Chapter 3
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Chapter 3

"Faster your shit"

"" "Yes" "" the three stooges answered at the same time, if you asked me that they are good, they are from the buggy gang, they tried to attack us but ended up taking a beating from Zoro and as for the good luffy he left flying after a bird, I think he must now be inside a cage hahaha ....

(Luffy pov)

"Hey, you traitor, get me out of here"

"Traitor? You who are just an idiot for believing in others so easily"

Damn, how did you get out of this cage now "I'm hungry"

"Um, eat this"

"Hoo you are cool after all"

"Idiotic !!"

(Gui Pov)

"And now what do we do if we return empty-handed the buggy will hit us"

"Hiii, we don't have a single currency"

"Buggy?" Zoro who is in doubt asks

"Mister Zoro, y-don't you know the buggy the clown? He's a terrible pirate, this island we're going to is his base, he plunders all the money from that place"

"Hoo, hey I'll look like we have to pay a visit to this buggy"

"I think so" we arrived on the island

Back to Luffy ...

"I get out of here"

"Come on nami shoot the buggy say hihihihi"

"B-but I don't think it's necessary, after all, he's already in jail, isn't he"

"Hi nami what do you think you're doing, I gave you the urge to shoot the lady buggy, so I hit it soon"

"He's just a newbie let me do"

Damn he lit the fuse, if I let that happen I wouldn't be different from any of them, damn

"Hey nami you damn what do you think you're doing? You're cheating on me, so kill her hihihihi!"

Damn it because I went to erase the paviu now not only will he die more or tabem


"Hey, don't you think this is unfair, several guys against a girl"