Volume 3 Chapter 14
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Ezra walked to the bridge, ‘We will need to renovate this submarine if I grow any taller. I will be unable to move freely in this ship’ he thought as he walked.

No. 19 who was in command while the others were on their respective missions was shocked when he saw someone who looked rather familiar but was physically different walking into the control room. 

“No. 19 No need to look at me like that, I am also amazed by the transformation,” Ezra said jokingly.

“Welcome back Captain, it's good to see that you are ok” No. 19 replied. “Captain the others …”

“No need to tell me about the plans, I'm sure you all can handle a small kingdom like this. I will be heading out to see the King of this Kingdom. Tell the others to prepare to sail when I return.” Ezra announced before making his way down to the frogmen exit at the bottom of the submarine.

Today was the day the legend of the godly marine spread across the front islands of the Grand Line. Ezra who had just made his way out of the submarine was casually taking a stroll on the water heading towards the port.

On the port of Nanohara, a crowd of people were gathered watching a scene that looked like something out of a book.

“Disperse immediately, gathering in the port is prohibited,” a port guard said as he tried to figure out the cause of the gathering. “Ancestors help us, he is walking on water!”

“Guard, what direction is the Royal Palace from here,” Ezra asked calmly. He wore his Marine uniform with his hands inside the sleeves of the commissioned coat. 

The shocked guard pointed north, by the time he realised what had happened, Ezra had disappeared. The guard shook his head in disappointment, he had met many marines since he was assigned the guard post here at Arabasta, but this was the first time he ever met a skilled high-ranked officer, yet all he did was point north, how shameful. 

Ezra was using his water elemental transformation for the first time since gaining the true logia abilities of water. Transformed his body into water mixing it with the water in the atmosphere as he travelled North.

Alubarna Palace

Four armed, tall men surrounded Ezra who appeared out of nowhere inside the palace. The man in front of Ezra was very muscular, with a very large stubble-covered chin, a bulbous nose. He wore armour without shoulder straps while carrying an extra-large sword. The man behind Ezra had a hunchbacked appearance, he wore a turban to cover his light brown parted hair which covered his eye. He was holding two axe-head pole-arms. The man on Ezra’s right was thin compared to the others, he had a pointed chin with face paint around his eyes and jawline. He held an unsheathed double-edged sword with a golden hilt. The man on Ezra’s left was bulky and rotund, his nose was fairly large in size and was painted along with his eye. He was wearing thick white ropes around his shoulders. He held a large axe.

“Hyota, Brahm, Arrow, Barrel, Stand down” a voice came from inside the palace. "Can't you see that this person is our guest?"

“Your Majesty” the four men knelt down quickly before withdrawing their intimidating aura and their weapons.

“Welcome to Arabasta, Sea Hero, Commodore Rose D. Ezra or should I say Atlant” King Nefertari Cobra announced.

“I see you are well informed,” Ezra said as he saluted. “My men are flushing out the criminal organisation known as Baroque Works as we speak. You should use this opportunity to find agents hidden within your kingdom also. I will be dealing with Crocodile myself! After questioning some of Crocodile's associates, I learnt of a certain secret.”

As soon as Ezra spoke to this point, the facial expression of King Cobra changed. The Four Tsumegeri Guards who had initially withdrawn into the shadows reappeared with their weapons drawn.

“Calm down, before you four do something stupid” King Cobra instructed his personal guards

“I am not here for that secret, I will be resolving your problem this time, but you should make some preparation because there might be more people aiming for that same item. King Nefertari Cobra, I will be taking my leave. I am sure we will meet again someday.” Ezra saluted once more before disappearing. Leaving behind a King who was lost in his thoughts.


Outside Rain Dinners, at Rainbase

“Warlord Crocodile! Come out” this was announced over a megaphone.

“Warlord Crocodile? A member of the Seven Warlords was in Rainbase City all this time?” someone questioned amongst the crowd of people who slowly gathered to watch the events unfold.

“Marine, remember the agreement that was signed when I became a Warlord. You dogs of the government are to keep your noses out of my matters.” Crocodile spoke calmly as he exited the building in no hurry.

Ezra dropped the megaphone on the floor as he also took a step out of the crowd. “That agreement was between you and the dogs of the government and not me. I ran into a ship containing some goods you ordered, due to the illegal nature of the order, I have investigated Arabasta. Your use of Dance powder to initiate a revolt was a good plan, if not for me coming to his Island, your plan would have succeeded, the King will be framed making you the supreme ruler. Whether you are a Warlord or not, toying with the lives of 10 million people is nothing to be proud of, you are under arrest and would answer for your crimes.”

A discussion broke out in the crowd.

“Frame the King?”  

“Dance Powder?”

“Remember the substance the guards released, the one that brought us rain”

“Why did the marine call it an illegal substance?”

“Don't you know, using dance powder is like stabbing yourself in the leg”

“Why would I want to do that?”

“Exactly, it will force the clouds to rain and then disappear. Which means after an extended period of use, there will be no  more rain in Arabasta.”


“How evil” the crowd cried out in outrage.

“Everyone listens to me, Go into your houses and lock the doors,” Ezra announced as he took off his marine commissioned coat, folding it before placing it on a short fence.

“Run! there is going to be a battle, the marine has warned us. Let's go to the other towns and inform them of this news.”

“Marine officer, What is your name?” a young boy not more than 10 years old stood in front of Ezra unbothered by the situation around him

“Atlant” Ezra replied

“You are so cool; when I grow up. I want to be like you” The boy replied before running with the rest of the crowd who stopped to listen to the marine officer's name before resuming their retreat. “Kick the bad guy's butt,” the little guy said as he ran in the direction of his worried mother.

“You ruined my perfect plans, Pluton would have been mine to command.” Crocodile snapped, his face contorted in anger “Because of you this city will die” 

“Suna Suna no Mi (Sand Sand Fruit): Wasteland Cataclysm”

He placed his hand on the ground, which started drying out the liquid in the ground, turning the ground into sand.


Ezra stood on moving, water kept flowing from his feet into the ground cancelling the desertification of Crocodile’s skill.

“Crescent Cutlass”

Crocodile swung his right arm forward leaving a crescent-shaped trail of sand behind it. This trail shot straight at the unmoving Ezra, Ezra raised his right hand to block the attack. 

“You should not have touched the sand, anything hit by that ability will be robbed of all its moisture” Crocodile said confidently

“Is that so,” Ezra replied as he wiped the mud off his hands.


Crocodile turned his legs into Sand as he hovered in the air. All his Devil Fruit attacks had been cancelled, he was ready to use his trump card. He removed the gold cover of the hook to expose a poisonous porous hook hidden inside.

“Behold, my hook. It is coated with the most powerful scorpion venom in these parts of the Grand Line, Most importantly there is no antidote. All who have seen this hook had died.” he said confidently

“If I remember correctly, you used the hook also in your fight against Whitebeard, is that not correct?” Ezra asked

“SHUT UP, Never mention that name in front of me again” Crocodile lost his composure as he flew to slash Ezra with his poisonous hook.

“Armament Haki” “Water Jet Punch”

A jet of water shot out from Ezra’s left hand in front of it was Ezra’s Haki reinforce fist.

“Hahaha, Fool, I am a Logia user, you can't hurt me with tha…...ARGH,” Crocodile was sent flying.

“I think it's time we went to the New World” Ezra shook his head, picked up his coat before walking in the direction Crocodile flew to.


A few days later


YONKO - A Fourth Emperor Emerges

Captain Shanks of the Red Hair Pirates has been named the fourth emperor of the New World after fighting 2 of the current Emperors into a draw.

Warlord Crocodile Arrested as Sea Hero Stops Coup d'etat in Arabasta.

Crocodile who was arrested was reported to have been abusing his power as a Warlord to conspire against the King of Arabasta in an attempted Coup d’etat. The organisation under Crocodile used illegal grade substances to affect the climate of the sandy island preventing rainfall amongst their other crimes. Our sea hero, also now known as the defender of the people, announced his crimes and brought him to justice. I am sure another medal will be awarded for this brave campaign.

“GET ME ROSE D. EZRA NOW!” a loud yell could be heard in marineford HQ, a furious Fleet Admiral Sengoku was reading the papers.


This brings the Arabasta Arc to a close. There are some ends to close off but it won't be much! Sengoku is pissed so it might not be good for Ezra. Let's hope he can make it thru. I like the reporter though, almost reminding the marines to praise the hero lol.

That's all for today.