Volume 1 Chapter 1
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'It has been a year since the death of Gol D. Roger, a new pirate age has begun. Everyone in the world has gone crazy in search of the Pirate King’s hidden treasure: One Piece.

Every day pirates set out on the adventure of their dreams staking it all in the hope of finding One Piece. As they move forward closer and closer to their goal so does the bloodshed, pain, and destruction they leave behind, innocents are killed, and villages are raided.

What are the marines doing? Are they not meant to protect and serve? Are they not meant to defend the people? How can pirates continue to run amok? Yet still, there are not many reports since the execution, of pirates being captured.'

These are the thoughts of a young boy named Ezra, born in Amagus Village, West Blue. Ezra turned 10 today, a day that should have been filled with joy, celebration and present was now filled with silence.


Ezra was busy moving the dead villagers to the pit he had spent all morning digging.

One by one he placed each person into the pit. There were no tears in Ezra’s eyes, it was almost as if his soul had left his body.

The village was on fire, every item of value, food or livestock had been taken. No one escaped the massacre but him. Ezra was lucky to have not been in the village during this time, he was sent into the forest to look for a golden leaf, given the villagers enough time to prepare his surprise party.

After covering the hole, time had flown by and it was already nearing midnight. He had spent his entire birthday burying everyone in the village and in a little while, it will no longer be his birthday. He moved to the harbour with his worn-out body and laid with half his body on the shore.


"I WILL BECOME A GREAT MARINE!” after shouting out loud, he collapsed.


The exhausted Ezra did not notice the Old Man who had arrived next to him not long after he collapsed. The Old Man looked at the boy with a face full of emotion. He slowly scooped the boy out of the water moving him next to a campfire.

Ezra groaned as daylight penetrated his eyelids. The ground was still wet with dew, the air smelt like charcoal as the fires slowly burnt out. He struggled to get his body into an upright position, his sore limbs felt like tearing apart every time he aggravated a tender muscle, he once again remembered the day before. One of the stories told to naughty kids in the village was that pirates would come and kidnap them if they continued to be naughty. He calmed down when he recognized, he was now back in the village, not far from where he slept, he could see a familiar old face. "Old Man Hooks everyone is dead", he cried in his embrace.

There was nothing left to salvage in the village, all the goods had been looted and the rest destroyed. Ezra made a makeshift bag to gather whatever clothes he could find. He had made up his mind to leave with old man hooks tonight.

Ezra and Old Man Hooks made their way to the shore, Ezra bowed in the direction of the village. "I… I will pledge my life to never let this happen again. For Maya, Lisa, my family, my village, for all those who live in fear, I will uphold my own justice!"