Volume 3 Chapter 24
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In a secluded house, Doc and Hara were sitting at a dining table with someone unexpected.

“Giro Giro no Mi (Glare Glare Fruit): Clairvoyance

A slender, well-endowed, light olive-skinned lady was standing next to the window of the house looking outside. Her dark brown hair was long and slightly wavy, it was held in place by a rose with a lock hanging to the left of her face. She wore a round earring, purple stiletto heels, and a long, sleeveless white flamenco dress with violet polka dots and maroon frills.

“Violet, a member of the Donquixote Family, or should I call you Princess Viola, 2nd Daughter of the Riku Royal Family?” Hara asked

“You can call me Viola, now that I have given out all the information I gathered over the years, I have placed all my hopes on you guys, we all sink together at this point.” She replied with a sad smile. “Using my power I can see everything within 4000 km from this position. I have just witnessed a few battles of your comrades. Some are still fighting and others have won their fights. But you know that until Doflamingo is defeated none of these victories matter.”

“Don't worry, He needs to be at an Emperor level to be contend with our Captain. He might only have the rank of a Rear Admiral but his true power should be at Admiral level or more.” Law replied.

“Ope Ope no Mi (OP OP Fruit): Room”

“No one will disturb us, let's wait and see the outcome of the fight,” Law said as he set up a protective space around the house.


“Buffalo take Baby 5 up into the air” A man wearing a black coat with gold metal rings on his arms and chest, golden rivets studded around the collar and shoulders and black and gold metal gears on the elbows matching with his black boots. He was wearing a white mask covering the lower half of his face, a pair of blue goggles and a motorcycle helmet.

“Guru Guru no Mi (Spin Spin Fruit): Liftoff”

“Get on Baby 5,” Buffalo said, he was an extremely large man with disproportionate, thin limbs. His hair was dark and arranged in a propeller-like formation; the hair on the top of his head extended straight up, a pair of sideburns extended outward to the sides and a long goatee. He had protruding teeth where the Donquixote jolly roger was depicted on them. He had on a yellow fur coat which had thick chains wrapped around his body.

“I don’t know Buffalo, This is my chance to make Joker pay for killing my 10th fiance and destroying his town.” Baby 5 said. She was a slim yet curvaceous well -endowed lady, wearing a burgundy French maid outfit with white frills, matching high heel shoes.

“Come on help me this time,” Buffalo said

TCH, You know I can't say NO to helping. I will help you this one time.” Baby 5 replied as she jumped onto Buffalo’s back.

“Panther you take on Gladius, I will go with Eagle in the air to fight Baby 5 and Buffalo. We are not here to compete, End it quickly” Guns said as he jumped onto the back of the transformed Eagle.

Eagle Screeched as he flew into the air.

“Ok! Guns, I’ll end it with one attack” Panther replied

“Neko Neko no Mi (Cat Cat Fruit) Model” Black Panther | Hybrid Transformation”

Panther’s body which was originally large and muscular, quickly reduced in size, giving him a lean slender yet muscular look. His legs and arms lengthened with knife-like claws replacing his nails. His skin also darkened leaving his yellow glowing eyes glowing in the shade.

“What's your name again, Gladius? I am sorry but as you heard, I have to end it quickly. I will give you a chance of launching your strongest attack.” Panther said.

“You shouldn't enrage me,” Gladius said “When I get mad, everything goes Bang”

“Pamu Pamu no Mi (Pop Pop Fruit): Punk Rock Fest”

Gladius inflated the ground around him, “HAHAHA” Now it's time for you to go with a Bang.


The skill destroyed the residential streets they were in and all the surrounding buildings.

“Too slow, when I am in this form, I don't even have to use “Soru”, I am already at that level of speed but when I combine my Zoan speed and Soru, I am unstoppable” Panther explained. “I wouldn't move about if I were you”

“What do you mean? Are you trying to scare me into surrendering” Gladius said, “Since your speed surpasses that skill, how about this one?”

“Pamu Pamu no Mi (Pop Pop Fruit): Full Body Pop”

Gladius gradually grew in size as if air was being pumped into his body, turning him into a gigantic balloon-like man.

“Wakanda Claw Slice”

“I told you not to move, I already sliced you into bits after your first attack.” Panther said as he licked his claws. Not paying any attention to the gory scene of a balloon-man falling apart behind him.

“You killed Gladius, You will pay for that” Buffalo shouted, “Baby 5 let's destroy everything,”

“Buki Buki no Mi (Arms Arms Fruit): Missile Girl”

“Guru Guru no Mi (Spin Spin Fruit): Spin Spin Projectile Cannon”

Baby 5 transformed her body into a large missile ready to launch. Buffalo used his spin projectile cannon to provide additional momentum to the launching Missile version of Baby 5.

“Ute Ute no Mi (Shoot Shoot Fruit): Torpedo Cannon”

A cannon grew out of Guns stomach, pointing in the direction of the rapidly approaching Baby 5.

“Eagle, Fall back a bit. It's going to be a nasty explosion” Guns said “Fire!”

A torpedo-like bullet collided with Baby 5 which caused an enormous explosion.

Baby 5 who was blown to pieces slowly started to reform her body from the pieces of the missiles scattered all over due to the explosion.

Her legs slowly took shape, then her body,  which was followed by her head. As soon as her Head was formed a Seastone cuff was placed on her legs. 

“You should thank me for not killing you when you were defenceless while forming your body,” Guns said looking at Baby 5 in the face.

Buffalo who was still in the air, was confident that the battle was their win. He was ready to fly off to assist someone else since an explosion of this sort was too little to harm Baby 5.

“Tori Tori no Mi (Bird Bird Fruit): Eagle Wing Blade”


The cloud of smoke and dust caused by the explosion obstructed the view of Buffalo. By the time realised what was going on Eagle was already beside him with his sharp blade-like wings.


Two parts of a person slowly fell from the sky.


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