Volume 3 Chapter 21
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Doflamingo and Ezra stood in the middle of the square as the Officers of the Donquixote family got into action.

“Attack the others this one is mine, Pica split them up!” Doflamingo said while pointing at Ezra

“Ishi Ishi no Mi (Stone Stone Fruit): Foundation”

Pica sank into the ground only for a rocky hand made out of foundation to attack the gathered marines. This move caused the group of marines to split up, into different locations where an officer of the Donquixote family was waiting for them.

Shields being the only person that could defend the attack from Pica ended up being paired with Pica.

Shushushu, The others have started their dance! I think it is time we started ours don't you think, SEA HERO!” Doflamingo said

“Sure, but before we start, I have a question for you? Did you order an attack on a small village in the West Blue in the year 1501?” Ezra asked

“I see so this is all fueled by revenge, Shushushu, Yes I did. So what about it? We had proof that a relic from 700 years ago was left on that island, who would have thought that they would try to resist being captured as slaves. In the end quality goods like the two sisters who were so pretty, I remember Maya and Liza, Yes they died as well as everyone. You should be able to understand what I am saying, shushushu, I didn't order the hit, I led the hit. Shu...” Doflamingo replied, he didn't get to laugh at the end of his speech before his face connected with Ezra’s fist sending him flying into the wall.

Shushushu that hurt, I see I struck a nerve” Doflamingo said with a smile. “I take it they were your friends, maybe family. Shushushu this is the law of this world, the weak are killed SIMPLE”

“Ito Ito no MI (String String Fruit): Black Knight”

Doflamingo formed a clone of himself made entirely out of compressed strings, one Doflamingo ran straight for Ezra to engage him in close combat, the other leapt into the air.

“Full Bright”

Five detached strings were thrown downward at Ezra.

“Bullet Strings”

Doflamingo pointed his index finger at Ezra. Firing a small bundle of strings from it, as if he were firing a gun.

“You can't Escape me,” Doflamingo said whilst still in the air

“Bullet String Machine Gun”


“Are you done playing” the watery body of Ezra slowly reformed after being scattered by Doflamingo's attack

Tch Logia powers?” Doflamingo said before activating his Haki “The pressure I am getting from you is not what a normal Mizu Mizu no Mi (Water Water Fruit) should possess. Vergo did do something useful before he was captured, he found out information about a marine with the Fruit I was searching for. I knew you would come here at some point of your journey.” Doflamingo pulled out a horned fruit from his jacket, I have the missing piece, Uranus.”

“Ito Ito no Mi (String String Fruit): Awakening”

“Ever White”


Trebol a towering tall hunchback. He had a pair of sunglasses covering his small slanted eyes, his nose was flat and broad, with snot hanging out of it. His dark hair was styled in a bowl-cut, complete with a long, thick beard and stubble on his upper lip. His lips are a bit thicker than normal and his teeth are round and have some space between them. He held a sceptre with a club suit design on the top. His attire consists of a long, ragged blue coat made of his Devil Fruit mucus with a navy blue ring pattern on it. Mucus and sticky slime could be seen trailing from the coat's hem. Trebol appeared to be a thick man wearing a loose cloak over his shoulders.

Trebol: “Nyeh, You are very unlucky to have been chosen to fight me. Nyeh, You were almost successful in causing a rift in our family. Nyeh, So tell me who told you all you know?”

Bomber: “--”

Bomber unsheathe his sword

Trebol: “Nyeh Swordsman, Nyeh Nyeh, Take it to your grave.”

“Beta Beta no Mi (Sticky Sticky Fruit): Beta Beta Chain”

The mucus poured out of Trebols body quickly forming a chain that stuck to a statue in the surrounding.

Trebol: “Nyeh, Your Sword is useless against my Logia power”

Bomber: “We did our research before coming here, You are Trebol, the occupier of the Club seat of the Donquixote family. You ate the Beta Beta no Mi (Sticky Sticky Fruit), a paramecia fruit that turns you into a mucus man. If I am correct this is not your true form. I think you are the unlucky one in this battle.”

Trebol: “Nyeh, Who told you my greatest secret?”

“Beta Beta no Mi (Sticky Sticky Fruit): Beta Betton Meteora”

The statue which was attached to the other end of the mucus chain came crashing down on Bomber.


With an explosive step, Bomber changed his location.

“Beta Beta no Mi (Sticky Sticky Fruit): Beta Beta Multiple Chain”

Trebol attached multiple chains to structures and objects around the square before lifting them into the air.

Trebol: “Nyeh, Try to dodge this, Beheheheheh

“Beta Beta no Mi (Sticky Sticky Fruit): Beta Betton Frail”

Boom! Boom!


Bomber: “You know the great thing about Mucus, is that it is sticky. Since you are not a Logia, you didn't realise when I made my attack. You see, I ate the Basu Basu no Mi (Explosive Explosive Fruit), which means anything I touch turns into a bomb. While you were busy making a sand cloud with your attack, I replaced all the sand in the area where you are standing.”

“Basu Basu no Mi (Explosive Explosive Fruit): Time and Primed”

“Times up!”



Next few chapters are going to be fights.