Volume 3 Chapter 15
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Garp: "WabaWabaWaba, Sengoku, what is making you so furious?"

Garp walked into the Fleet Admiral office; his right hand holding a bag of potato chips while his left hand was picking his nose.

Sengoku: "Read this!"

Garp: "Oh this, He makes a great Marine."

Sengoku: "--"

Garp: "News like this makes me realise how old and out of touch we are. Back then we were the ones chasing pirates all over the seas. What epic battles we fought, we really cared more about the civilians back then. When did that change?"

Crunch, Garp took a bite of a potato chip 

Sengoku: "Garp are you not going to share?"

Garp: "No!, go get yours."

Sengoku: "Anyways, we are just following orders. The Seven Warlords were gathered to serve as Lords amongst the pirates, therefore reducing the amount of work we, Marines, have to do."

Garp: "But at the end of the day they are still pirates, whether they are lords or not! Justice is Justice!"

Sengoku: "Garp, I know you don't agree with the thinking of the higher-ups but I think you shouldn't say things like that so casually."

Garp: "Noone cares what an old fool like me says."


Sengoku: "Are you not going to share?"

Garp: "Even that Red Haired rookie of the past has become a monster. Corrupting my favourite grandson into becoming a pirate, I might have to go back home for a while. I must make a marine out of that boy."


Sengoku: "At least finish eating before speaking, you are spitting all over me. Speaking of training, it is getting difficult to control Z these days. He is getting more and more disappointed with the marine and world government's approach to Pirates. Remember that a pirate killed his whole village including his wife and son."

Garp: "Where is he now? I will go talk to him. These are the only good old fools like us can do to the current Marine corp."

Sengoku: "He took new elite trainees to the G-1 base in the New World for frontline exposure."

Garp: "G-1 is that not near Dessora, there might be trouble! I heard from Tsuru that Doflamingo is creating some waves over there under the cover of his Warlord title. The reports from that part of the sea have not been good lately. What are the admirals up to?"

Sengoku: "Hey! I am the one in charge here, not you! Each of them have their own mission. Aokoji has gone after Big mom, Kizaru is at Mary Geoise on a separate mission and Akainu is chasing up intel on the new emperor's territory. We have no hands to spare at this time. Since you are free to chat, Vice Admiral Garp!  how about it, you go to G-1 and escort Z and the trainees back to HQ."

Garp: "hmm, order refused! I know someone else that is great for this task."

Garp said with a smile on his face before taking another bite of his chip. Crunch


On Atlantis, deep undersea level of the Grand Line, a Lieutenant meeting was taking place.

Shields: "Captain, we just received orders to head straight for HQ."

The atmosphere of the meeting was a bit strange. Everyone knew being called back to HQ at this time only meant they had some explaining to do. They abandoned their initial assignment at Foolshout Island, pushing it on an investigation troop. They went all the way to an area under the G-2 Marine base and created a huge wave. Even though there was trouble on the horizon everyone felt proud of their accomplishments.

Bomber: "Captain, Rear Admiral Dalmatian gave us a lecture when we dropped off the Baroque Works criminals. What do you think will happen to Warlord Crocodile?"

Ezra: "Don't worry about Dalmatian, he is actually a stubborn person. He will not be letting them get away with any of this. Since G-2 is under him, he might let them rot there. There is no need to think about those people anymore."

No. 9: "Captain, she is here"

Ezra: "Let her in"

Ezra: "We finally meet again, Nico Robin of Ohara with a bounty of 79 million Beri."

Robin: "Commodore Atlant, previously known as Poseidon, Rose D. Ezra."

Ezra: "I knew it was you after seeing Miss All Sunday up close, you should know that your method of disguise is very poor. Those who have seen you up close will always remember this face of yours."

Robin: "hmmm, Why was I not turned in with the rest of the Baroque Works?"

Ezra: "Shouldn't you start by thanking me for saving your life. This is actually the second time."

Robin: "Thanks, as a fellow only survivor you should understand me a bit" 

Ezra: "It seems you lived an interesting life. I did say to you the day we met, I will be needing your help in the future. I was planning to set out looking for you, somehow you happened to be right in Arabasta."

Robin: "--"

Ezra: "We will be creating a new identity for you on this ship as a utility staff. You will now formally be addressed as “Hara'', I suggest you dye your hair into a different colour."

Robin: "What if I don't agree?"

Ezra: "I am giving you a way out as a fellow only survivor, you can choose this or head off to Enies Lobby for trial and judgement."

Robin: "_"

Ezra: "I will take your silence as no objection. Since Every person on this vessel is a well-trained marine, so you are Marine Recruit Hara from now on. Doc! see to it that she is properly trained."

Realising that she was caught in an unbreakable web. There was no escaping this fate. The only way forward was to trust this man who had saved her twice. A way that she had never thought was possible, and one where those who sought for her will never think of looking.

Robin: "Marine Recruit Hara, reporting for duty."

Ezra: "You took that pretty well! That type of flexible thinking is always needed on Atlantis. I want you to put aside all your previous experience, those that chased you or those that used you. You are Marine Hara now and should live life as that. I have some questions I have been meaning to ask you?"

Robin: "Is it about Ohara or is it about what we discovered?"

Ezra nodded his head. While Robin Sighed, she already knew this day would come to pass since the day she was rescued from Greybeard pirates.

Robin: "We touched on information about the God clan and a secret they tried to hide for 700 years. I am not allowed to say it, as soon as it is spoken, HE will be aware of this conversation."

Ezra: "Brains, set up a meeting space."

Brains: "Don't resist my power." "Omoi Omoi no Mi (Mind Mind Fruit): Mind Conference"

Robin was shocked, being pulled into a mental space. She examined the body of her mental projection, a human-flower hybrid. ‘Seems the Devil Fruit manifest itself differently in this space’ she thought. Looking ahead Brains was a cloud hovering in the middle of the space. The others had also similar transformations; Bomber had a stick of dynamite for arms, Guns was a cannon with a face, Doc was a kid in lab clothes, Shield was transparent human. The Zoan-types were just smaller but cuter versions of their fruit models. The strangest one was still Captain Ezra who was in a gigantic form inside this space.

Robin could not believe that she was now a member of this weird group.

Ezra: "Brains, it looks like your power improved again. Ahem!, Hara, you can Continue. This space has a telepathic shielding"

Robin could only nod her head as she heard the God-like voice echo in the space.

Robin: "The God Clan are aliens who invaded this world. Today they are in control of everything. 700 years ago, 20 kingdoms became vassals of the God Clan, they are the 20 founding kingdoms behind the world government. 19 of them gave up their kingdoms to live as Gods on Earth, they are known as Celestial Dragons. The only 1 royal family that didn't fully side with the God Clan was the Nefertari Royal Family of Arabasta Kingdom."

‘Was saving Arabasta another working of fate?’ Ezra thought ‘or is it the will of the world?’

Robin: "Ohara discovered information about 700 years ago. A huge battle took place between the God Clan and the natives. 3 powers stood out, a ship (Pluton), a mermaid (Poseidon) and a God (Uranus). The battle against the invaders caused a lot of damage to the world itself, continents were broken into islands and the seas became unsettled. The champion of the God Clan faced off with Uranus in an epic battle only for both to be brought to the brink of dying. This is how much we found out."

Ezra: "They died because of that information?"

Robin shook her head, before saying “They died because they learnt that the champion of the God Clan from 700 years ago is still recovering. That is why no one is allowed to read the Poneglyphs, know of the final island, the deleted history or acquire the inheritance of Uranus. No one is to gather the inheritance of Uranus."

The officers were shocked, this was sounding more and more unreal. But they could tell it was probably true. The way their Captain had been behaving was almost as if he was being led to act. 'Did the Captain already know of all this?' they thought

Ezra: "I think it is time you all knew of some truths about this world. Everything you have just heard is true and we Atlanteans are the chosen ones to restore the peace of this world. No longer will people of this world be slaves, no longer will injustice be unquestioned. We are the wave of change."

Everyone: "Yes Captain!"


Welcome Marine Recruit Hara to the team