. He'll either be a Demonic Paladin or a Tentacle magician. Though, I'm leaning more towards Tentacle Magician at the moment," Thelsea said.

"Why a tentacle magician though?" Lord Broggon asked.

"Why not?" Thelsea said jokingly.

Lord Broggon was silent for a few moments before responding.

"...I will not question you further. I trust your judgement," Lord Broggon said.

As Lord Broggon and the Succubus Queen looked over the horizon, Broggon reflected on Lord Ogis' famous quote.

"The most efficient animal on the planet are demons. However, the most inefficient animal on the planet are humans," Lord Broggon said.

Thelsea continued the quote.

"But a human with magic becomes one of the most efficient animals in the world," Secretary Thelsea said.

Broggon finished the quote.

"Having magic gives a person a sense of hope. And since hope is the only thing stronger than fear, it can penetrate any darkness. But if we were to take away their gift of magic, I wonder what else they would lose?" Broggon smirked.