Chapter 4
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"eeergh, come on you fat prick I need to stop this bleeding" Erron said and waited until Ludwig can reach him, tightly holding the wrapped cloth on his handless right arm wrist.

"what did I do to deserve this, it's always me. Life always finds a way to mess with me I mean look at my hand" Erron showed his bloody wrist with terror in her eyes "LOOK" he said almost shoving his arm in Ludwig's face.

"aaah, put that away man, it's not cool" Ludwig said breathing heavily and his fat belly was only making it harder.

"cool? It's not damn cool you say? I'll kill you and rip your gut out of your asshole you, filthy fat fuck" Erron was screaming the words sharply.

Ludwig looked at him as if he was watching his favorite comedy-drama show, all he missed was a bucket of potato chips and a soft couch to put ass on it.

Thousands of years passed since their creation they saw nations rise and fall, kings get hanged by those who they ruled women fight for their rights, the first time that humans flew, age of copper to the modern age of technology since the beginning of time but somehow these two never could find one thing to have a common opinion about. Two great sins Envy and Gluttony two brothers from one huge family and still so much difference.

"ok let us both shut up and make sure they are off of our asses" Ludwig hardly turned back his short neck to see, there was no sign of Gorgans.

"I wished Wrath was here he could've burned my wound and bleeding would stop" Erron gave Ludwig another mean look as if it was his fault that he lost his hand in the explosions and sat in front of him.

"well, I've got a lighter and you got a pocket knife this could work too" Ludwig said as he chuckled

"Are you kidding me do you know how many times I should burn myself with that little knife"

"I'm going to say; a lot" Ludwig said and laughed like a pig "but that would be fun for me and the perfect solution for your nasty wound"

Erron looked depressed as he thought about all the pain he has to go through but the fat guy was right "ok, let us just do it quickly"

"Hey, I guess we both agreed on one thing for once, that burning you is the best thing that can happen" Ludwig again burst into laughter as Erron was hoping to find a way and kill him in the most painful way.

"jzzzzz" Erron's flesh burnt "mamaaaa, please heeeelp" he cried out loud.

"hmmm. You actually smell good can I have a bite of your hand after I'm done roasting you" Ludwig said as heat up the little knife with his lighter to burn his brother again with a nasty smile on his face.

"I'll end you just wait and see… aaaaaah" a bolt of sudden pain rushed through his hand as Ludwig put the hot knife on his wrist without a warning though it did shut Erron up.

"by the way why did you throw that girl right in front of the raiders? Didn't you like her?" Ludwig asked as if he did no wrong just seconds ago.

"who Lilith..." Erron wrapped his wrist again and got up to have a breath of fresh air instead of his burning flesh smell "she had it coming, that bitch chose Adam and I chose to get rid of her"

"poor girl, she probably having the darkest day of her life"

"damn right she is. I've heard these raiders know how to take care of their women" Erron said hysterically and the joy of thinking about her being abused made him forget about his pain and separated hand for seconds "though I preferred I've  found Adam too but well, I guess next time"

"you really hated him" Ludwig said still feeling sad for the poor girl.

"I hate all humans but this guy just got on my nerve. I hope he dies the most horrible way" Erron said and spat on the desert dry dirt.

"ok forget it let's have a rest and find a place that Gorgans don't find interesting to raid next time" Ludwig said and started walking.

As long as humans are committed these great sins they could continue living like a young stallion and in these dark times sins were one thing that they relied on to survive and with it so did the seven deadly sins.