1. Succubus Queen Thelsea
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[Thelsea's Office: Mio 12, 3728]

How many men does it take to please the Succubus Queen?

It's a common joke in the Kilaqen Empire, but the correct answer is that no one knows.

Yet, this same Succubus Queen was eager to summon one. 

Even if it meant working with Dragon Lord Kedro.

"Shit! How much more magic do you need?" Kedro said annoyed.

Kedro was transferring massive amounts of power into Thelsea's trusted grimoire. 25% of his total mana, to be exact.

But Thelsea smirked as she pat Kedro on the shoulder. 

"Depends. Do you still want your Quatinum Coins back?" Thelsea joked.

Kedro rolled his eyes as he turned towards two of the high-ranking succubi supporting the summoning. Their names were Jilora and Jaena.

"Let me have a threesome with those two later tonight and I'll give you another 20% of my mana!" Kedro smiled.

At first, Thelsea thought he misspoke. After all, 45% of the Dragon Lord's mana was more than enough to summon the best possible Tentacle Mage.

Then again, Kedro was always a degenerate. Thus, this request did not surprise her in the slightest.

Thelsea shook her head as she turned towards the two succubi.

"Can you two take one for the team?" Thelsea asked.

The succubi looked at each other before responding hesitantly.

"If this summoning means that much to you..., I suppose so," Jilora said.

Thelsea smiled as an armored Incubus knocked on the door a few times. His name was Zaelvix.

"Greetings, my Queen. Lord Broggon has asked if all is going well with the reincarnation process," Zaelvix said.

"Well, Kedro agreed to give more of his mana than I expected, so things should move at a rather quick pace now," Thelsea said.

"Are these Succubi still needed? There's a fight in the courtyard between a Demon and a Dark Elf," Zaelvix said.

"That's a good point. Jilora and Jaena will help you calm the commotion. Kedro and I will handle the rest of the summoning," Thelsea said.

"As you wish, my Queen," they said in unison.

As the Queen's high-ranking followers left the room, Thelsea began drawing the magic circle with her blood.

"This shit better work! I'm fucking exhausted! And hungry! I can already see a whole baked griffin with my name on it!" Kedro said happily.

Thelsea let out a small laugh as she continued drawing the triple-layered magic circle.

"So what type of guy are we getting? I heard you put a good amount of time into this little project of yours," Kedro said.

Thelsea eagerly sat on the floor after finishing the magic circle.

"At first, I was just going to summon anyone. But then I realized why the Gods like to summon souls from other worlds. You can get rather specific with who you want to reincarnate. Even as far as constructing guidelines for the summoning magic to follow. The only issue is that unlike the Gods, we don't have the same amount of raw magical power or specificity. However, with a little guidance from Khelios, I was able to choose the summoning location to be the same as where Owen came from!" Thelsea said proudly.

"Oh shit! Are you being serious right now?" Kedro asked.

"Yup! Whoever gets chosen will probably be the perfect match for a Tentacle Mage! Also, their morality will be altered during reincarnation, so we don't have any issues," Thelsea said proudly.

After Kedro finished transferring his magic, he stretched as he walked towards the door.

"Well, I'll leave you to it then. Just...don't do anything lewd with the new guy, Ok? A Half-Demon is still Half-Human," Kedro said cautiously.

As Kedro quietly closed the door, Thelsea's eyes glowed a bright red as she thought about her new assistant.

She began the summoning ritual, as the triple-layered magic circle began to glow brighter.

"Bold of Kedro to assume that I would listen to him. Though, I suppose his heart is in the right place. But I want a tentacle in mine," Thelsea smirked.