CHapter 13
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GOAT was riding slowly looking for any sign of his family but the search felt useless. The luxurious city of Vina was nothing but a ghost town now. He looked at the fallen bodies covered in dirt and dust, ruined and burnt building which was the last artifacts of the glorious past of this great city.  

With what GOAT knew two of his two brothers, should've lived like kings here he just had to find where did the kings of this city used to live.

After a hopeless search, near dusk GOAT saw a woman standing in the middle of the patchy streets with a dirty face and naked feet staring on the ground, all alone and seemed dazzled.

GOAT got off of his bike and tried to approach her as gently and as calmly as he could, who knew maybe she has seen his brothers it was a long shot but it was something.

Getting close to her was simpler than what he taught since she didn't even notice GOAT getting close or maybe she just didn't care.

 "Ma'am? are you alright?" he said

The woman was still, her curly red hair covered most of her face.

 "I mean you no harm I just want to ask if you've seen the people I'm looking for"

GOAT after getting no answer tried to get closer and shake her shoulder hoping for a response.

 "He left me" she said

GOAT fingers were a few inches away and the woman talked.

 "He didn't come back for me"

GOAT remained quiet and stepped back.

 "He said he cares for me, that he loves me but he was lying" she said as if GOAT knew what was she talking about.

 "Yeah most men do" GOAT said, he had a hint of what did happen to her.

The woman as if she finally noticing GOAT moved her head and

Looked at GOAT, a man in pink and blue armor.

He finally got to see the woman's browsed face and scratch marks on her body and arms and thought of things that she probably has been through.

He offered her a bottle of water and she slowly reached her hand and grabbed it.

 "I'm GOAT"

 "I'm…" she paused as if she was forgotten her name for a moment.


 "Ma'am I've got some food too please let me brought them to you"

GOAT quickly brought some food and the only blanket he had on his bike for Lilith it was almost night and in this cold anyone could use one especially her.

He then found a steady building to pass the night in and make a fire camp.

 "I hope the food was enough" he said

 "Thank you" she said

 "How did they look?" she said

GOAT was surprised that she remembered the question.

 "well I'm not sure about one of them but the other is always fat and usually funny and they normally are fighting with each other" he said and continued.

 "and to be honest the other one can be very envious and bitter"

GOAT's words cracked a smile on Lilith's face not one of those comforting warm smiles though, a smile with sudden shock and hatred in it.

 "Ludwig and Erron seemed to be the ones then" she said forcing herself to spite those words out and burst into tears.

 "So… you've… " GOAT was positive that his brothers had messed her life in a wrong way so he couldn't talk about them anymore not until making things right even if it's for little.

 "Last time Adam won half of what Erron had in a gamble" she said as she sobbed.

 "We could've to keep living like a king and a queen for another year with that money. But the last thing I remember is opening my eyes while Gorgan raiders tearing off my clothes and… it was because that damn Erron threw me at them so he can run away in peace" her tears washed away the dirt on her face partly her voice shaken.  

 "you don't need to… please rest and forget what I asked. I'll go check around myself a little bit more" he said.

GOAT couldn't stand watching Lilith crying he hated to see innocent people suffer because of a bunch of selfish ignorant violent men especially if those men were of family, so he headed back to his bike, Destiny.

 "My dear, here we go again humans on each other's throat and Innocents who pay the most price" GOAT said calmly with exhaustion.

Destiny flashed her lights as an approval sign.

 "We've been watching this cycle to thousands of years and I still can't say it became normality for me. I mean I'm a god damn sin and still underestimate what these people can do to each other, what my brothers can do to them" he sighed deeply.

Destiny turned off her lights as a sign of sadness.

 GOAT rubbed his bike's seat and smiled and tried to change his thoughts.

 "at least the good news is that my brothers are probably near"

Destiny flashed three times as a sign of happiness.

 "Alright, we got so much free time let's see if Gorgans left us anything to put to good use" he said and started his search in the rubbles.


                                                 _  _  _



Lilith woke up with the scent of roasting meat and fresh black coffee filling the air.

 "Good morning" GOAT said and put the plate of food in front of her and the cup of coffee next to it the fire was still going on GOAT made sure that Lilith has enough warmth all night.

 "I must say, I am surprised with things I managed to find in the rubbles last night" he said and continued

 "No surprise why people called it the shining city of Vina or the last civilized city on earth"

 "Thank you" she said dully

 "And before I go I stored some food in the cabinet in the kitchen and a gun for your protection just in case, you know" he said

 "You don't eat?" she said

 "I already did Ma'am"

 "Now I know it can be cruel to ask you this but can you tell me where my brothers were living at? and you don't need to go through the details just a simple direction will do"

 "They've been the residence of Richmen hall north side of the city, a few statues are in front of the building you won't miss it"

 "Thank you Lilith you've been a great help to me but now I have to leave"

 "It has been a long time since I've seen a sign of humanity in someone" she said

 "That’s because I'm not one" GOATsaid and smiled

 "wish there was more like you anyway" she continued

GOAT looked back before he leaves and showed his appreciation with a simple nod.

 "That man you mentioned last night what was his name? Adam?"

 "Yeah" She answered

 "Forget him, forgive him, and don't let his memories own you because look around, you are all you got" Goat said and left

Between all the bodies and fallen rocks in the Richmen hall that represented how alive this place once was, he was lucky enough to find what he was looking for, the separated hand of Erron and a trail of his scent.

GOAT on his bike and the separated hand hanging from his belt, rode Destiny to find his brothers before they kill each other or kill others for the matter of fact. He had a mission that would be impossible without them.