Volume 3 Chapter 12
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“Everyone has gone, Leo is still sleeping in the training room. Brother what do you think we should do” No. 3 asked his twin No. 4.

“Let's go to G2 Marine base, Captain mentioned that Rear Admiral Dalmatian is one of the base commanders there. We should be able to get him to organise some ships and extra pairs of hands in transporting criminals, there will be too many for the Atlantis prison cells.” No. 4 did some quick thinking.

“Ok let's do that” No. 3 replied

No. 3 and No. 4 were Swordsmen. They both trained in the same style, No. 4 was the smart one in the duo and No. 3 was more talented with the sword.

“Set a course to G2 base.” No. 3 announced across the bridge.


In a stone desert house, in Yuba.

A dark-skinned man with black hair in short spiky dreadlocks wearing a brown trench coat with a pink cravat and a pair of sunglasses could be seen sitting on an old wooden chair. He had the number "5" on his coat. Not far from him was a tall young woman standing next to the window, she wore a yellow and orange hat, a yellow dress with a lemon-like pattern, lemon earrings, and white high-heeled shoes. She was carrying a bright green parasol with blue stripes in her hands as if expecting rain.

“Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine, you are under arrest” a voice boomed from the door which was followed by an explosion.



On a rooftop terrace, in Katorea

A little girl, with relatively large eyes and circles of blush on her cheeks. her dark red hair was tied in twin braids. She wore a wide-brimmed pink hat with a green band, a dark blue T-shirt with the word "GOLDEN" written on it in pink, a maroon-coloured overalls skirt with the top folded down, blue striped stockings, and big red shoes with white cuffs and white soles.

“Say Mr. 3, why don't you make me a statue, I really want to paint” Miss Goldenweek said

“I don't think we have time for that” Mr. 3 replied as he looked into the sky, he was an average-sized man with a rather frail physique. He had number “3” visible on his vest design, the upper part of his glasses and one big 3 achieved through his top knot.


“Mr. 3 and Miss Goldenweek, you are under arrest” a voice sounded from the air, which was followed by a gunshot.



In an open square in, Alubarna

A very unusual dance lesson was taking place.

“Un, Deux, Trois, Spin! OKAMA WAY!” The dance instructor was a swan themed tall crossdresser wearing a pink overcoat and blue medieval garments. He had heavy makeup on his face and a distinct wide grin. His legs, being exposed, are hairy.

“Mr. 2, you are under arrest” a voice casually announced from the bench on the side of the square.


On the streets of Tamarisk

A young, slim woman of above-average height with curly dark-blue hair, thick lips, dark green eyes, pale skin and a curvaceous figure. Beside her was a man not paying any attention to the excessive hip swings. He was a shaved-headed, tall, tanned, muscular man with long, thin limbs and fingers. He had a black unibrow, right over his round eyes and big lips. He was dressed in an oriental-looking attire consisting of a sleeveless dark coat with golden edges and white motifs on the front, over very loose beige pants held up by a white sash around the waist, with some light brown fur sprouting from it. His pants were tucked inside some bandages wrapped around his calves and in part around his shoes.

“Peep Mr. 1 and Miss Doublefinger, you are under arrest” a robotic voice could be heard from the end of the street.


Alubarna Palace

“Your Majesty, a marine dropped off this letter.” a tall man with a small red nose and blonde hair in a style that resembles a powdered wig said as he walked into the royal tea room. The room had two huge windows which brought in a cool sea breeze in the hot climate. There were no fancy paintings or sculptures in this room. Only a table and a chair. This was where the King liked to spend most of his time relaxing as if almost forgetting that he has a Kingdom to lead.

“Igaram, I tell you old friend, the Marines these days have no etiquette,” King Cobra grumbled as he received the letter.

“It was in a blue envelope with only one word written on its back ATLANTIS'' King Cobra thought for a second, he had heard rumours of the Sea Hero, his soldiers and their famous vessels Atlantis.” opening the letter, he only saw one sentence written inside.

“We confiscated the fruit you purchased. We are aware of the troubles Arabasta is facing, We are currently on your Island. You can leave it to us.” 

“Hahaha, Igaram, tell your wife to prepare for a party, our problems will soon be resolved."

“But your majesty...” Igaram was cut short by the King

“Do as I say, you know what, let's have a party today” the King announced

“Daddy, a party, I thought you wanted us to lay low” 13- years-old Vivi said as she poked her head out from behind the curtains. She was a beautiful young lady with long wavy light blue hair, with two locks hanging down, one on either side of her head. 

“Did I say that? Ok, daddy was wrong, forget about what I said before, Go get ready for a party” King Cobra said as he smiled. His mind was at peace, if there was someone he could count on, it was the one hailed as the Sea Hero, whose justice was for the people.


G2 Marine Base, Grand Line

Ring Ring

“Hello, this is G2 Marine Base reception, how can I help?” a receptionist answered

“O! Hold the line, I am transferring you to Rear Admiral Dalmatian” the receptionist replied to the person on the phone.

“This Dalmatian, speak” Rear Admiral Dalmatian in his usual Human-Dog Hybrid form.

“No worries, I will send out 2 battleships. My men will not be taking part in the fight! It's your fight remember” Dalmatian said on the phone. ‘It looks like Ezra is on another Campaign, is he not meant to be at Foolshout. It looks like there will be trouble after all this is over. Why does he have to be such a rebel’


 Officer quarters, Atlantis.

No. 4 stood in front of all the officers on board the vessel. “Our mission is simple: we go in and detain everyone on that island. Each person will be taken to the G2 marine base, where they will face trial based on their involvement. We also need them to disclose their sleeping agents in the Arabasta army and guards. 

There are 11 Lieutenants on board the vessel, No. 19 and the navigation team will remain on Atlantis. The rest of you will be coming along with us for combat training. Killing is not allowed on this mission. We are to bring them in unharmed.

Consider this as training! Don't die on me!

Move out!”


Whisky Peak, Management Office!

“GERONIMO! How many Millions and Billions do we have on this Island” Miss Monday asked with a soft gentle voice of a maiden. Her voice and looks were totally opposite from what one will think. She was a tall, muscular woman with dark skin and pink hair pulled into short twin-tails. She was wearing a short dress with a magenta and white diamond pattern, and three green flowers.

“200 Billion, 500 Million officers. We also have 13 Agents” Geronimo replied. He was the current leader of the Billions group, he was a large man, with long, curly black hair. He had a short beard that outlines his chin, large lips, a big nose and his forehead is somewhat wrinkly. He was wearing a light brown button-down shirt. The collar shows off some chest hair with two buttoned pockets on either side of the shirt. Over it, are two maroon belt straps that carry two large sabres across his back.

“We need everything set up before our first guests arrive, OshiOshiOshi,” Miss Mothers Day laughed.

“Miss Mothers day, Miss Thursday, Mr. 12 and Miss Saturday; we need to head to all the blues as missionaries, we need to publicise how great the Grand Line is, that is the way for us to always have work, Shahahaha,” Mr. 6 said as he laughed “Mr 7 is too new to take charge of this base and Mr. 8 is dead, Miss Monday you are a calm person. You are in charge of this base until I return” 

“WHAT, you want me to babysit these guys?” she replied. “sure, but be quick” she changed her tone when she saw Mr. 6’s serious look.

“We will be off then,” Mr. 6 said as he left with the others.

“DAMN DAMN DAMN Geronimo, Get me a barrel of booze” Miss Monday instructed

“Yes, Miss Monday”


Whisky Peak was a small town built on Cactus Island.  On the island itself, there are several rock mountains with multiple graves on top. The shape of the mountains along with the graves give the mountains the appearance of giant cacti. There is a river flowing through the island allowing ships to dock inland

Nighttime, On Whisky Peak. Millions, Billions and Agents who had been working all day setting up the town to give a festive feel were slowly dragging their tired bodies into their homes.

No one noticed 400 frogmen moving from the river onto land using the cover of the night.

“Split up, it is not a covert mission, so do as you please, just dont kill anyone.” No. 4 said softly

Each Lieutenant led their team of 40 officers in different directions on the Island.

Argh Argh

“We have intruders” someone yelled


“They are using Stun bullets” someone yelled


The difference between the Atlanteans and the Baroque Works employees was like Day and Night. Zapping sounds could be heard all over the island as Billion and Millions were detained. All the training on the Snowy Karakuri Island, Fish-man Karate on Fish-man Island and shooting training on Foolshout was now showing results in the teamwork, movements and skill at which the officers moved. They were an elite force. Their weapons had been improved over the years, they were now rifles capable of holding a 36 bullet cartridge.

Fire at anything that moves, the Lieutenants instructed the officers who made quick work of all the Billions and Millions.

“Ok, now you all are in charge of transport, there are still a few nasty’s left behind” No. 3 mentioned

“5 people left on that boat earlier, I'm sure they should have been caught by the G2 marines, that leaves us with 7” No. 4 said

“No need to look for us, we are already here,” Miss Monday said holding a tree trunk in her hand. Beside her were Mr. 7 and his partner Miss Fathers day, Mr. 9, Mr. 10 and his partner Miss Tuesday and Mr. 11

“Ohahahaha, Looks like we will be having fun today, Miss Fathers Day, Ohahahaha,” Mr 7 said. His body was covered with sevens, including his eyebrows, shoes, and gun. Many of his body parts, the gestures he makes with his hands, and the way he opened his mouth also resembled the number seven. His puffy blueish-white hair was styled similar to a helmet. He sports a purple coat that goes down to his ankles, with yellow frills on his shoulders, sleeves, and in the button part of his coat. The coat was parallel sevens on each side of the chest. Under the coat, he wore a dark blue shirt with pink lines on it and a light blue neckerchief. He wore black trousers with long white socks and yellow shoes in the shape of sevens. On his head were square yellow sunglasses with red lenses.

“Ribbitribbitribbit, Mr. 7, I dont think they know who they are dealing with, Ribbitribbitribbit.” Miss Fathers Day replied. She had a strange sense of fashion involving frogs. She had purple hair, with a long, thin widow's peak. Over her hair, she was wearing a frog styled hat, with appendages jutting out with white balls on the end. She was wearing a purple shirt with pink dots that showed off her flat belly with a yellow button-up shirt underneath, and a blue tie. She had on frog styled sleeves at the end of her shoulders, and white gloves. A purple skirt with pink dots on it, and a frog style decoration with white balls on the end. She also has frog-themed boots, that go up to the middle of her shins


Mr. 9 was a young man wearing a golden crown on top of his red hair and has his agent number written on his cheeks. He was wearing a green suit with white lace along with a ruffled red scarf. His attire makes him look like a prince or a king, but he isn't.

Mr. 10, had long, unkempt hair with a headband, he looked like he had just woken up from sleep. He was wearing a half-shirt, open to reveal a bare chest, pants with stars on them and a belt. He was standing bare feet looking at the Marines with heavy eyes.

A woman with a hood, crouching in the shadows, had 3 antennae-like stalks coming out of her hood. It made her look intimidating. She wore clothes that made her look like an animal and behind her was a long unsheathed sword she was the ever silent Miss Tuesday

Mr. 11 was a short man, with long wavy grey hair. He had tattoos of his number on each side of his face and a large black top hat on his head. He was wearing a dark blue coat with a  grey collar and yellow buttons. Underneath it, he sports a purple puffy shirt and black pants.

“I can assure you that this will not be a fight, we are here to detain all of you for your part in the criminal activities of the Baroque Works, after everything has been cleared up each of you will be released or placed under a short term sentence where you can be released early for good behaviour. But if you are to fight, this will also be added to your records. The choice is yours to make” No. 4 announced clearly, he wanted them to make the right decision.

“Ribbitribbitribbit, they are scared already, we should teach them a lesson, Ribbitribbitribbit what do you think, Mr. 7” Miss Fathers Day

“I am with you, Miss Fathers Day” Mr. 7 replied

“How do you want to fight free for all or  1 v 1” No. 3 asked, he already had his sword in hand.

“Are you sure you guys are Marines? bring them down” Miss Monday yelled.


Very quickly pairings were made. 

Mr. 10 ran away from the group, right behind him was No. 9 a quick-footed Lieutenant. He had a nickname amongst the lieutenants because of his fighting style he was known as "Legs". any activity that involved using his legs he was exceptionally good at it. 

“It's too late to fight, how about we sit down, drink some booze and relax.” Mr. 10 said as he downed a bottle of alcohol he pulled out of nowhere.

“Drunken Boxing: Surprise attack”

He threw the bottle at No. 9 and followed up with a punch to the belly, 

No. 9 who was already expecting something similar, Kicked the bottle with his legs while performing a flip, landing with a kick to Mr. 10’s head ending the fight.

Miss Tuesday with her sword was hacking away with all her strength at No. 3 who was casually defending “Come on lady use some strength, or I will go fight someone else” as a similar scene was happening in the battle between Mr. 11 and No. 4, “Brother, I think we should have waited till morning before attacking, I don't think the agents have eaten” Angered by what he just heard Mr. 11 attacked some more with his single sword technique

“11th Hour Slash” 

Raising his sword above his head to the position of 11 on the clock, he slashed his sword. A sword force was shot out of his sword in the direction of No. 4. 

“Brother, I am so jealous, your opponent knows sword force” No. 3 who was now paying more attention to his brother's fight than his as he fought Miss Tuesday.

No. 4 swung his sword casually releasing a sword force to cancel Mr. 11’s attack, before saying “if you have any more techniques, use them now or you won't get the chance”

'MONSTERS' these were the thoughts of both Mr. 11 and Miss Tuesday

Mr. 9 pulled out two steel bats and started performing a series of backflips, front flips and somersaults. No. 12 who was a large physique unarmed fighter like Leo, only watched the performance with amazement. It was like his own personal circus show. The momentum Mr. 9 generated from his gymnastic feats was used to power his attack.

“Hot Blooded Bat of Guts”

Mr. 9 swung his bats at No. 12, who held on to both bats with one hand before delivering a punch to Mr. 9 sending him and a couple of teeth flying. His last conscious words were “Bye Bye Baby”

On the other side, Miss Monday was held in a submission-type grappling hold move by No. 8 another large physique unarmed fighter. She who was famous for her immense strength could only blackout in the hold. There was no way to break out!

Ohahahaha, Ribbitribbitribbit

“It looks like it's only us left,” Mr. 7 said

“Like heroes, we will save the day, Ribbitribbitribbit” Miss Fathers Day replied

"Hope you are prepared to say bye-bye to this world," Mr. 7 said before yelling “Yellow Gun”

“Ribbit Ribbit Gun” Miss Fathers Day yelled in reply

We are the sharpshooting pair of Baroque Works when we combine our bullets everything explod….” Mr. 7’s explanation was cut short by both No. 11 and No. 13


With an explosive step, both Lieutenants disappeared from their previous position only to appear behind the shocked Mr. 7 and Miss Fathers Day.


Both received a karate chop to the back of their necks, knocking them out.

“I can't believe you both use Soru to finish them” No. 14 who was a bystander during the fights said.

“They were so annoying that I actually thought of killing them. Ending it quickly was actually better for them” No. 11 replied.


OMG that was a long one to write. Officer Agents will be fighting in the next chapter and a special featuring.

Thank you for reading and Goodnight