Volume 3 Chapter 16
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Bomber: "Law and Hara, you two are to remain on board Atlantis. Law, organise some training for her. Her physique needs improvement. No. 17 you will be in charge of the vessels, the rest of us will accompany the Captain to HQ."

No. 17, was one of the three young women on the team with No. 13 and No. 16. The addition of Hara increased this number to four.

No. 17: "No problems with that."

The Atlantis slowly emerged from the sea as it made its way into the crescent-shaped harbour of Marineford Island.

“Is that not Atlantis!?” someone yelled

“That could only mean the Sea Hero is here!” someone yelled

A crowd slowly formed at the port, while Atlantis came to a stop, before blowing its horn.


The loud sounds of clapping echoed everywhere on Marineford as Ezra and his team of Lieutenants made their way out of the submarine. Civilians, Marine officers, port guards, everyone present clapped and cheered as the heroes once again made it back to HQ, everyone thought they were back in preparation for another award ceremony.

Ezra apologised for his quick departure, casually saying he had to be at the HQ after thanking the crowd for their kind wishes. On the other hand, the Lieutenants were covered in sweat, they were ready to defend their Captain.

Ezra: "Relax guys, there is nothing they can do to us. We will probably be getting another shitty assignment to cripple our momentum."

Bomber: "But Captain..."

Ezra: "No buts. Someone will think we are planning something if you all are too tense."

Brains: "The Captain is right, I will use my power to calm everyone."

The journey to HQ from the port was just like when they arrived, different people walked up to greet and praise them.


Marine HQ, Marineford

Garp: "He got here earlier than I thought"

Sengoku was busy going through a list of pirates.

Sengoku: "Garp, I have been looking through this list of suitable candidates to replace Crocodile. Honestly, no one is strong enough for that position. I will probably have to delay it. What! Rose D. Ezra is here?"

Garp nodded in response, “Sengoku, What are your plans?”

Sengoku: "You said you had a plan right, I will leave this one up to you. Don't let me down, Garp."

Garp: "WabaWabaWaba, When have I ever let you down?"

Sengoku: "Everyday!"

Garp: "--"


Commodore Rose D. Ezra reporting as requested.

“Ezra, come this way, no need for all that formality. Think of it as speaking to your grandpa.” Garp said with a smile. “You can tell your officers to wait in the reception”

Ezra: "Yes Sir!" "Everyone, I will be back, don't do anything stupid."

Everyone: "Yes Sir!"

Garp: "It has been a long time since I have seen a Captain so loved by his team."

Ezra: "We are a family"

“Yes, Family!” Garp said with a sigh

Garp: "Congratulations on another expedition, you have brought more recognition to the marines as well as peace to another part of the sea. This is very recommendable. But you have also disobeyed orders, and no matter how just we are obedience is still the foundation of the Marine Corp. Commodore Rose D. Ezra you will be demoted to the Rank of Captain, with this any previous recommendation you received for a promotion to the Rank of Rear Admiral will be withdrawn."

Ezra felt that the punishment was a bit too harsh. But it was still within reason.

“Due to your accomplishment as a Captain and a testimonial from the King of Arabasta Kingdom. Captain Rose D. Ezra will be promoted to the Rank of Rear Admiral as of immediate effect without the need for a gathering. You will be assigned a position as a Base commander at G-5 base in the new world. Your first mission is to find and rescue Instructor Z and his trainees.

WabaWabaWaba, Is that clear?” Garp dramatically set off a bomb in the room. Fleet Admiral Sengoku who was in the next room could only facepalm himself. ‘Why did I trust him to handle the situation? He has only caused more problems. How do I report this now’ 

Ezra smiled “YES SIR”


Onward to G-5