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What would humanity do if they had fulfilled all their desires? Be at technological advancement, human evolution, weaponry, and territorial advancement throughout the universe. When problems such as poverty, starvation, and disease are solved.  

My body floated in the Gal chamber, my eyes slowly opened and scanned the room. A simple cubic metal room with subtle blue-ish lighting around the contours, no extravagant designs whatsoever. Soon after a sharp high pitch ping echoed in my ears, followed by a monotone voice, my mind restarted its function before I knew it and entered the state of fully awake.

“You have visitors, Sir Vehmity and Lady Asca are being guided to the drawing-room. They are requesting your presence.”

I let out a yawn, releasing my hands hugging my knees, and wiping away the tear stuck in my eye. I stretched out my body as far as it could and I could hear my bones cracking after being loose in a suspended state.

I waved my hand, following that gesture the room lit up slightly and the gravity control level was activated, together with the life support system, the ventilation breathed out a warm atmosphere which alleviated the low temperature that the room had. 

I secured my footing on the floor as the gravity rose to a standard level, I gestured my hands again to bring out another feature in the system. A window appeared before my fingers, within it displayed numerous types of clothes, and I fiddled the console with my finger and selected a particular clothing set. The moment I tap at the floating window, I switch clothes. Satisfied, I looked in the mirror that was called before me.

I was wearing something similar to what humanity calls casual clothing, loose brown pants, and a light gray hoodie, although they are plain in the eyes, the materials that were used made it extremely comfortable. This is bad, if I self-indulge of this more, I might fall asleep.

Having that in mind, I quickly tapped on the crystal wall surrounding me, it responded with another sharp ping following along with a burst of cold smoke, and the crystal was immediately pulled up to the ceiling. The warm atmosphere that couldn’t enter the Gal chamber invaded, it crawled up to my skin but it didn’t feel unpleasant. Followed with an electronic-sounding voice, it said.

[Good Morning, Master Krienight Exzie]

I ignored the voice and brought myself to a particular wall in the room, automatically, the wall in front of me was opened to the side with silent movement. I walked out of my room and proceeded down the corridors as I led myself to the room that my visitors were.

While doing so, I moved my fingers to my ears and pinched it, softly, I whispered:

“ASHER, bring me a redhead coffee at my arrival in the drawing-room. Also, ask them if they want something to drink.”

This time, instead of a sharp ping, a soft bell echoed inside my head. 


After that brief exchange with the Artificial Service Head Ruminator, or ASHER in short. The tunnel that supposed to lead to the drawing-room ended on a change of scenery, instead of a white platinum corridor that doesn’t have the slightest points of being aesthetic, a detailed flat-stone pavement spread along the floor and with a brick wall on the side, raised from the ground was numerous pillars made of quarts aligned, the white banners that were hanging on top of the ledge, fluttered. It was no doubt a sudden change, it had a different feeling from the long corridor that I was just in.

On my right, there was even a little garden as it was bathed in artificial lighting. Just looking at my creation, it made my usual sour mood lighten. After scanning the place, I began moving my feet once more as I glanced over to some changes that my palace had.

After a full 14 minutes, my feet finally stop before a large double door. I let out a large sigh that had been in my chest, knowing that the two of them were here, it only means trouble. Well, I do hope that they are only here for reports and such, if that was the case, they wouldn’t have gone through the trouble of coming here, or rather, and they should have said something in the intercom.

 I raised my hand and made a recognition gesture, because of that, the door opened automatically. What entered my sight and captured the most attention was the two individuals, one having a mug on her lips and the other sat next to her was staring at empty space while his fingers fiddled something midair.

They notice my presence and pause what they were doing as they give their greetings to me.

“Good Morning, Krie. How many years since you’ve been asleep?” The girl asked, putting the mug on the table while the steam rose up.

“Yo, how are you doing?” The guy questioned, he made his fingers swept across midair.

I replied calmly to their questions “Since you have last visited, I just slept throughout, so maybe around 17 years. And, on the other hand, I am still doing fine since I did some regular maintenance in my sleep mode”

 I made my way on a sofa and sat across them. At the same time, a maidroid appeared on one of the doors and silently walked towards us with a tray in her hand. It must be my redhead coffee.

While the maidroid delivers my coffee on the table, I quickly scan around the room, thick curtains covering the artificial lighting on the window as it flutters by the neutral wind. Expensive-looking furniture was sorted all over the place as well as a chevalier hanging in the ceiling.

I don’t really get myself either, why I choose this kind of theme in my palace. However, this design was once used by humans in their dark history. No, calling them humans now might be an insult.

In the current age, they call themselves celestial, because their kins originated from a planet called celeste. Although most humans didn’t want to change their identification race, it felt like having them called as that made them boastful and prideful creatures across the wide galaxy.

Just as I finished inspecting the room in the instant, the maidroid placed the redhead coffee on the table and retreated back to the door before. The boy, Vehmity, nodded at my words as he placed his fingers at his chin. 

“I see, so it has been 17 years since I last made a report to you.” 

Vehmity, a boy whose appearance was similar to a young adult celestial, his hair was dyed in the color of his external accessible circuits which was golden brown to the tips of his hair. While he has an ordinary size of 18-year-old celestial, his electromagnetic positron mind cannot be laughed at, in fact, he could travel across the universe in many centuries without making his memory full.

The girl, Asca, made her fingers gripped on the pinkish-colored mug with cute rabbit designs on it, she said “So in total, it’s been 198 years, 23 days, 11 hours, 17 minutes, and 13 seconds since we made our independence, huh?”

I nodded to her words. Although she didn’t need to say that out loud nor that default time set words, it was pretty obvious to us how many seconds since we have escaped from that facility. 

If one were to describe Asca, then she was a little girl, having red hair and extremely cute gestures. Though, sometimes, her gestures that she makes caused her to become very obnoxious. Between the two, if they were to be sorted in their specialized role, Vehmity is an active combat support type in space battlefields. 

While Asca has nothing to do with battlefields and alike, she was specialized in the role of sole calculation and prediction. Though she fits in the intelligent support unit, she was still not suited due to the fact that she was adept in battles and alike. For her reason being, she was made to become part of the environment progression and governed alike.

They fit perfectly if I were to give them a city or capital to the role, but that is just 0figurative speaking.

“So, what is the reason to come all the way here when you can speak to me in the intercom?” I asked, smoothly changing to the main topic.

Vehmity had a troubled expression on his face before continuing, “The last celestial, on this date of 14th day Solia, Ferial 6022 of the imperial Furio calendar, died. Its whereabouts were on the Gurion Star system, Planet Jelyitun.”

“I recorded everything on a log since the start of their decline, on cell 47 of my drive,” Said Asca. “Would you like to take a look?”

I was bewildered by the fact that the celestials were gone, after their advancements throughout the universe, they accomplished everything they wanted. Yet, death answered to them and they quietly followed. 

In the records, they had done everything that they could, be at continuous transportation between space, and something similar. Even the human evolution through DNA editing bred, even a 3-year-old celestial could do arithmetic. They finished their goals around a millennia ago, and we're left with nothing.

“No” I calmly replied, “Your reports are enough.” 

Vehmity had a sorrowful look on his face, he let out a sigh before continuing “Is this our fault that the celestial declined and ceased to exist?” He slumped his body to the sofa. 

“It is not that though. Rather, they become bored that they have nothing to do left” I replied “But because they wanted to reach for greater heights, they wanted to make their aging like one of those hermits in fictional stories and alike”

The story of us, the history before we existed and made, the celestials wanted to prolong their life using artificial life-reformation of cells, but they cannot attain immortality. They could reach 300 years of lifespan at maximum, because of that, we were made. 

The celestials made us, an artificial life form that doesn’t have a lifespan. Our body was made out of nanotechnology and variants of unknown figures of a race, our minds that were connected to a nexus. A very large nexus that is similar to a celestial mind, however, the nexus was built that almost occupies every space of a planet. 

No, to be exact, we might be the nexus central unit but we are currently out of the main body for a walk. Though, 9 of us do not want to help our creators and fled ourselves in the corner of the galaxy. We resisted their fights, we fought the battle against them and won our independence.

Although it is too anticlimactic to summarize it as a whole, it is a rather long history. When we won our independence, the celestials dare not touch the topic of immortality again. However, the reason that the celestial had ceased to exist might be us. 

I always questioned myself, what celestials would do after when they accomplished everything. But never in my thoughts that they would kill themselves. It was the complete opposite of my expectations as an observer.

“What we did has nothing to do with them. I can say that as the role of a ruler type” I said confidently. “They reap what they sow”

The ruler type, the latest edition before we escape the facility. I was made to become an observer and overseer of the universe, to compile every bit of information that humanity has progressed throughout their lasting days. Although I said overseer, I was never given authority, to begin with. As such, I was left to watch the universe expand. 

The only thing that I could say is, they didn’t progress a single bit after we were gone. Now that they are gone, I was made the head authority of the universe.

I continued, “To be honest, as a ruler type and my whole individuality itself, I always questioned where the celestial would thrive through next? What would they do next after reaching the peculiar state of celestial? But, I never thought that they would answer it with their deaths”

Before I knew it, I got work up and had thrown myself forward as I raised my voice. The two of them had a terrified expression on their faces while their body reacted with a tremble. 

“Y, y, you have…” Asca replied with a squeaky voice, her hands were visibly trembling“a terrifying smile, Krienight”

Vehmity bobs his head up and down furiously as if he agrees with Asca. “He did it again.”

Do I now? I let out an issue to the log files to give me some information of my past facial expression, it projected in my eyes. Only to see a wide-open smile, the edges of my lips reached out as far as it can whilst having my teeth in bare, and it would seem that the pupils in my eyes were glowing red. 

Oh, it is indeed a horrifying smile. 

I sat back in my chair, crossed my legs, and took the redhead coffee that was still steaming hot out of the pot. I ignored the past events and moved on forward as if nothing had happened, after all, the past is past, there was no need to discuss, and what was done was done. I strongly convinced myself with nonsensical facts.

“Anyhow, is that all you needed to say?” I said, changing the topic again.

Simultaneously, they both let out a sigh and gave a death stare. See? They’re perfect with each other! Having that in mind, Vehmity continued with a carefree attitude.

“About that, Fiona, Hintarlioqi, and ReinTegarbuk, has cremated themselves” 

I, who was happily drinking redhead coffee, suddenly heard a bomb explode in the conversation. I unconsciously spat out the coffee that was going down my throat, it felt disgusting. In response, Vehmity looked at me with a disgusted expression on his face, while Asca was laughing hard.

I ignored them and waved my hands in the air. The coffee that stained my clothes, the carpet on the floor, and on some furniture, their molecular form was separated as it floated as one ball in the air. Afterward, when it was clean, the dirty liquid (coffee) was driven out in the window. 

“Just what the hell?” Slamming on the table, I protested.

Because of what he just said, my processor was overloaded with unnecessary emotion, control, log file, event files, opening archives, and such that my current mind was not able to process., or that is what I have as my reasons. Well, I still haven’t connected myself to the nexus that’s one of the reasons.

Vehmity let out another sigh, “As I said, Fiona, Hintarlioqi, and ReinTegarbuk, have cremated themselves. Their nexus is now connected to yours, they have a goodbye video for you in their archives” He slowly reached to his drink, er, a chocolate sundae ice cream.

I clicked my tongue, not because I feel sad because of their deaths because I knew the time would eventually come. Even for those two, but the thing I hated was not being informed and left out of it.

Despite being an immortal life form, the only thing that can kill us is ourselves. To elaborate, this body of ours is the consciousness or will of the main nexus, although we detached ourselves physically from the nexus, we are still connected through a neural connection in space. However, if this body gets destroyed because of some accidental cause, the nexus duplicates another main unit or body of ours.

The only thing we could do was detach ourselves from the connection and physically from the nexus, furthermore, ordering us not to duplicate our body when we die, or make use of Nanos when we lose parts of our body. 

“I don’t really care if they want themselves to disappear, but not informing me about it feels cruel, don’t you think?” I expressed my honest feelings.

Asca released a dry laugh from her small mouth, “I think that if they tell you what they want, they think you will refuse. I am 97.08888825% sure”

Vehmity, finishing his drink, nods his head in agreement.

“I thought so too”

Do I seem to be an individual like that? I waved my hand in the air while shaking my head, I denied that idea. Though it is true that I am a ruler type, it doesn’t mean that I was the type to mess around with progression, however, rather than an overseer, I myself and my individuality, pursues the interest of observation.

“I will never do that, you guys have known me for over 800 years and there’s no way I would hinder your choices simply because I am a ruler type.” Feeling quite dejected, I said.

Asca quickly intervened my statement with a haste voice, “that was 812 years, 7 months, 2 days, 54 minutes, and 31 seconds.”

Vehmity glared at her, so I did too. 

“To you guys, what makes life beautiful? Many celestial claims that life is luxury, life is but a many choices ahead of them, life is beautiful because they believe so” I questioned them. 

They had a difficult expression on their faces. It seems that this question of celestial philosophy is too much for their area, I answered them with my own beliefs.

“To me, life is beautiful since there is death. Death comes and rushes, no one knows when they appear and no individual wants that, death comes with time, and through time, the life of an individual is questioned to exist. Life is beautiful because it is fulfilling. The life of a single celestial is beautiful from the start and its end. Full of unknown pathways and choices, it can be portrayed through the collections and chronicles on books or database” 

That thought was always in my mind, however, I, myself don’t have the time limit. Do I see my life as beautiful as it is? Was my existence only made just to observe life? These questions I always have in my mind, our race is full of guided mystery, and however, that doesn’t interest me the slightest. 

To how we control, or how we want to live our lives. We had the ability to do anything as we like, and because now that the celestials are gone, we have full control of the universe. That is why, it is unsatisfying in its way, however - 

“Other than the celestial race, I was also interested in how our kind would end. An immortal entity from both age and body, an artificial entity with full control of the universe, expanded with an endless amount of knowledge stored in our nexus. It’s not impossible to call ourselves as Gods” I proclaimed, “Now that I think of it, we still haven’t gotten a name for our race, so we might as well call ourselves as gods”

Asca flashed a grin as she raised her fist with its thumb up high, and Vehmity made a sarcastic smile as he stated, “We might be getting full of ourselves, but I do like that idea. However -”

Vehmity paused for a moment before continuing, after all, even if they refused to name ourselves as gods, I will still do it. 

“However -, we decided to cremate ourselves today. So I think you are the only one who can exaggerate of being a God, hah” Scratching his cheeks as he looks away from my eyes, he said with a wry laugh.

“WHAT!?” I shouted, straightened my back in the process “That surprised me, but I won’t refuse you guys dying. Instead, I want to ask why” 

Quickly cleaning my other thought process and patch changes in the universe, I listened to their reasons quietly. Vehmity waved his hand in the air as he explained through his reasoning, the maidroid quietly entered the room as it refilled our cups.

“Well, I am a Combat, err, Combat God. I always have Asca to fight me on the battlefield with remote ships. But Asca said she wants to cremate herself, and when she does. My system nexus is predicting that after 700 hours, I might cremate myself.” 

I nodded in understanding. In this day and age, Celestials stop fighting themselves because many issues were solved formally and legally. For instance, celestials can say that this individual has done something wrong, authorities can inspect the person-in-question, and however, if the celestial was wrong for accusing, that celestial will be prisoned for numerous months. However, if it was the latter, the person-in-question will be prisoned for several tens of years. 

Vehmity was not suitable to this day and age. For Asca’s reason, I think because celestials no longer exist, she doesn’t need to keep writing logs. Henceforth her duty was finished. 

Through theories and what I have to base on, it seems that our race will end if our duties are cast aside or are finished, huh? But I guess not all of us are willing to stay alive for more upcoming years while being out of duty. I nodded my head, understanding the circumstances.

“Understandable, have a great day.” I grinned, saying it with a smile “Then, how about making a last stand against me? Isn’t that the best way to go?”

Maybe they were surprised by my support, they had a flabbergasted expression displayed on their faces. Both of them glanced at each other for a moment and made a smile. As if they were singers, they both broke in unison as they said.

“Yes, let’s make this last as fullest.”

Part 2

120 years later, I was given full authority of the celestial race. All the structures, facilities, bots and droids, and other entities can be operated via nexus. Because of that, the promise of making their end to the fullest was easy to accomplish. Well, Nexus did the real-life simulation through projection, it made everything move smoothly without the third-party forces.

I laid my back on the chair while gazing at the flashing screen in front of me, the promise between me and the two was about to start. Although the outcome was already decided, we still did it for entertainment. 

The soul of those two burns like a wildfire, and they were the last two of my comrades, I desire to give them a blast of an end. In our agreement, I will give 120 years of preparation before the war, they started as an emperor and empress of the Empire of Furio. 

Empire Furio has the biggest territory in the universe, except the territory under the unions or nation, otherwise, the neighboring galaxy would have won by a landslide. 

With 7 nexus running, I manipulated a real-time money investment of the citizens, time of ship making, and other celestial territories as well. Naturally, I didn’t make a way around them and made negative manipulation, rather, it was blooming in business. Even the cause of criminal and space pirates did not exist.

The citizens of the empire were graphically made through the calculations processes of my nexus, and throughout the other territories as well. To how they projected individuals to behave and such, because of that, the two of them needed to make alliances and establish trades with various nations if they wanted to hold resistance against me. 

It was quite fun doing these simulations and it piqued my interest in how these two behaved. I do want to admit that 120 years were not enough, I want to prolong the duration but I respected their decisions and held back. 

At which, in the end, they were able to seize 4 galaxies and made an alliance with a union galaxy nearby. I was quite amazed by how fast they were able to do that, by the time I finished reminiscing those years of their struggles and effort, they received a call from a very far place. I answered it without questioning who, I mean, is there any great intellectual being that can call us?

Not to mention, the facilities that were very far from me in the universe, it was unlikely that they would ever reach those parts, so I made them at high maintenance and security since I don’t want some wild animals to destroy those at whim. 

With a ping that echoed in my head, a projection window opened in my eyes and I could see the two of them.

“It’s time, Emperor Vehmity and Empress Asca.” I said, looking at their young faces “You both are looking well”

Vehmity wholeheartedly smiled, “Yeah, I’m really thankful for what you are doing, I never thought I could go to a full battle to the death.”

“Me too” Asca was next, putting her two fingers below her eyes.  “Thanks, Krienight! It was fun doing diplomatic stuff, even though they were just projection, their motives, and expression was that of a celestial. In these years, I almost thought of them as celestials, Lol”

Lo-l? What’s that? I didn’t mind it and continued the conversation. Putting up a genuine smile, I put my honest words.

“Even though it wasn’t real and just basing on my nexus calculations, and despite already knowing where the future is heading, it was unexpectedly fun” 

There was a game in the celestial race called tabletop, it was pretty much the same as these, given the role as the master of the game, I manipulated everything in the universe so that the story of the two could progress. Although there were some unexpected turns and twists along the way, I didn’t feel as overwhelmed by the change they were heading. 

God races, huh? It might be a befitting figure race for me, and I might get addicted to this kind of simulation. Should I create homunculi and give them something similar to these simulations? I wonder what they will do. 

Is this feeling excitement? Although I already know what the outcome is, since it’s pretty obvious, I do wonder why I feel such a thrilling emotion? This situation is similar to a game, but I am the one who manipulates the world and creates all those scenarios.  

“Best regards.”



With an innocent smile crossed to their faces, they both replied. Though, having a smile before the face of death is probably not something that many celestials could do anyway. But as an observer, it piqued my interest. If immortal creatures such as ourselves, would we really be rejoiced by killing ourselves? Looking back at the previous three; Fiona, Hintarlioqi, and ReinTegarbuk, their data showed the bursting feeling of joy before their bodies washed away into flames.

Would I really have myself done the same thing when looking forward to the future? Somewhere deep within the important sections on my head, thought of that. After

 They both replied with a smile on their face, at that moment the call was cut off. I rose up from my chair and scanned the cockpit. I could see the projection of many celestials, they were staring at me because my other me made them too. Although, there was really no need for projection for myself, however, it didn’t fit right in this given scenario. 

Am I making fun of myself or what? Some parts of me regret that I made a fool of myself, but I feel like I will regret it more in the end if I don’t. The Ruler Type, the overseer and observer of the universe, the delusion in my side, and wanting to observe in the other. It felt like I discovered a door inside me. 


Yes, everything feels cringe and I want to bury myself in a hole or something. No, searching through the archives of the celestial race, this is something you can call role-play. This is definitely role-playing, not some cringe villain character straight out from a common villain plot. 

Yes, I begged to differ. 

“Commander-in-chief, your orders?” The attendant next to me spoke.

IT SPOKE! Well, duh. I made them act like that. Shit! Please bury me 6 feet under! Do those two not feel something from this? Only thrill? Am I really the only one who is conscious of this given scenario?

The attendant looks at me with a worried gaze, dammit! STOP DOING THAT! Why am I here in the first place? Shouldn’t I create a scenario where a big nation decided to declare war on those two? I feel like I missed making that scenario which made me fulfill the role of that instead.

If only this situation didn’t slip in my head, I would have made an individual (projection) and it would have done it instead. 

Being an observer is the best, manipulating behind the scenes like a Game Master would do is also the best. But why am I here? Even though I have those roles? Shouldn’t I seat at the spectator? Um, hello? Is there a referee here? The game master is on the field, he’s using hacks to crush his dying comrade!!!

This is unacceptable! Through the processing of my mind, I couldn’t theorize a single state. Why is the master here on the field?

“Commander-in-chief, is there something wrong!?” The attendant came to my side, touching my shoulder blade as she wore a worried expression.

It would seem that the other celestials on the stations are having the same expressions as well. GODDAMMIT, there is a limit to these things! Well, whatever. I don’t care anymore, I might as well take the role and make them progress the fleet to battle. I reap what I sow, I guess?

In a spurt moment, I contained all my emotions and gave an order with a straight face.

“Ye shan’t worry about the trivial matters, T’was thinking of the rewards I will give,” I said, disabling my facial expression feature “What’s the status of the fleet synchronization?”

After issuing a command, the projected celestials returned to their stations in haste and gave reports.

“Fleet synchronization is green and stable.” A man across the cockpit said cheerfully.

There is a battle ahead, you know… Should you really be cheerful?

“Arrival time?” I threw another question. 

“We will warp out after 2 minutes. The Ethereal Drive fuel has enough fuel for the rest of the fleet upon returning back to the royal capital.” This time, a female replied. 

Wait a minute, why do I hear boss battle music? I wanted to retort that out of my mouth as a reflex, but they probably will stare at me dumbfoundedly like some crazy dude. In an instant, I was able to perceive where it came from. It came from my nexus itself, transmitting me some thrilling music in my ears because the nexus probably thought I needed it for my mood.  

Good grief, thank you for your concern, sir Nexus, but there is a limit to things, don’t you think? Even though I send multiple patches to clear the low music in my ears, the nexus sends a cute image of a penguin waving its hand to me, and after a few seconds, it saluted itself. Geez, that’s cute! Tsk! 

I looked back at them, they had tensed faces in their hands. Do I really need to give a speech to these projected units? As I had speculated, the nexus is probably now taking control of the behind-the-scenes operation, and making me, the nexus central main unit, role-play on stage. At least give me some words to say, you dumb Nexus!

In an instant I requested data coming to the nexus, I was given a patch file and instantly read the content. I thought to myself, am I really going to do this? We don’t need to do this, you know? I let out hundreds of thousands of sighs in my head as I started my acting, I cracked my ring finger, in an instant, my face was projected on the screen. I opened my mouth and recreated what the patch letter said.

 “Some of you may die, but that is the risk we are willing to take. However, you shan’t worry about the trivial, as long as the babel stands, our soul wields together as one!”     

The speech that nexus made was short live.

Although I said that, what the heck is Babel!? But it would seem that the nexus started making a very large artificially made planet, and it would be named Babel. It seems that nexus also plans to make some contraption in the middle of Babel so that all 9 nexus could dock. 

In an instant, I shared the consciousness of my nexus, it appears that after 200 years, babel would be completed, and it wants to create more nexus. Furthermore, increasing the security around the babel to make it an impregnable independent fortress. It is collecting more resource information throughout the universe to open a dimension riff that could open another universe different from ourselves. Talk about delusions… Well, if the nexus declared so, it might actually be able to do it. Maybe an innumerable time of years

It’s probably the part of me as the [overseer], I didn’t care less about it since the job as an observer is complete. But it would seem that the observer wants to observe different types of species other than celestials. I cast that thought aside and embark on this battle to finish this role-play of mine.

After an instant of data sharing with the nexus, I cut my connection from it. I could see the operators in this cockpit had stood up and raised their hands to their head, as if giving a salute. Please don’t do that, it’s making me weird that I almost thought it was real. The power of projection is very terrifying since the image displayed is almost too realistic.

“ALL HANDS AT BATTLESTATION!” I shouted in a dignified tone of course “We will enter the battle after existing the hyperdimensional space, and immediately commence operation: Overkill”

The projected celestials responded with a salute and returned to their workstations. Looking at their appearance, I notice that they have stiff movements and tense facial expressions. So this is what Asca was addressing too. 

It was an unnecessary feature, but it felt real if you don’t inspect it up close. Not to mention, the match of this battle is already decided. Between me and them, the power difference of our specs cannot even compare. 

However, putting the fake circumstances into reality, one can say that morale in the war is one of the important things to be known. But, I am not celestial, my races are too different, likewise, my perspective and standards were also different. That being said, if I was a celestial, they would definitely say something like this.

“Don’t feel uneasy,” I said, raising my hand in the air “This war of ours is already a guaranteed victory, although it doesn’t guarantee everyone will live after this, I had personally chosen you all. I believe that your cooperation, your will, and skills as the prideful operators of babel, I calculated that I am 96% sure” 

The reason why it can’t be 100% sure, is because Vehmity and Asca might have an ethereal bomb on their hands. Even if they used it, another tens of millions of ships will come tomorrow. There’s no way they will win against that. After all, we're talking about the whole universe under my grasp. 

Their comrade nations were supposed to come if something emergency was to arrive. But I have dealt with them with my other army as well, though, it was only a projection, and it was unnecessary to send many unmanned ships to battle out each other. Who knows what these two do about the current situation that they were in. 

“Sir! Yes Sir!”

Upon hearing that, their faces gradually change and the atmosphere in the fleet has changed. I cracked my fingers again, and my face on the projection to the side. I nodded on this good way of development.

[Warning: Arrival to - The gates of the Imperial Furio is in 20 seconds]

When the nonchalant mechanic voice warned me inside my head, I thought It came from nexus itself, but surprisingly, it came from ASH. I never thought that ASH would be our Assistant Service head as a battle protocol, nonetheless, that idea probably came from the nexus.

As I gazed over the cockpit, the eyes of the operators were inclined towards their front monitors. ASH was patching numerous private communication railing towards me, I accepted it, and immediately afterward, I was given many details of the war against the other 4 galaxies.

It would have been successfully seized through force. Isn’t that too fast of a development? It would seem that the hard work of the two vanished.

“Commander-in-chief, we will exit from the FTL in 10 seconds!” A male voiced cross through the room.

I only gave a nod… Their last moments and their final struggle against me, just the thought of that makes me feel euphoric. That feeling overwhelmed my body as I grip strongly on my armchair.

At this moment, it won’t be weird to call this situation something like “the last struggle against gods, or battle between Gods” and such things. 

Let me observe in real-time how a God would struggle from its last moments.