Chapter 5
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Chapter 5

If someone was present he could see the energy that circulates around him, a reddish energy, more serious to say blood red, this aura goes from head to toe, if someone with knowledge of another world would surely see him, he would be more for a wuxia cultivator than for a pirate, how did he look like that .....

Hours ago

As soon as we left the island where we fought the buggy gang, we arrived on another island, which had a man trapped inside a chest, I chose to stay on the boat with Zoro who was sleeping, luffy and nami went and when they came back they brought a lot fruit, which we eat quickly, using that made me feel tired, I was quite hungry, so back at sea we stopped on another island, where god usopp is the biggest liar

So after after hearing his lies that he would attack us with his 80 million pirates, we went to the village to listen to his stories while we were eating, then he said it was time, probably time for him to visit kaya

Soon the three brats came accusing us of having eaten him, then the luffy idiot left saying he was going to ask the kaya for a boat and so we went after him after all if we can't stop him we will accompany him, but

"Well guys, you guys go without me"

"Hmm? Guizirei you will not order a boat with us"

"No, I leave this one with you three, I have things to do"

"Hoo I know, you're going to buy meat" Luffy says clapping his hand in the other, does this idiot only think about meat?

"I have nothing to do"

"Um? Have you ever been to this island?"


"Hey leave him, if he says he has things to do leave him" zoro you really are a friend

"Well, I'm going" I separate from the group, I already know what will happen, now I need to prepare, after all I have to try some things

After a while I get close to the shore, I sit on the grass and I cross my legs and I enter a kind of meditative state, my Sword Master has told me to do this many times before, so that I can sharpen my senses, I could leave it for another day, I want to get stronger, because I don't want to depend on anyone else, and also have enough strength to crush those three

"Now I have to concentrate, I have to see if I can use that power again" when I close my eyes I stop with my thoughts and try to find that energy again

After a while, I can feel it in my body, damn it I look like a cultivator now, * cough * cough hehem good at least it's a start, I imagine that at this time ussop joined with the others after the village people and the kaya didn't believe him, I think I'll try some more things, wait what? Where the hell ......


"None of them believed me * snif * well I am just a liar, damn I won't let that damned man hurt the kaya"

"Don't worry, we'll help you" luffy speaks with a smile

"Will you help me?"

"Of course you are a good person after all" zoro supports

"Of course, after all it's you alone against a bunch of pirates and it would be nice if that other one was here, plus the money they have is mine" * note (needless to say who said that)

"So we have to prepare"


"Hey ussop do you really think this is going to work this is going to work"

"Of course it will, they will not be able to come up with this oil there"

"But we're not going to slip into that are we?"

Some time later

"Hey why don't you have any pirates"

"Wait, this is not the only place they can enter to be able to reach the village, in the north too"

"Wait there is where our boat is, my treasure"

And so luffy starts to run to the good north or at least where he thinks it is

"Hey Zoro help me here" nami just slipped in the oil

"Hey nami don't pull me"


"Nami you damn"


"I think it's time"


In another village

"Hey where is the north !!!!" * note (luffy entered zoro mode)


"Come on guys, get it over with"

"You heard Captain Django"

Good good good

"Wait what?"

"I am Captain usopp and I already have everything under control" and how I got here first, he hadn’t left in front of me

"Where are you, boarders going? If you dare to attack my village, I will send my 1 billion piaratas to finish you off" usopp speaks triumphantly

"U-a bi-lion?"

"That's a lie, captain"

"How dare you fool me, kill him"

So the pirates of the Django gang run towards the usopp, who in turn throws his sphere with his slingshot at him, he manages to knock down a few more, only to get knocked down by a blow to the head.

"Uffa I finally arrived, a luffy one?"


"Does your kid think that with these tricks you are going to stop us?" One of the pirates who runs towards usopp, takes him by surprise and hits him on the head causing him to fall while the blood spreads

"I will not let you touch the kaya" usopp speaks with his last strength

"Look, he's still alive, just die"

"Damn" nami runs towards it more, just to be hit and hits the rocks

"Hey what do you think you're doing, stop asking for time and go quickly, if you don't want Captain kuro to get angry"

And so the pirates ran more, it was just to be sent flying back

"Who are e-them"

"Captain, we were not told that there were such people here"

"Finally arrived"

At the top of the hill there were three people, one angry and drenched in the eye, the middle one was tired of running and the other with red eyes with murderous intent

"Nami you damn, you stepped on my head"

"Usopp next time tell me where the north is"

"Who touched my nami"