Volume 3 Chapter 13 (I)
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Alubarna Grand-Place is the central square of the city of Alubarna. It is known for its decorative and aesthetic wealth. The square is surrounded by grand buildings; one of them being the Royal Palace.

Spin “It looks like a marine has come to learn the OKAMA WAY,” Mr. 2 said as he performed a pirouette.

“No, thanks. I will be taking you in, Officer Agent Mr. 2 of Baroque Works” Brains said.

“You will need to defeat me first, Marine-Chan. Okama Kenpo!” Mr. 2 yelled as he kicked out.

“Okama Kenpo: Spinning kick”

“Usually I prefer using my head to fighting but, I guess a few kicks should do the trick” Brains said as he walked towards the spinning Mr. 2. Brains was initially one of the weaker marines in the Blue team. He was also agile and quick on his feet like No. 9, having very similar attack styles. 

“Kicks Armada”

Brains shifted his body weight on his right leg, lifting his left leg into the air while releasing a flurry of kicks. The kicks were released so fast that Mr. 2 who was spinning clockwise was sent flying in an anti-clockwise rotation into a nearby building.

“Marine-Chan, you are really skilled. But you cannot defeat me! This body of mine has been trained in the highest art of Okama Kenpo, with my swan points you will be poked to death.” Mr. 2 took off the swans attached to his coat, putting them on the tip of his ballet shoes. “Prepare to die, Marine-Chan”

“Boring” Brains replied

“Swan shoot”

A straight kick was sent in Brains direction. 

Seeing the kick coming his way by using observation Haki, Brains sidestepped the attack. Mr. 2 swan head shot straight into the nearby ball making a clean hole in the wall without any cracks to the plaster.

“Now you have seen the true power of my Okama Kenpo, prepare to be riddled with holes” Mr. 2 laughed

Armament Haki” “Kicks Armada”

“Swan Shoot”

The attacks clashed with each other.

“Your leg must be in pain after taking my swan….” Mr. 2 who was talking slowly felt pressure move through his body from his legs.

“I kicked you 3 times in one second. You actually trained yourself to pass the human limit; that is the only reason your leg is not broken” Brains said as he placed his leg on the ground. While watching the pressure of the kick blow Mr. 2 away, embedding him into the wall of the nearby building. 


Katorea, an oasis town. Filled with coconut trees and buildings with dome-like roofs. On the terrace of one of these buildings, a fight was about to break out.

“Doru Doru no Mi (Wax Wax Fruit): Candle Wall”

The number “3” hairstyle on Mr. 3’s head lit up like a candle, wax poured out of his hand forming a wall in front of him blocking the bullet from reaching his body.

“It looks like our operation has been found out, the marines are on to us. We must go all out even when fighting an ant” Mr. 3 said to Miss Goldenweek. As he spoke wax poured out from his body slowly wrapping his skin forming a type of suit of armour that resembles a large robotic boxer around his body.

“Candle Champion”

“Miss Goldenweek please perform an artistic paint job on my artistic masterpiece,” Mr. 3 said.

“Can I have a break after that” Miss Goldenweek replied

“I actually want you to stay out of this fight,” Mr. 3 said. “With this armour I am invincible, its outer part is tougher than iron and the inside feels just like velvet. My current form has no flaws

“Ok Mr. 3”

The body of the armour was painted purple, the “3” on the chest painted yellow. The gloves were painted red. And the helmet which allowed room for the “3” hairstyle was painted black. After painting Miss Goldenweek sat on the picnic mat drinking her tea without concern.

“Ute Ute no Mi: Floor Cannon'' 

Guns who jumped off the back of Eagle landed on the terrace. He touched the floor with both hands transforming the structure of the ground into cannons.

“Candle Champion: Harvest field”

“Fire!” Guns said as a cannonball slammed into Mr. 3, causing an explosion that not only blew up the terrace but also sent Mr. 3 flying unconsciously as the armour of wax cracked from the point of impact.

Miss Goldenweek crawled her way out of the rubble, only to be picked from her shoulders by an Eagle.


Tamarisk is a coastal town of Arabasta set up in the hills. Unlike the rest of the sandy parts of the island, Tamarisk trees and grass could be seen in a large quantity. This was also the crop-producing city for Arabasta. The rectangular buildings were unique to the region with small windows and tall towers attached to them.

At the moment, civilians were rushing off the streets in a hurry. The marines were about to arrest some people, this was probably going to be a battle and no one wanted to be caught in the crossfire.

“It looks like it is a cyborg, let me handle this one” Miss Doublefinger said to Mr. 1 as she excessively swung her hips towards Iron Soldier.

“I am sorry miss, but I am your dance partner” A voice came from the cyborg's side. “They call me Shields”

“Toge Toge no Mi (Spike Spike Fruit): Double Stinger”

Miss Doublefinger turned her hands into spikes, then stabbed in multiple succession in the direction of Shields.

“That is not very ladylike” Shields replied

“Bari Bari no Mi (Barrier Barrier Fruit): Barrier Wall”

A transparent barrier took shape in front of Shields. Blocking the spike attack, and knocking Miss Doublefinger back.

“I see a fruit user, then how about this attack,” she said

“Rolling Stinger Hedgehog”

She rolled her body into a ball, sprouted spikes in all directions, giving her the appearance of a sea urchin. This attack was also blocked by the barrier, knocking her out of the hedgehog form.


“You seem to be a tough opponent, how about this,” she said

“Stinger Doping”

She turned her fingers on both hands into spikes before stabbing herself in the shoulders with them. This caused her arms to enlarge and become extremely muscular.

“Stinger Flail”

Spikes sprouted out from her enlarged arms, she ran towards the Shield swing her arms like clubs

Seeing the enraged Miss Doublefinger running towards him, Shield decided to end the fight. “It was a pleasure dancing with you”

“Barrier Crash”

The transparent barrier in front of him was launched towards the sprinting Miss Doublefinger at a high speed, smashing her into a nearby rectangle building.


Mr.1 did not move a muscle as his partner got knocked out. He cracked his neck, walking over to Iron Soldier as soon as the fight between Shields and Miss Doublefinger was over.

Shoulder Gatling Guns

Ratatata ratatata

“Supa Supa no Mi (Dice Dice Fruit): Spider Defence”

Mr. 1 stood completely motionless, hardening his body increasing his defence. Bullets fired by Iron Soldier continued to bounce off his body, filling the street with bullet shells.

“Right Hand: Net Launcher Mode”


“Spar Claw: Dice”

Mr. 1 turned the palm side of his fingers into blades before slashing at the net, ripping it into pieces.

“Seastone Nets, how clever?” He said as the nets fell from the sky.

“I guess, I have to use more weapons, '' Iron Soldier said as his hands were pulled into his arms.

“Arm Docking Change: Piston Boxing”

A new hand came out of the arm, covered in a heavy metal bar.

“Whatever you do is pointless, I am a blade human, I will cut you down,” Mr. 1 said as he walked over.

“Spiral Hollow: Shredder”

12 circular spinning blades were created along his forearms, “Let's see who defeats who” he said as he began to run towards Iron Soldier

“Megalo Punch”

Like a piston the right hand of Iron Soldier shot forward, followed by the left hand, punch after punch.

“Gatling Punch”


Dust covered the whole area.

After a while, Iron Soldier could be seen with some scratches on his right arm carrying an unconscious Mr. 1 on his shoulder.


Chapter was too long. I split it into parts.