A Parent’s Sacrifices Part 1 Of 2
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Warning:This 2 part short story involves cheating and overcoming the pain and finding happiness!

A Parent’s Sacrifices Part 1 of 2

It was a sunny day, but my life wasn’t to be as bright again for a while, for my daughter and ! found that my wife had left us, abandoned us. She said she did not want to be part of a family that would limit her freedom, but we had done no such thing. The only thing she thought of that was limiting was our daughter. She wanted to leave her behind and she had told me the night before that it was either me or her! She screamed at me and I begged her to think about it. Alas, she left us.

She turned and said, you probably think what I am doing is heartless, aren't you? Leaving our child behind for the sake of my own, but look at us, we are still not ready, she is nothing but a shackle to us, how could I enjoy being like that?

I said, we can pull this through as a family, so could you please listen to me and stay with us, and don't leave, for she needs her mother, someone who will be there when she needs it!

She said she didn't want to hear it and turned and opened the car door, and she didn't look behind as she left us in the dust.Then I heard my daughter, then 4 years old , ask me, is mommy leaving us forever? I was surprised that she could understand what had just happened but then I responded, no my dear Gabriel, she has just gone on a trip, one that she will not come back from, I told my daughter Gabriel, she started to cry, I told her, do not worry, if you want something daddy will get it for you so please do not cry, she stopped crying and hugged me, and said please don't leave me daddy.

It has been two years since, my daughter is now 6 years old, our daughter has started to grow older, she had grown to be a great daughter, she has grown up to be a great daughter, though as everyone else, she has some faults here and there, but nonetheless that is irrelevant to me as she is my precious daughter,me and my wife had as well as my only light of my life,.

I try to get her the newest toys, the newest clothes, but that does not fill the fact of what she wants, which is to have a complete family, I try my best to fill that hole in her heart but fail to do so.

I wish to find a solution, one that will help my problem, so I took my daughter for a walk, to the park, but as we were walking we saw her, we saw my wife in the television, she had gotten engaged even if she was still with me, she had gotten pregnant but alas I did not care, I didn't care about this farce, I broke down in tears, I had been trying for years to forget you and your betrayal, but you had just opened a wound I had thought that had healed, I could not do it anymore, you had not only betrayed me but as well as gotten engaged with some hotshot and had gotten pregnant as well, I cried and cried, but gabi had told me “daddy don’t cry“

I looked up and saw my daughter leaning over me, she had a worried expression on her face, she seemed to almost be on the verge of breaking out in tears as well, i thought to myself, “How could I let myself go in front of gabby?”

I stood up and told her, daddy is ok, It's ok gabby, don't worry, let's go home and tell me if there is anything you want, I will get it for you. As we headed back I saw my dear little gabby eye something and turned around to see what it was, she had been looking at a toy car, one of those drivable cars where one could be on, I asked her, do you want one?

She responded no daddy it just looks like the car mommy left on, I saw the toy car model it indeed did look like the car she left us behind with, a black two seater, I told her, let's go home, and as we went to our home we stopped by a jewelry store, I bought her a locket, and we went home, as we arrived I put a picture of me and gabby in it, I told her, keep this with you at all times, so you can feel me be there with you by your side even when I'm gone or not there.

The following day, I was on my way to work I got a call, a unexpected one, it was my wife she told me about what had happened over the years, and that she wanted to come back, I told her to go to her boyfriend if she wanted to be with someone since she had abandoned us for your own gain, all the suffering you have received was due to your own choice, and even if I wanted you to come back you are now engaged with some hotshot and as well as pregnant, how do you expect me to welcome you back like that?

I cared about you, I cared about you deeply, you were the love of my life, but you betrayed me, and our daughter gabby, she then responded with, I wanted to come back, I missed you, and our daughter, but I couldn't take it, I felt horrible after leaving, and yes so what if I am engaged, and I am pregnant, even though I am engaged I have been wanting to break it with him for along time and you were the only one who gave me feelings of love yet I left , but now I wanna come back and make everything clear, so please give me a chance, let me redeem myself!