Chapter 4
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"Hey Zoro, it looks like we’re going to want to teach these pirates a good lesson, after all they scored on the captain"

"Wait, who are you?"

"Guizirei, zoro you came"

"Who are you!!" The clown spoke buggy, you can see that he is very angry, well we ruined his plans, zoro defeated the pirates who attacked nami, but I'm not seeing the Lion guy around here

"Damn how dare you get in my way, I'll kill you all hihihihi"

"Hey captain is he, the pirate hunter roronoa zoro"

"Hey Zoro you are well known heiinn" I say this with a joke tone, things didn't change much after all and it was Zoro to cut the buggy but

"Proto is finished, huh? Why are these guys laughing?" The answer is simple, this type of attack will not work on him

"Pirates are really despicable, laughing at the death of Captain Tsk himself" apparently Nami really hates pirates, that's understandable after all ..

If I remember correctly now it is "Hey Zoro beware" this time I arrived in time and I will shake his hand that was going to stab

"Wait what is this"

"How is this possible?"

"Just like Luffy, he ate an akuma no mi, this type of attack doesn't work on him"

"Wait, hell's fruits really exist? I thought this was just a myth" nami speaks in disbelief

"So apparently you know me hihihihi, exactly I ate a devil's fruit, separate body, your attacks are not going to have an effect on me so damn you don't step on my wretched hand"

"You could separate the body even more without pain"

"Hey, get me out of here" Hey Luffy to shut up, so I look at Zoro and he stops to understand, let's go to the attack

I chorus straight for the buggy while Zoro is fighting with his crew, two of his pirates so in my way I dodge his sword and hit a knee in his stomach the other tries to attack more soon I give him a kick in the chin, now they are two more less I have to get down because the baggy's hands with knives attack me, so I recover quickly, I don't know who gave me that body but I have to thank him, I run to where he is

"You bastard will you pay" what did I do? You big nose shit

I approach him and kick him in the stomach, he can separate himself more these blows are still effective on him

"Ughh you bastard, I'm going to kill you"

"Is it really? But I think this will be for another time" I turn my head to find Zoro "Hey Zoro, take Luffy and let's get out"

"Wait what? How am I going, ahh shit" and so he took the cage and put it on his shoulders, man he really has strength

"Let's get out of here"


"Aaaa dude it really weighs" of course it weighs asshole

"Hey get me out of here" this luffy

"Well, I owe you a favor so take this as payment" she took the key and was going to get Luffy more like I already know what was going to happen I take her key and release the idiot

"It's really good is shishishi free"

"So Luffy, who is she?" Realizing that I wasn't going to ask zoro does

"This is nami our browser"

"Haaa I didn’t say I don’t ally with pirates like you"

"Zoro said the same thing at the beginning"

"Damn pirates like you should just die"

Um, tin

"What was I going to do?" Zoro noticing the strangeness in my rest asks me

"I don't know, after all I should be tired more instead I feel light as the wind"

"Gui, you're weird"

"Look who's talking to your pirate who stretches"

"Wait, look like someone is coming"

"How do you know?"

"I don’t know how I feel" I don’t know why I can feel everything that goes around this body will be .......

"Damn dog, just die"

"hey they never said not to mistreat animals, you insect"

"Hoo, what do we have here, where's roronoa zoro?"

"Heee it looks like he came after me" when I felt the pressure of this guy I came to meet him, if I'm not mistaken his name is mohji

"Hey zoro let me take care of this, I want to test something" I want to see if this feeling I am having is real

"Hmm? How are you?"

"I richie looks like he wants to become food so why don't we get this over with"

"I walk and stop in front of the Lion, so I try to feel that something inside me"

"Hey richie, finish him off"

"Hey, I’ll be careful" they’re trying to warn me well it doesn’t matter, I think I can now avoid the lion’s attack and send a punch, but it’s not a normal punch, it’s loaded with surprising energy makes it fly away with the mohji

"" "WHAT QUEEEE?" ""

The others are dumbfounded by what happened

The has a building on fire must be the guy created the dog, I approached and took a box of feed and put next to the dog

"Sorry was the only thing left"

"Hey will I have you eat an akuma no mi too?"

"Shishishi expected no less from my crew"

"Another weirdo"

"I never ate one and I don't know where it comes from, but I think we should put the questions aside after all, since we have a pirate gang to end"

"Yes, you're right" Zoro says already holding his swords

"Shishishi come on"

"Well this time I'm going to pass, now I'm exhausted after using this, look like I need to get used to it first" I speak with a smile on my face

"Ho an sorry for what I said before" hmm? The must have been by the dog

"Don't worry, I don't care about that" with a smile and a soothing tone of voice I reply to her

"" "" So let's go "" "" and go the three of them, well things should happen as in the manga so everything is fine I think .....

As I thought things happened as they should, the only change was that Zoro didn't suffer any injuries, well now he's laughing out loud while nami tries to drown Luffy for leaving part of the treasure on the island, I think our stop should now be on the island that one stuck in the trunk.