Chapter 2
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Chapter 2

"Me Luffy, where the hell is all this food going?"

"Shishishi to be the pirate king you have to eat a lot of meat"

What kind of logic is that? It's amazing to see it up close, but where does all that go, I'm not going to be the one to pay the bill.

"Are you really going to call zoro, luffy-san? He's got a really bad reputation, he's a pirate hunter"

"There's no telling if he's bad if I haven't met him yet, don't be a coward cody"


He tries to get help looking at me, but the only thing he gets is a cold look of disapproval, currently we are in front of the wall of the navy base of this island

"Hmm, look at that guy"

"Hiii, that black bandana and that outfit at the waist is him, roronoa zoro"

"Wait what? Let me see" I went up on the wall to see and there was the loving man and a dangerous aura around him, hehehe incredible

"Hey you there, you can let me go, I've been here for nine days, I'm exhausted, if you let me go I'll reward you"

"Don't let him go luffy-san, if you let him go he'll be wanted by the navy"

"Okay, after all I am strong and I also have Gui shishishi"

Luffy-san, he's a goner



Hmm, that's that little girl, and there goes the original development, she'll give those cookies and here comes that motherfucker from helmeppo, it happened just like the original plot, the luffy trying to recruit him, well the only mistake here is me

"Hey can you give me that?"

"More is full of dirt, will you want that?"

"Just bring it on .... tell her it was good"

"Shishishi, so let's get going, huh? Hey, I'm going to buzz you, aren't you?"

"No, I'll keep an eye on it for now, after all I don't trust that guy"

"So it's okay, see you later" and so Luffy left, I'm not going with him because my presence won't change at all

"Hey, why didn't you leave? Aren't you a friend?"

"Yes, I am, but I'm not going with him because it would be a waste of time and I'm also very interested in you, roronoa the pirate hunter"

"If you think I'm going to join garbage as you are mistaken, I have no interest in being a pirate"

"Hmmm really? You know, not all pirates are rubbish like you think after all, we are on an adventure, Luffy wants to be the king of pirates and I want to be there to see this happen and you Zoro don't have a dream too?"

"To be the best swordsman, that is my goal and I will do everything to achieve it"

"So why don't we reach it together? Good thing it's time"

"What time?"

"Are you still there, gui?" Well and the rest was like the original plot

"He's an idiot or what, invading that place alone"

"Don't worry after all, that is the future king of pirates"

"Hey, come on, help me out here, we have to let you go"

"Hey you should go, if they see you here they'll come after you too and I'll be released if a month goes by"

"It won't, they'll execute you, helmeppo lied"

Wait I think I'm forgetting something, wait "Cody beware" damn it too late

"Aaaaahhh, I was shot" damn it, before it was just an anime but now it's real, I'm fucking pissed

"There they are, shoot"

"Hey quick, untie me soon"

"Don't worry, he is coming"

"Aaaaaa, shishishi"

"Wait what? What bias is that as he is still inland after all this?"

"He's made of rubber, so shut up and take these swords"

"Behind you" hmmmm cody don't worry after all he is here

"Hey, it's better to make me not regret it, even if I'm on your crew if you get in my way, I won't be able to get rid of you"

"Perfect for me shishishi"

I saw it with my own eyes, "now we should take care of this soon, right?" While Luffy drops the sailors with his rubber punches and Zoro slashes with his swords, I dodge the attack of two of them, and turn my body to land a kick right in the chin while I recover my posture and punch my stomach from the other

"Hoho, look what a mess you are making here, but it doesn't matter why you are not paralyzed to me, people as powerless as you shouldn't be opposed to me by Morgan, Machado's arm"

Hoo big thing, to me it's just an idiot, as if you think the same thing that luffy runs right at him, throwing his two feet in his face making him fall

"You damn kid"

Irritated by what happened he gets up and tries to cut Luffy with his ax, but he jumps and then punches Morgan directly in the face, if I remember that idiot from the helmeppo ...

"Everyone stopped if they don't want him to die"

"Lu-luffy-san continue I'm not afraid to get shot"

"Yes I know" luffy says that with a smile, and Morgan right behind him gets up and tries to hit him with his ax more before that Zoro appears and finishes him off with his swords and as for a helmeppo

"Hey brat" with an irritated expression on his face I say that as I put my hand on his shoulder, he shakes and then looks back, just to get punched in the face

As for the rest, everything happened as the original story, and so here we are on the pier

"Hey, didn't you say you were pirates? What a bathtub this is !!!"

"It's our shishishi boat"

"Don't even look at me" I turned away as soon as I got his gaze ...

Now we are at sea

"Hey Luffy, where are we going?"

"I do not know"

"I think we need a browser"

"Yes, and also a cook and a musician .."

“Hey, don't deviate from talking”

Speaking of browser, I think three idiots are being robbed now

hi guys quick here, i know the translation has errors and i'm sorry for that, but i don't have an editor and i'm using google translator so people who understand