Volume 3 Chapter 11
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A topless Hybrid Lion, he was twice the size of a normal person. He had a cat-like appearance; his ears, nose and even whiskers. He had a black mane around his neck and brown hair covered his body. He was currently rowing a light boat towards the port as he hummed a tune he learnt during his childhood.

"Yo hohoho Yo hoho ho

Yo hohoho Yo hoho ho"

It was something old to witness as Leo could not keep a note for longer than a second, what should have been a nice-sounding tune ended up scaring the fishes away.

“Excuse me, but are you two members of the pirate hunting organisation, known as Baroque Works?” Leo asked Mr. 4 and Miss Merry Christmas. Looking down he saw the strangest dog he had ever seen, the dog had the body of a gun.

“Yes, that is us! Did you bring the package?” Miss Merry Christmas asked, ‘Mr. 4 is too slow and dimwitted to handle to realise something is off' she thought. She could see that the way this Zoan-type fruit user carried himself was not that of a pirate, it was more of an unconscious behaviour of someone that has been fully trained. ‘MARINE!’

“Mogu Mogu no Mi (Mole Mole Fruit): Mole Digging”

Miss Merry Christmas transformed into a Human-Hybrid Mole. She now possessed some distinctive mole features: long sharp claws on her hands and feet, a brown hairy body and a long whiskered nose.

A molehill appeared where Miss Merry Christmas was previously standing. Although Mr. 4 was slow, his teamwork with Miss Merry Christmas was perfect. See that Leo was distracted, Mr. 4 swung his bat at Leo knocking him into a building at the port.

Strike!, Boom!

Hahahaha That sure knock out the rust in my body Leo said as he walked out of the rubble

“Lassoo” Mr. 4 called his dog “Ball” he then instructed

Lassoo turned to Mr. 4 and Coughed

The force of the cough shot out a baseball in the direction of Mr. 4 who was already in a batter pose.


The ball flew towards Leo 


“Keep those explosive baseballs coming Lassoo”

Cough!, Strike!, Boom!

After the seventh explosion, Miss Merry Christmas poked her head out of the ground.

“Mr. 4, I think he is dead now, we need to make it look like he was a pirate, we cannot affect the bosses plans,” she said

“Oh, I see, your organisation is not a bounty hunter organisation but a criminal organisation,” Leo said as he walked out of the smoke left behind by the explosion.

“Lassoo Gun mode” as Mr. 4 tried to pick up the huge gun which was about the same size as a bazooka, he could see that someone was already in front of him.

“King Lion: Punch”

Leo casually threw a punch at Mr. 4.

Mr. 4 could see a lion head-shaped aura surrounding the punch coming his way, the intimidating effect of the punch instilled fear in his mind, making restricting his movements


Mr. 4 flew into the air as he collided with his clueless gun-dog Lassoo, who spat out a baseball whilst flying off with its owner into the air. The spit covered baseball slowly rolled into a nearby molehill before exploding, forcing a charred mole out of her hiding place in Leo’s direction.

“King Lion: Swat”

The cat swat of Leo landed right on her defenceless face. 


She flew back into the sand, leaving only a full-body imprint of a round mole on the ground.


“Captain Bomber, I brought back two interesting individuals. The big guy is called Mr. 4, his physical strength is bordering 500 Doriki and the middle-aged woman is a Zoan type Mole.” Leo said as he threw the unconscious bodies of the two Baroque Works Officer Agents on the deck. “If you need me, I will be in the training area,” Leo yawned as he made his way down the hatch.

Ever since Leo ate the Zoan Lion fruit, his personality changed. He was serious when there was something to do, and other times he took long naps.

“Brains, I will leave them to you. Call for a meeting when you have gathered all the information” Bomber said as he made his way down the hatch.

“Bomber, I think you should summon everybody now. I somehow managed to read this person's mind without even activating my power” Brains spoke as he pointed as the unconscious Mr. 4 “He must have been a simple person”

“Gather round, for this next part I will be giving you all a briefing in your minds. I am also using this to practice a new skill. I call it conference room” Brains said

"Omoi Omoi no Mi (Mind Mind Fruit): Mind Conference"

All the officers found themselves being transferred into a white room, even the sleeping Leo was present.

“Don't worry, your bodies are still on the ship. This is only your mental form. It will be easier to show you what I saw this way” Brains added, while they were speaking a Giant made entirely of water appeared in the space, the Lieutenants were initially shocked before recognising it was their Captain.

“Captain” they saluted

“This is a good skill Brains, My transformation is not yet complete. So you all will have to handle the Arabasta situation yourself.” Ezra's voice reverberated all over the place. Ezra's mental form was just too huge, the Lieutenants could only see his feet up to his knees.

“Yes Captain, Brains continue with the briefing” Bomber said

“The organisation is called Baroque works. They are a bounty hunting organisation. At least that is what the lower level members believe. The lower level is made up of Millions; these guys are just normal civilians who feel like doing something about the pirate menace. Billion; these guys are civilians who have been trained to carry and use arms, there are some skilled people amongst them who have made names in different parts of the world. The next level of the organisation is known as Agents, the lower level agents are called Frontier Agents (Mr. 6 - Mr. 13). From the information I got, they are in charge of gathering funds for the organisation by capturing pirates who make it to the Grand Line. They are now based at Whisky Peak. Then that brings us to the top dogs, they call themselves Officer Agents (Mr . 0 - Mr. 5), these two are actually members of this group as Mr. 4 and Miss Merry Christmas.

Their boss is someone you all are very familiar with, one of the 7 Warlords of the sea and Mr. 0, Crocodile.

“Stop!” Ezra’s voice echoed, stopping the projection on the screen.

“Rewind! Stop!” Ezra said “Who is that standing next to Crocodile?” he asked

“She is a new member of the group, her name is Miss All Sunday” Brains replied

“I know her! If any of you run into her, tell her Rose D. Ezra wants to meet her” Ezra announced

‘The Lieutenants did not think much about it, the lady was about the same age as their Captain, he did say he knew her as well.’ everyone thought

“Captain, there is something you should also know. Mr. 0 got hold of news that Arabasta holds information about a weapon of immense power, from the discussions this might be the whereabouts of the ancient weapon Pluton. The real reason for Miss All Sunday Joining the team was because she is the only person that could read the ancient text on the Poneglyph.

Poneglyphs are large, mysterious steles with historical knowledge inscribed on them in an ancient script.

Mr. 0 sought the King out, he requested access to the tomb of kings and was rejected. Since then there has been drought across the kingdom, from the information I gathered it happens to be Crocodile's power that is causing the drought. The use of Dance Powder is a scheme to cause a revolt in the kingdom.” Brains reported

“I see if there is a revolt, the location of the tomb will be revealed.” Bomber chipped in.

“That's right,” Brains said “This fight we will be splitting into 2 groups, Group one will be led by the Swordsman Twins No. 3 and No. 4, Your team will head to Whisky Peak to shut down that operation, alerting the G2 Marine base. Group two will be in charge of bringing in the Officer Agents. Based on the types of powers they have each of you have been paired.

Mr. 1

Iron Soldier


Miss Doublefinger



Mr. 2



Mr. 3



Miss Goldenweek



Mr. 4


In custody 

Miss Merry Christmas


In custody

Mr. 5



Miss Valentine




Come on Ezra complete your transformation already, next chapter will be more filler fights, and the next, then then a surprise!