Chapter 1
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Hmm? who is this time? Ho and the nurse, it looks like she came to check on me again

"So how do you feel today at? Well it's not like you could even answer, hoo it's almost time, hee it's okay I can see through your eyes, I'll turn on the TV"

I really can't answer, I come from a rich family, I'm twenty now, I was seventeen before the accident, I came from a rich family, since I was ten I train in martial arts, I'm a black belt in karate and also a swordsman, many asked me why I trained with the sword

The answer is simple, that's why Zoro from one piece is cool, my favorite manga and anime, he's a swordsman and he's incredible, well I wanted to be like Luffy but I'm not made of rubber, so I decided that it would be an incredible swordsman like Zoro, many asked me what I can see in an anime of a pirate who stretches and goes around saying that he will be the king of pirates, they are going to hell

I really wanted to be like them after all, so I could go on an adventure instead of lying in a bed and not even being able to speak, well at least I still have my episodes and as for the manga the nurse who takes care of me reads it for me while showing me the drawings, well now there comes another episode ....

The guy this was amazing as always, I wonder what kind of adventures I would have if I entered the mugiwaras, well now it's time to sleep .... well that's what I thought

"Hi Luffy-san, what do we do with him?"

Hummmmm, what the hell

"Hummm, I thought it was a shishishi fish"

Wait what the hell, because I'm all wet and what is this thing about me being a fish heinnn !!!? Wait i heard luffy

I open my eyes to see what's going on and see him, a boy with a straw hat smiling, wait what! I'm dreaming, am I not? Am I really in the world of one piece ?!

"He woke Luffy-san, don't worry, we won't do anything wrong with you"

Noticing the strangeness on my face, he tries to calm me down, if I'm not mistaken his name is coby

"Um, did you guys save me?"

"You were floating in the sea, I thought it was a fish, now you owe me lunch"

How the hell do I owe you lunch huh? Wait, was I floating? My body is perfectly fine hehe but do I look different? And these clothes? Since when do I have this type of clothes, boots, black pants and shirt and also a gold chain with a cross? Heiinn I'm an emo by chance

"He, well I see that you are well, my name is coby and that is Luffy-san, what is your name?"

"I'm Luffy, the one who's going to be the pirate king"

Yes, it's really him, wait, are we in a boat? Wait, that means he's going to recruit Zoro, hehe

"I am Guizirei, more you can call me Gui" I took that name from my avatar of an RPG that I played before, after all my real name is horrible it doesn't deserve to be mentioned

"Then why were you floating there in the sea?"

"Well, I don't know either, I remember being at home and then I woke up here, so where are you going?"

"I'm going after a guy named Zoro, to call my crew"

"Luffy-san I already told you that this Zoro guy is evil, after all he is under arrest"

As I imagined, I'm at the beginning of the journey hehe

"So, I will-san, what are you going to do now"

"Well, I'm going to become a pirate" I say that with a big smile on my face

"Hee more do you know how dangerous it is to be a pirate?"

"And what does it matter? After all, I am very strong and I also want to make my dream come true"

"Hoo you have a dream too, what is it?

Luffy asks me that with a big smile on his face

"I want to be part of the pirate king's band"

Coby looks at me in surprise, while Luffy is smiling

"wait for me to be the king of the pirates, so join my crew"

"Done hahaha"

Wait, what the hell is that easy !!!!!!? What about Zoro heinnn?