Chapter 6
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Adam after three weeks in the paper tower was getting the hang of his daily chores thanks to Annia. His memory of Vina was still blurry it seemed that wasn't important for Adam though he was happy where he was now.

After Roosh questioned Adam about his past a paper was given to him by Roosh full of words, the word 'Lost' was written bigger than other words it was the word that described Adam better than the rest.

"think on it, make it yours, then defeat part of it each day" it was the only advice Roosh gave Adam that day.

Apart from all the chores and working there daily Adam loved the time he passed with Annia, she was the closest thing to a friend for Adam and he never had any friends before.

"God, I'm telling you of all the work that I've done here nothing was more horrible than that" it was nearly night and followers were free to rest until morning.

"come on, you mean you prefer to wash the dishes or clean the stables rather than put the books in order" Annia asked and she seemed surprised.

"hundred times yes, putting the books in order is the most boring job I've ever done, it terrifies me it does. And a person who was in the final battle is telling you that" Adam loved to joke around about his chores

"Yeah, can you tell me again what did you call that battle?"

"battle Zero" Adam said

"why do you think they've called that?" Annia always looked interested in Adam's past.

"I guess they sort of knew that it would finish the world and there would be nothing left" Adam and Annia were walking near the lake it looked magical at nights when the stars and the moon reflection was clear on the surface of the lake and from the distance they could see the paper tower lighting up in the sky with thousands of candles.

"do you think we can turn back to what we were after all this"

"I don't know that is what generations after us will find out but for now I'm glad for what I have here" Adam said

"even with the library chores" Annia said and smiled

"yes, even with that I still think here is where I should be" Adam as he looked at the lake an image of a redhead girl flashed in his mind.

"Aaaaagh" Adam shouted without control

"is it the headaches again"

"yes I, I guess I remembered someone"

"ok let's go back I think you need a to rest now" Annia walked Adam back to the Paper tower, the headaches were happening casually and mostly when Adam remembered some of his lost memory in Vina and sleep with some pain relieving herbal drinks were its best cures by far.

Despite his sense of curiosity Adam tried to make himself busy with all the work he could do in the paper tower not because he didn't like to know what happened in there or who was the redhead girl in his memories but because he hated that pain it was unbearable so he kept his thoughts clear until he gets better.

But all his efforts were just delaying him to face his pain his true pain not the headaches and certainly not the wounds that covered his arms and body, the pain of reality.


                                                                                                                             _  _  _


The next day he felt better. He was clearing the library the job that he hated the most, and as he was looking at the vast desert through the small window in there something caught his eyes, a massive moving wave of dust. First, he thought it's a dust storm but he saw how people were trying to run for their lives, and all the Roosh followers were taking all they can and running into the Paper tower.

Adam was alone and it seemed like the news wasn't still spread in the tower so he took the old binoculars near his desk to see what was going on.

Through the old binocular Adam saw a huge army coming toward them with banners symbolized by sharp teeth, it was Gorgans.

Adam panicked and fall to the ground his headache came back now he remembered it all, he remembered Lilith and the massacre in Vina, his hands were shaking and breathing was becoming the hardest thing to do 'was it going to happen again?'

That question kept appearing in his thoughts, Adam was paralyzed by the fear with the agonizing pain in his head. He wanted to shout and ask for help but he couldn't even open his mouth.

People were hiding their children in a safe room while the rest were calling Roosh's name to tell them what they had to do the sound of cries and panicked crowed chatter echoed in the tower they all were only an over away from their certain deaths and there was nothing to think of except for running.

Meanwhile, Annia was searching everywhere for Adam but finding him in the crowded tower was like looking for a needle in a haystack but she was too stubborn to give up, he was her only friend after all too.

Gorgans were getting closer by each second and Roosh had to face his greatest test in life, he had to show his people that faith and patience can defeat the hatred doesn't matter how big and fearful it might be.