This is the hangar of happiness.
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For me, who always wears nice clothes, having this on my little buttocks is a challenge.


The Fashion Show starts!!!

To present the spring/summer 2006 collection of the old goat, Lara is dressed in a horrible thick dress with big red and white checks, like a tablecloth from the seventies and which stops halfway up the thighs, what a disaster. An ugly red raincoat with a yellow belt at the waist completes this already sad outfit. As for the shoes, what Lara offers to our bleeding eyes is even worse. Big red rubber boots that go almost up to the level of her so pretties knees.

Wuwuwu! If mom who only offers me cute clothes would see me like this, she would regret her decision and change her mind immediately.

Of course if it stopped there it would be okay but they messed up my hair to make me quilts and oh my god...

... worst of all: The dead dog is wearing a red rain hat.

In front of the mirror, I make faces. I take breaks (cat ears), (pig nose) to keep myself busy and forget my misfortunes, moreover, with this outfit, I find that very appropriate.

Hum, especially the pig nose.

Becoming the advertising queen is not as easy as I thought.

In the mirror, I see the director's assistant coming back to me with a big smile.

Heartless man, executioner of little girls, you won't go to heaven.

"Oooh, but how adorable you are like that! Yes, a true daughter of the people. Unlike earlier where you looked like you'd just come out of a social gathering, now you can enter everyone's house using their television. Lara, are you ready, the director wants to give you directions?"

Daughter of the people? I too come from the people, do you think my mother is a queen? This man is definitely someone who is really not very sure.

"I look like nothing and I look ridiculous like this, but I will do it because I am a serious actress who, once she has given her word, never goes back on it. By the way, have you checked to see if the old ugly dog is still breathing?"

Stop laughing, I'm not joking. The health of this dog will determine the rest of my career.

"Yes, don't worry. He's fine, come on, come with me."

Following the man who laughs too loudly, my smile lights up my face.

A field here, in the middle of the studio. They have created a small river, a small mill, everywhere pretty little red flowers are scattered here and there. In the center of this fairy-tale place a path with real earth crosses the grass and the flowers.

"It is the hangar of happiness. I'm sure it's magical. Linsey, I want one of these in my bedroom. You saw Linsey, it's like a fairy lives here. Come roll in the grass with me. Whahoo, this grass is all fluffy."

No, don't touch, perverted man.

"Lara, you mustn't stain the clothes. If you want, you can roll around in the grass and have as much fun as you want when the commercial will be shot. Do you agree, sweetie?"

Um, what he's saying has a certain meaning.

I guess Joey's not rolling around on the carpet in Dawson's room.

"Got it, but after the ad is over, remember the words you just said. What should I do, tell me, tell me, tell me fast."

"You remembered your text as soon as you read it so I'll tell you how to behave in front of the camera. All we ask you to do is to run in this field following this little markings on the ground. Look here and here, you see?"

Oh, arrows painted dark green on the grass.

"Of course I see, my eyes are clean. Say, then, I say my lines."

"Try walking this path twice and when you get to the green circle, you'll say your lines and laugh."

That's all well and good, but there's something missing.

"What about the old dog, what does the old dead dog do?"

"Excuse me, it's true. The dog, he'll run next to you and bark at regular intervals. He's already ready, he's a professional. You remember that drops of water are going to fall as if it's raining, right?"

"I'm not a silly girl. The psychologist said that I am very smart. Move over so I can do the route."

Huhu, a camera always follows me, it's fun. A gentleman is sitting behind and he is moving around on rails as if he was on a little train. There are people everywhere here, I don't know what they are for.

In my opinion, their role must not be very important, so ignore them, Lara.

I hope that as I asked her, Linsey takes pictures of me. Even if I am dressed like a peasant girl, tonight I will send them to mom and I am sure she will be very proud of me.

Ahh, I miss Mommy. Lara, not crying, Lara strong, Lara tall. Yooosh, fight.

There, this is where I have to say my lines. It's very simple advertising so I don't have to worry.

Come to think of it, the old dog and I are not yet properly introduced.

Although I don't like to share the spotlight very much, I'm going to go and see the other star for a moment to introduce myself to him.

Poor animal, but is he really still alive?

"Hello mister dog, my name is Lara. Say, you're really in a very sad state. Hey, hey, you're still alive? If you hear me, wag your tail three times."

An eye has just opened, proof that this animal on the brink of death is still alive, but still, I'm a little worried about this beast.

Oh, he licks my knee.

He's sweeett.

I wonder what breed of dog he belongs to?

When he was young maybe he was beautiful?

Now he looks like a rotten rug, but that doesn't mean anything.

I remember I saw a picture of my neighbor, he was very handsome when he was 20 years old and now the poor guy doesn't look like anything anymore.

"Miss, Ivy, come and get in position, we're going to take the first shot."

Oh, so the old dog's name is Ivy, that's pretty cute for a rotten rug.

The old goat always looks at me sideways, even now. I don't think he likes me very much. Anyway, the rain queen, it's me.

"Me and Ivy are ready, old goat. Make sure I look as pretty in video as I look in real life, or else Mommy will be mad at you."

"I understand. Take one. Action."

Okay, it's raining. I'm smiling broadly, no I'm laughing and I start running in the grass but the dog turns around my legs. Attention stupid dog or I'll fall and you'll ruin my Hollywood career. Youhoo, huhu, this dog is this time very alive when he runs close to me. It must be one of those actors who lives only for the camera. Watch out arrow on the left. It's fun and very easy to be an actor, when I think that some people complain on TV... Beware the green circle is very close.

"With Gap I explore the world in all weathers, in complete freedom. Huhuhu"