Chapter 14
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Ludwig and Erron were both sitting next to each other on a dining table with the widow who owned the place or at least owned it until these two weird strangers welcomed themselves in without permission.

Ludwig was eating all they had which wasn't a lot for his big fat belly but enough to save that widow and her daughter from starvation for a month as Erron had her daughter sitting on his lab gently combing her hair with his fingers and staring at the widow.

 "I know my brother sounds like a pig when he eats, that's because he partly is one but what can I say blood is blood how filthy may it be" Erron said eyeing on the widow

Ludwig was too busy with eating and he didn't care for Erron's sharp tongue and the widow was worried sick from what's going to happen to her child.

 "Ah… man, it's been a while since I felt full and I must say the food overall wasn't great but it was food" Ludwig said while chewing on the last bite.

 "can you now leave please, I…" the widow said and continued.

 "I gave you all we had I swear"

 The tea kettle started whistling

 "seems like the tea is ready" Erron said, smirked, and put down the little girl.

 "now little kitty, go pour us some tea cause am I thirsty" he continued.

 "Let me…" the mother said.

 "Sit down woman, sit down" Erron said seriously and pointed his gun at the mother. His eyes made the widow to feel awkward and uneasy.

 "She ought to learn how to be a woman and how to take care of things" he continued.

The woman burst into tears so did her little daughter as she was dragging a chair to get on top of and pour some tea.

 "Come on you don't have to do that she is just a child; she is going to burn herself or something" Ludwig said  

 "Shut up filthy pig, where was your sense of kindness when you were eating all they had, ha?" Erron said finally he gazed away from the poor widow.

 "That's not fair you know I can't resist that"

 "Oh there is nothing fair about this life" Erron said and lift up his handless wrist.

 "Beside, they are going to die sooner or later that is just matter-

of time"

 "I know but it doesn't mean that we have to torture them too" Ludwig said.

 "Alright Mister fat fuck, if it was up to you we would be still wandering around and begging people for a piece of food for your endless hunger and that is IF they show some generosity and help you to fill that fucking belly of yours" Erron said sharply

 "Ok I had enough of your bullshit" Ludwig said and jumped at Erron's seat, knocked him on the ground, and threw his gun near the child's feet.

Erron did all he could and didn't let Ludwig get on top of him or he would end up with all ribs broken.

 "Ahhhh… take that shit you, fat fuck" Erron said as punching Ludwig in his face but it didn't take long for Ludwig to lift him up and throw him away like a puppet and start crushing him under his weight.

Ludwig chuckled heavily as Erron's head was turning red from the amount of pressure on his chest, gasping for oxygen.

 "I really must say dying does suit you better than anyone" Ludwig mumbled

It was the widow however who ended up with the gun and pointing it at both of them.

"Leave, both of you" she shouted

Ludwig saw the gun and slowly and with care got off of Erron and Erron started breathing heavily.

"Easy there, I'm the good guy here lady" Ludwig said gently

"Good? You ate all we had left now how am I to feed my girl?"

Erron even though breathing was still hard for him managed to laugh back at Ludwig.

"See you damn pig even she gets it"

"You both have to leave, now" she said

Erron got up while trying to keep his balance and knocked Ludwig down unconscious with a heavy punch, the widow started shooting at Erron but the gun was empty.

 "Now I have to teach you a lesson too, whore"

Erron rushed at the woman and grabbed her from her hair and started dragging her to her bedroom.

The little girl stabbed Erron on the leg but it made him even madder so Erron let go of the widow and slapped the daughter on her face so hard that the poor girl covered her face and started crying as loudly as she could. Her skin turned red, Erron's fingerprints of her soft skin.

 "Mom, noooo"

 Erron looked back to grab the mother once more but she pours the hot tea and burned half of Erron's face, he screamed like a little kid and hit the widow in her belly with his knee made her jerk then continued dragging the widow on the floor with a shaking leg and a burning face.

"I hate you all" Erron said with hatred

"Leave me, no, no" she screamed, resisting, scratching Erron's face with her nails.

Erron took her to to the bedroom and shut the door then he

started tearing off her clothes like a wild animal and licked her face and body as he quickly dropped his pants. Before he can do anything else a heavy force smashed him on the wall, the wooden wall cracked and pieces of wood cracks covered Erron.

 "you just keep getting more horrible with each day brother" GOAT said and continued with a warm smile.

 "By the way, I've found your missing hand"

Then put Erron in a dream with a kick on his face.

 The widow was crying and still was in shock.

 "Ma'am I'm sorry for what these shitheads did but I think I will be able fix it all"


                                                 _ _ _



That night passed like thousand nights for that widow and her daughter and they didn't even know when did they fall asleep but when they woke up both next to each other, it was nearly noon. They got out of the room with fear they were surprised to see a lot of food on the table and fresh black coffee on the table for both of them.

"What you experienced last night was unfortunate and I can never repay the harm they did to you and your daughter" GOAT said.

He was fixing and barricading the doors and the windows of the house.

The widow guarded her child and hide her behind her.

"Please just leave us"

"Ma'am I will but first I have to make sure this kind of things won't happen again" he said and continued

 "Aaaand before I get here I was in the shining city of Vina or what was left of it which was honestly a lot"

GOAT got close to the widow and took out two pockets of chocolate from his pocket and offered them.

 "Please accept it, a child at her age have to try these at least once"

His warm smile never left his face when he talked to them, but with all that happened, it was hard for them to trust anybody.

 "Ok, I just put them here on the table then" he said

 "Where are they? The men from last night" she said anxiously

 "I found out that you have a basement" he said

 "they are now tied tightly to each other and you don't have to worry about them at all"

 "Are you sure?" she asked

 "yes ma'am I'm sure, now please drink your coffees before they get cold"

 "Thanks," she said and they started drinking but the widow kept an eye on the strange man in pink and blue.

 "you look familiar, sir" she said after they finished drinking slowly.

 "I used to fly with my bike but then the war happened and now I simply ride it" GOAT said

 "Wait you are prince Gaffi, Gaffi Quetro right?" she said surprisingly.

 "Well it's always good to meet a fan" he said and somehow his warm smile broadened even more.

 "But it can't be I saw you, the whole world watched you die"

 "Yeah I partly died on that last show but a part of me is still alive is here, with you, fixing the windows" he said

 "Well, thank you, prince Gaffi…"

 "GOAT, please I prefer to be called GOAT"

 "But Goat is an animal you are a prince" the daughter said

 "GOAT is short for Greatest of all time" he said

 "Well Goat, your jacket is cute it has my favorite colors"

he winked "Thank you I painted them myself I like how they glow in these dark days"

 "I'm Alice" the little girl said

 "Nice to meet you Alice" he said and looked at the mother

 "I'm Sapphire"

 "Well, I'm glad to meet you both" he responded.

This the GOAT in the right place at the right time but deep inside he wished he had been here sooner and kicked Erron even harder but who knows there will always be free time to kick him.