Chapter 11
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Gussar was distracted by what would happen when they attack Ironfort as he held Hira in his arm, his southern queen

"don't worry we'll be fine" Gussar still looked troubled by his thoughts so she continued "I already told you this is the best season to march at Ma'ash"

Gussar gently rubbed his hand on her caramel skin but remained

quite her beauty and her warm words couldn't change the reality.

He got out of the bed and drank a glass of water "this, this is what I'm worried about the most" Gussar pointed at the glass of water in his hand then he left the container attached to one of his trucks and headed toward his planning truck, each truck container considered as a room for Gorgans more powerful a raider was more trucks would he own.

"tell the high raiders to join me at planning truck" Gussar ordered one of his raiders.

Gussar already knew there is no other way to conquer the Ironfort and seize their heavy guns but time and water are his biggest foe this time and no bullet and men can beat them.

As he waited all three of his high raiders joined him Koy as usual arrived first. Sweaty from laying with his slaves and his mouth smelled of booze from all the drinking though seemed like no amount of alcohol could make him drunk, then there was Yorkka. He was more disciplined and always wore his battle outfit and unlike Koy he always thought more tactical and his plans mostly matched with Gussar likings and the last man who showed up who purposefully arrived late to disrespect Gussar was Orman the slave master.

Orman was mad and didn't fear to show his bitterness and how disagreed he was with Gussar not just about marching at Ironfort but because like many of Gorgans, he had to leave his three newborn children at the paper tower in the hands of people who he didn't trust. Those children were considered bastards since their mothers were slaves. He was the oldest of the high raiders the man who raised Gussar as his own son.  

Bald with a wooden walking stick which he relied on heavily to walk properly and wearing a clean long brown overcoat always made him look formal. He looked like a fragile aged man next to Yorkka and Koy but Gussar knew the old man was far more dangerous than thousands of raiders.

Orman put his notebook in his pocket and without a word trading between any of them he looked at the maps.

Gussar didn't let his pride takes hold of him he had more things to do than defending his decisions, attacking Ironfort and passing through Ma'Ash, and most of all, water shortage.

"I'm not that worried about our army I'm sure we can take the Ironfort in a matter of hours but I want to know how much water we have and will we have enough when we get there, that's all that matters now" Gussar looked at Orman and continued "ask your slaves see how much water we have and send me the list tomorrow" Orman nodded and left the planning truck with no word though Gussar could hear Orman cursing him as he leaves.

"man you should really do something about that grumpy old fart, boss" Koy said and smirked

Gussar looked at Yorkka and Koy and said "I trust you already have a plan about our attack"

"from what our southern slaves told me I think with some heavy artillery and some heavy weapons we can easily get through the walls" Yorkka explained

Gussar waited to see if Koy has any plan too but deep inside he already knew the answer was no.

"boss, I got to see what our southern folks holding and only then I can come up with a masterpiece plan just trust me ok" Koy said with ease.

"ok after I see the numbers of our water storage I'll give the orders" Gussar said

Koy left the truck without hesitation he was bored and needed some excitement and new slaves but Yorkka stayed to warn Gussar "I got to tell you something" he said and continued "I've been hearing things about Orman. Do you think he will betray us?" Yorkka seemed seriously worried.

"no I think he is just angry about his newborn children that he had to leave at the Paper tower and however bitter he may look; he won't betray Gorgans" Gussar sounded sure.

"what about you won't he betray you?" Yorkka heard no answer.

"I hope you are right but remember there are a lot of people who are angry with you, just be careful" Yorkka said and left the planning truck.

Gussar stared at the Ironfort's map thinking how much will he have to sacrifice to conquer that place and if does it worth it or not but a promise is a promise and Gussar promised

that he will take over the world and not a single land will be left behind.