Volume 3 Chapter 13 (II)
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In the sandy flats of Yuba’s desert, the aftermath of battle could be seen.

“Captain Bomber, you had it tough,” Doc said as he carefully placed the seastone cuffs on Miss Valentine without allowing it to touch his own body.

“It's only my luck to get someone with a power opposite of mine. If I remember correctly, the last person to have the Bomu Bomu no Mi (Bomb Bomb Fruit) was a classmate of the captain at the West Blue Academy, he was known as Warhead. I can make objects into bombs, he can make his body into a bomb. In the end, it is thanks to my physical strength that it was an easy win.” Bomber spoke like an older brother to Doc (Law). “I see you used the battle to perfect your new skill, what did you call it again Takt”

“Yes, "Takt" When I have Room active, I can levitate any object within range,” Doc replied.

“Ok, let's head back to Atlantis, we don't want to be the last ones back” Bomber replied.


A battle was taking place on an unnamed island. A Human-Dragon Hybrid, with blue scales on his arms, outer torso, back, and legs, as well as six horns on his head and a long tail. He also had claws on his hands and feet. He attacked with an oversized spiked club while his opponent was a  One-armed, Red-haired Swordsman with a set of 3 parallel, linear scars that pass vertically, at an angle over his left untouched eye. Both fighters used 2 types of Haki to their maximum potential. Their weapons were covered in Redish-Black Armament Haki and their eyes were Red.

Even with the extravagant, overpowered attacks both fighters still managed to chat comfortably.

Shanks: "Kaido, still toying with the Wano?"

Kaido: "Red-hair, weren’t you one of Rogers lackeys. You have come to battle me after challenging that orphan gatherer Whitebeard."

Shanks: "Yes, I was a member of the roger pirates, now I’m just a one-armed clown, looking to keep his dream of a peaceful sea alive."

Kaido: "I thought the roger pirates are meant to be the pure ones? You all choose not to eat a Devil Fruit, you wanted to push the physical body to its limit by tuning into the voice of the world."

Shanks: "Yes, but Captain Roger gave up almost all his life energy to acquire 4 Fruits; Blue, Red, Black and White. The Blue one turned out to be the Gomu Gomu no Mi (Rubber Rubber Fruit). Others might not be aware but we know you were with Rocks before God Valley. You were his first mate when he made it to the final island, I suspect that is where you got your fruit, it should have been an Azure Fruit. You did a good job in hiding this, spreading the news that the fruit came from Charlotte Linlin."

Kaido: "hmm, You don't know anything! Just because we never made it public, Roger thought he was the first one to arrive at The Beginning, even going as far as naming the island Laugh Tale. I believe he must have regretted stopping Rocks on God Valley when he finally stood there and learnt the truth of this world."

Shanks: "Yes, it was out of regret he sent a new wave of people out to sea in search of the truth."

Kaido: "Enough of the chit-chat, why did you come here?"

“Uo Uo no Mi (Fish Fish Fruit) model: Azure Dragon.”

The Human-Dragon Hybrid Kaido, gradually increased in size, turning into a giant, serpentine, blue-scaled Azure Dragon. He was covered in scales leaving only his underside uncovered, where a visible “X” scare could be seen. He also possessed dragon features like horns, sharp fangs and arms with clawed hands.

In the Captain's room on Atlantis. A water bubble was slowly reducing in size, revealing the body inside of it. The body that appeared was that of a topless tall, muscular, man. He had long hair with tight curls, a distinctive large dragon tattoo could be seen on his chest all the way to his back. As the elevated body hit the ground, the eyes of the dragon tattoo opened for a second before shutting. 

In that second four people around the world felt its presence.

Kaido who was now in his full Azure Dragon form was preparing a Dragon Breath attack. Shanks who was on the ground was ready to transform as red fumes rose up from his body and the surrounding area when both of them felt something and stopped looking in the direction of Sandy Island.

Somewhere in a hidden base, The leader of the Revolutionary Army and his officers were discussing a mission. When he felt something inside of him turning his head in the direction of Sandy Island.

In a dark and gloomy castle on Kuraigana Island, a man with black hair, a short beard, moustache and sideburns pointing upwards. His yellow double-ringed eyes looked in the direction of Sandy Island.

Ezra groaned as he got up from the hard metallic floor of the submarine. Ever since he ate the fruit, he had been in a weird animated state. His bones creaked as he got up to his feet. He examined the changes to his body, while still amazed and confused about what he has just experienced. He could feel the sea outside the ship as if it was part of his body. Closing his eyes, he could also see the water surrounding Atlantis as if he was omnipresent in the sea. ‘The range of this sight is still just my surrounding area, it might increase with training,’ Ezra thought

“What else is there?” Ezra said as he transformed his right hand into seawater. “I knew it, it can't be all good news. It seems the compatibility between the Mizu Mizu no Mi (Water Water Fruit) and the Umi Umi no Mi (Sea Sea Fruit), turned the Special Paramecia effect of the Sea Sea Fruit into a Logia power. My restriction to the sea still remains. But its range has increased, my powers on the sea are now limitless.

"I think it's time I paid a visit to King Nefertari Cobra."


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