Chapter 1: Me, myself, and I?
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Arc: The birth of "me".

I returned to my home castle, within the jurisdiction called a sanctuary, before everyone else aside from me disappeared. We took this small part around the border of a galaxy since there were many resources that could be found here. We took this place as our stand against celestials.

Looking at the giant metallic door clutched between a solid black steel frame, which also surrounds my entire castle. Compared to the other Gods that have their homes built in commonly shaped buildings, it would seem that they were not the type to mind aesthetic and beauty.

Well, at first, I built mine similar to them, but as the situation gradually became at ease, I slowly changed mine to somewhat similar to the aesthetic taste of the ancient humans. I didn’t really know where I was heading with the designs, but I made it turn to a somewhat ancient western-style type. 

Although its design is outright questionable in terms of defenses, I renovated some designs so that celestial invaders won’t be able to penetrate my home and destroy it, whether internal or external force, I performed numerous calculations and theorize for such things to appear

With heavy footsteps, I walked forward and entered inside the castle, the gate before I opened automatically without a sound and closed by itself. 

[ -Welcome back, Master Krienight -]

With a soft ping echoed in my ear,  I was welcomed by numerous maids aligned up in the entrance, there was even a transportation vessel parked behind them. It piqued my interest and made me wonder about the recent event taking place. 

“Hm?” Confused, I titled my head “what’s this occasion? Strange, I never thought an android would do something like this without programming nor has been stated and declared to do.”

Yes, never have I ever nor nexus sent a patch message to do some welcoming home. It made me even curious what if a robot could do such things without a present authorization from the administrator, even bringing a transportation vessel.

The very front maid that seemed to be the leader of the group, bowed, and almost simultaneously, the maids behind followed suit. I opened my eyes in amazement as I took a large percentage of the processing power of my body, and because of that, I was able to gain a result.

“Battle bots, clustered-type” Saying so, I changed the defensive measures and security at a high level.

Clustered type battle bots have the old pier-to-pier systems, yet they were excellent for battle bots. A fleet of clustered bots could destroy a system easily, because of that I stayed on high alert. Furthermore, I have yet to see a report that a clustered type battle bots would visit my home, not to mention, ASH didn’t state something about them.

“Greetings, Almighty God Of Babel.” The seeming leader of the battle bots raised its head and said in a cold monotone voice “We are sent by God of Warrior, and we’re positioned to be under your commands. As stated, we will work dedicatedly, but we will not offer our lives for your amusement nor for your sake.”

As she finished saying that, a patch file coming from the nexus was sent to me, saying that the verification that they have was passed, and they have come to the terms which both parties could agree to. It appears that the nexus registered them as an external force singularity group.

Now on my part, I am responsible for moving major things. Although it may not look like much, considering that the nexus is making a planet without my consent, but it was still for my sake, I didn’t mind what the nexus is going to do.

After all, I was able to confirm the nexus intentions from the previous battle. I replied with a patch, declaring which position they have to go to. I stated that they will have to go to the under-construction site of the Babel. 

Immediately afterward, all the battle bots raised their bodies and bowed once more before leaving the area. Without a single word uttered from our mouth, we can talk to the public networking system that was seized control by the new nexus from Asca.

The reason why clustered pier-to-pier battle bots could move without the need for authorization from an administration is that the group closely resembles a single entity, but in which case, the group could only move to the majority votes that they make between them. 

Because of that, if they were numbered a hundred million that is expanding on the size of a single star system, it won’t be weird that they will have the ability to calculate things thoroughly and precisely as my Nexus does. However, they cannot take multiple tasks that require the majority votes of all the other cluster members. 

Enough of that analogy, I let myself proceed down the organized pavement as if nothing occurred. Looking at the greenery scene that was laid bare surrounding the pathways, my sight captured a rare creature known as a caterpillar.

I was quite a ways before the transportation vessel or something that celestials call a car, so I took the chance to take a short detour on the caterpillar. With a green lush body and slow movements, its numerous legs clung to the stem as its head tried to reach out to eat the leaves. 

I carefully observed the caterpillar, which reminded me of the time when Asca and Vehmity were still alive. It is quite sad that I didn’t see them off in their last moments, but rather, a live video recorded by a nearby camera, for the fact that a B41 ether warhead dropped on their headquarters, by a week ago, 21:24:20 (at UNI TIME). Their bodies were made out of Ordgin steel and combined with R. Flux Void materials, their pastel skin was erased, making it almost impossible to verify their identities without internal frame scanning. 

 Totaling almost a year of defending their last stand in their imperial capital, it was quite amazing how they were able to hold on their grounds for that long.

No, it's probably wrong of me if I say that I am sad that I didn’t see their last moments. The next thing I knew, my tears flooded my eyes and made a stream along my face. It drips on the grass below me. 

“Tears?” I muttered unconsciously. “Weird. I thought it came from the maintenance drones”

Looking around, there was no presence around me, only this caterpillar, me, and some fourmis straddling all around the earth. Like a malfunctioning faucet, my tears dribbled down. 

It felt weird that I would feel something so sorrowful that it made me move into tears, the core in my chest increased its clock speed and I could feel the heat within, yet cold from the external rubs my skin. Never in my 933 years of living had this phenomenon ever occurred to me, it felt odd that I have been only feeling delighted at the death of an individual, but this felt different.

To determine what was right, I started questioning myself if what I did was right, what was the best way to avoid their inevitable ending. 

My processor was occupied by those incomprehensible thoughts, and before I knew it, the time atmosphere automata identifier had changed its daylight sensor to nightlight time. Despite the darkness, my eyes were locked on the caterpillar, it moved 10 steps away from me, I followed suit and continued to gaze at it.  

I wondered if killing them was for the best for everyone. If death for them was a gift to put them at rest, does that mean they don’t have regrets? It felt weird questioning that they don’t have any regrets. I made many enjoyable moments for them, numerous exciting situations that would probably have gone to a secret archive in their nexus. But was that really enough for them?  

At the peak of the daylight, my sorrow narrowed yet my regrets and guilt didn’t die. Before I knew it, I was sitting on the grass, watching the caterpillar climbing on the stem of a plant as its body slowly evolved to show pores. 

My nexus connected me through a power private node nearby home, and because of that, it was much faster to send numerous computing calculations and processes that my mind was in need of.

Because of that, I was able to answer numerous of the questions and the doubt of my actions as the master of the simulation disappeared. Furthermore, my skeptical argument, which I questioned that if they passed on without regrets, had been theoretically answered with an agreement.

The only thing that bothered me was, why do I feel these three emotions, which are a delight, regret, and guilt? It doesn’t make logical sense, therefore, it feels like these emotions are fake.

At the 9th peak of daylight, I kept following the caterpillar, and the source of these emotions began to become transparent. To explain things at a comprehensible and summarised facts, I have 3 major personalities artificially built inside and the nexus, but a minus from nexus since it only has 2.

The primary part that my characteristic aspire to, is that of an observational individuality. It lacks the thought of the in-depth feeling of an individual and tends to shift gears of emotions and feelings at spike changes when the individual that was being observed dies. 

Is it because I felt that since my work is done? Is it because that the individual that I have been observing became part of the history? Is it because the individual has accomplished their life and has gone through many stories and such, therefore, I felt delighted? I have no answers to my questions.

The only thing that I know is that I have tendencies to feel that when I observe an individual as it matures and end its life years after. However, despite my psychopathic tendencies, I felt no emotions when I am the one who kills the individual itself. 

Maybe it is because I am an observer-type made?

The second part is the purpose of the nexus, but this is the primary part for the nexus, which is to support that main unit, me, in every possible way, and for its secondary, is to take control of the whole universe as the administrator.

Although the individuality of me and the nexus are identical to each other, the things how we work and do things are entirely different. The nexus does things at the motion of logical process and learning theoretical algorithms, however, for my case, it is the opposite. 

The third part of me is “will”, some may call it an ego, and some celestials call it “soul”. I delayed my thoughts and initial start before doing things logically, but most of the time, I tend to work at the rational movements that I can process thought of. However, my rational beliefs are entirely different from what celestials originally are. 

Maybe that was the sole reason that I was made a choker to hold down the nexus from killing every living entity in the universe because it deemed it as a threat from its logical processors. And because of my primary observational characteristic, I tend to observe and be the spectator of the universe.

Each of my characteristics contradicts in many areas, because of that, I numbered the solutions of me and my other characteristics. But it felt like detaining my freedom and my individuality.

If I split my characteristics and have them be themselves, would I have these problems? Is me right now even the correct person, or am I just a front image of the nexus? If I split my characteristics now, would I still have the right to call the other me, mine or is it totally different person? Would I right now disappear if I split my characteristics? 

I don’t understand.